Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Canada

where to buy marijuana seeds in canada

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Many will strongly agree that Canada is such a revolutionary nation being the first country among the Group of Seven (G7) to allow the full legalization of marijuana. If you want to learn more about the impact of this legalization on the growing, buying, and using of marijuana seeds in Canada, you have come to the right post! Just continue reading and enjoy this 2021 guide to a better understanding of the legal boundaries of marijuana laws in Canada. Are you not curious about where to buy marijuana seeds in Canada as well?

A Brief History

In 2001, Canada gracefully carved its name on history for being the first country on earth to legalize medical marijuana. This was made possible when the Canadian Court of Appeals in the case of R. v. Parker rendered its judgment and held that banning medical marijuana was actually unconstitutional. In that same case, an epileptic man testified that only cannabis can give him the relief he needed from his ailments. Hence, the Court held that absent any exceptions for medical use, the prohibition on cannabis use was unconstitutional.

The MMAR or the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations originally provided for the allowance of medical cannabis. The guidelines under this act provided that patients could not possess dried marijuana buds without a government-issued license approved by a physician. During the effectivity of that act, there was only one government supplier. At the same time, patients were offered licenses to buy and grow their own marijuana seeds or appoint a different supplier.

Only patients with severe conditions benefited from the medical marijuana law in Canada back then. This, later on, posed many branching issues. There was an oversight on other devastating illnesses. License applications were lengthy and disorganized. 

The Marihuana Medical Access Regulations was superseded by a completely new set of guidelines called the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). This new act provides that patients are allowed to cultivate their own marijuana seeds without the requirement of a license. And by August of 2016, this act was again updated into the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). The latest act now provides for an updated personal growing regime.

That’s all for the quick overview on how Canada has made such a reputable name in the marijuana industry. Now, you might want to clarify things first and foremost. Do not worry, this post will surely answer these frequently asked questions:

  • Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Canada?
  • Can you buy marijuana seeds in Canada?
  • How to buy marijuana seeds in Canada?

Let us save these for later. What you are about to read in the succeeding moments will satisfy your curiosity as to where to buy marijuana seeds in Canada online. And this pertains not just to normal seeds, but to premium quality marijuana seeds. 

Beaver Seeds, Best Buy Marijuana Seeds Canada

Online shopping for marijuana seeds in Canada is made fun and easy especially for you by Beaver Seeds! While it is worthy to keep in mind a few things in order for you to get the best deal out of your purchase, you can rest assured that Beaver Seeds is very open and happy to assist you on that. One thing is for sure: you need to obtain the highest quality marijuana seeds to give you a great start. Be warned though that the cold climate in Canada can be not so accommodating to marijuana seeds of inferior genetics. This will cost you not just a lot of money, but a great deal of time and other resources as well.

You need not worry though. Beaver Seeds is definitely one of the trusted and highly recommended marijuana seed banks in Canada. This is proudly and boldly claimed by their slogan, “We are proud to say we are your trusted Canadian Seed Bank!”

If you are in any of these places: 

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Mississauga
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Winnipeg

Beaver Seeds can deliver your orders to you directly by mail! How cool would it be to receive this treasure chest conveniently at your own home?

If you are staying in Canada apart from these places mentioned, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy this treat anymore. Just reach out to the customer service representatives of Beaver Seeds at 1-833-688-8581 and they will be more than willing to assist you. You can comfortably ask them anything regarding your desired marijuana purchase.

Beaver Seeds boasts of its worth it deals with its customers. Considering that the marijuana seeds it sells are of premium quality and yet at very affordable prices, shopping at this seed bank is definitely worth trying. You will soon find yourself coming back for more because why not? It even offers promos to its valued customers:

  • Avail of the FREE SHIPPING promo when you buy at least $200 worth of cannabis seeds!
  • Avail of the FREE SHIPPING + FREE 10 premium cannabis seeds promo when you buy at least $420 worth of cannabis seeds!

And because your convenience matters a lot to the company, you can pay using your desired payment method among the following:

  • Buy cannabis seeds with credit card
  • Buy cannabis seeds with bitcoin
  • Buy cannabis seeds with cash

Aside from these great deals and perks, Beaver Seeds can also promise you its expertise when it comes to medical marijuana seeds in Canada. But of course, it is not only restricted to that. After thoroughly researching and finally deciding on the taste and smell, the positive and negative effects, and the growing difficulty you expect your marijuana to have, then you can enjoyably order the following marijuana seeds from Beaver Seeds:

  1. Regular Cannabis Seeds cannabis seeds in their purest composition. 
  2. Feminized Cannabis Seeds seeds that are genetically modified to grow to be female plants only
  3. Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds seeds crossed with the Ruderalis genetics to possess autoflowering properties
  4. High CBD Marijuana Seeds advisable for medical users who prefer to keep the high moderated by the increased CBD to THC ratio

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada

Alas! The Cannabis Act was finally implemented! Because of this, recreational use of marijuana was already allowed as well. Yes, that is right. If you are a recreational user, you can now legally buy cannabis seeds in Canada!

While many growers enjoyed rising profits in the recreational market, others continued to focus only on the medical market. These providers are under the supervision of Health Canada to ensure their compliance with the government’s rules and regulations. Those who fail to comply with the MMPR can have their licenses revoked, all the while risking prosecution.

One big thing to be cautious about is buying from “compassion clubs.” These are pot shops that used to operate illegally and were targeted by law enforcement agencies for doing so. While some of these “compassion clubs” did seek approval under municipal laws, some still have not. So, if you are brave enough to buy from one of these shops, without any assurance if they are legal or not, and without any sure protection from the law if ever you get scammed, then maybe you can try to turn that bravery into trust and check out Beaver Seeds. 

Right Type of Cannabis Seeds

You must note that the cost of marijuana seeds must be reasonable, considering their quality and quantity. Do not be deceived by very cheap seeds for their germination rate might be compromised. These seeds might not be viable for germination at all. The most common choice of customers is those strains that produce huge yields and have high THC levels. And Beaver Seeds has exactly what you need for marijuana seeds!

Canada’s Cold Climate: Marijuana Seeds Germination

Germination is the beginning of marijuana cultivation. Either indoor or outdoor cultivation, the germination process must first be as smooth as it can be. So when you buy cannabis seeds in Canada online, you have to make sure that they are of premium quality in order to secure the overall success of your harvest.

There are many things to consider aside from the seeds. You will also have to take into account the natural environment you are in and how it can affect your seeds. Your seeds will produce maximum yields if their growing conditions are optimal. Now, it will really be helpful if you are knowledgeable of how the germination process works.

Germination is an internal process whereby a seed sprouts into a new plant. It looks like a pod with a small seedling that is protected by a hard outer shell. This outer shell will split and a tap root will protrude from this opening. It will eventually grow more roots and form into the main stalk. And then the seedling is now ready for planting.

How do you know if the seeds are properly germinated or not? To determine this, you must find a little white tail, called the tendril, that breaks out of the seed. You can achieve this desired result if you sufficiently expose your seeds to warmth, moisture, and darkness. A great and popular method of marijuana seed germination is the Paper Towel Method. 

Buy Weed Seeds in Canada

Canada boasts of its marijuana laws that now allow for both recreational and medical use. Now that you are sure that you can buy weed seeds in Canada, plus you already know where to buy marijuana seeds in Canada, take this time to understand more about how this is possible under the law. It is important for you to be informed on what rights you have as a medical user or a recreational user. 

Medical Marijuana

The current Canadian laws allow for patients to possess dried marijuana buds with a prescription from a Canadian doctor. No license is required for this matter. The doctor can prescribe a maximum of 5 grams per day. Patients can only obtain the buds from marijuana providers who are pre-approved by Health Canada. However, patients are not allowed to let other people smoke the marijuana they obtained for their medical use. They also cannot let others consume it, import, or export it. More importantly, patients cannot produce derivatives such as hashish and resin out of their medical marijuana.

Another option for the patients is to grow their own marijuana. In 2015, the Canadian Supreme Court expanded the definition of medical marijuana to include oils, teas, and brownies!

Recreational Marijuana

Now you might be wondering, what if you do not have any ailment and cannot obtain a doctor’s prescription in order to use marijuana? Are you exempt from enjoying the magnificence of this plant? Of course, no!

The Canadian Senate passed the Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) in 2018 which fully legalized recreational marijuana in the country. Many have already been anticipating for that day to finally happen. Municipalities developed their systems in regulating the growth, possession, use, and sale of recreational marijuana. Selling of extracts, beverages, edibles, and topicals took longer in gaining the government’s approval, but this, later on, came through.

The Cannabis Act provides that only people 18 and up can legally use marijuana. They are allowed to buy weed seeds in Canada from retailers regulated by the local provincial government or by the federal government. Possession of marijuana by individuals is limited to 30 grams per person. Growing, on the other hand, is limited to 4 plants per person. However, individuals are not allowed to create marijuana products using solvents at home, which means that the creation of homemade butane hash oil (BHO) is still illegal in Canada.

Now, to answer the above-mentioned FAQS:

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Canada? — YES! Canada’s laws on marijuana allow for both its recreational and medical use. Medical users can buy their own seeds from providers pre-approved by Health Canada. Recreational users, on the other hand, can obtain their weed seeds from retailers regulated by the local provincial government or the federal government.

Can you buy marijuana seeds in Canada? — YES! Since the passing of the Cannabis Act in 2018, marijuana seeds can now be obtained by recreational users as well. However, this is only allowed for individuals who are 18 years old and over. 

How to buy marijuana seeds in Canada? Two words for that: Beaver Seeds! Just hit them up at 1-833-688-8581 and get all the necessary information you need on how and where to buy marijuana seeds in Canada. Surely, Beaver Seeds is just as excited as you are about your purchase of top-quality marijuana seeds. With its amazing promos and freebies, you will surely keep coming back for more!

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