Guide to Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Growing your own marijuana plant, regardless whether you choose to grow indoors or outdoors starts with germination. Proper seed germination is one factor that determines the successful growth of your plant. Germination of the seed is the process for a new plant to grow from the seed. This will make your seed sprout to prepare for planting. The indication of a properly germinated seed are the tendrils or little tail that pops out of the seed. The three main requirements to germinate a cannabis seed are moisture, warmth, and darkness. Although there are many ways to germinate, the most common and effective way to do this is by using the Paper Towel Method. For first time marijuana growers, we will give you a step-by-step systematic guide on how to germinate marijuana seeds easily.


  • Clean glass or cup
  • Ceramic dish or plate
  • Thick paper towels
  • Bottled Spring Water/ Water bottle Sprayer
  • Tweezer


This method is relatively easy because the materials needed for this are things that you can find in every household. Take a clean glass and fill up with bottled spring water. Take your seeds and submerge them to the bottom of the glass for 14-18 hours. All you need is to get the water into the room temperature.  It must not be submerged for any longer than that because the seeds might drown. If in any case the seeds float upwards, it is okay.


Take a paper towel and fold it. Afterwards, place it in the center of a wide dinner plate. Next, take 2 other paper towels and stack them on top of one another on the plate.


Take your glass with the submerged seeds and pour them onto the paper towels on the wide plate. Fold the moist paper towel over the seeds to cover them and throw out any excess water. Remember that it must not be overflowing with water. The seeds must be able to get some air, heat, and moisture during the germination process. Do not cover with another plate because this may stop the seeds from getting enough moisture, warmth, and air. It is important to maintain an ambient air temperature of around 80 degrees F., this is the optimal temperature for the seed to thrive. 


Place the plate with germinating seeds inside a dark room which has a lot of space until the little sprouts begin to appear. It must not be in an enclosed area because this could make it hard for the seeds to crack open. The temperature in the room must be warm in order to provide the seeds with heat. During this time, it is important to occasionally pour some water on the paper towels to ensure the seeds are getting enough moisture. It is recommended to check on this every 6 hours but it may depend on the conditions of the humidity. Be careful not to overwater the paper towels.


In around 2-7 days, the seeds will begin to crack open and tap roots will begin to sprout up. Let them grow to around ¾ of an inch before planting. When it is time to plant the popped up seeds, use a pair of tweezers to gently remove the seeds that may be stuck in the paper towel. Do not pull out to avoid damage on the newly sprouted seeds. Germination of cannabis seeds is quite an easy process and it is the first step to growing healthy cannabis plants. If you follow these steps carefully, your cannabis seeds will surely produce fine marijuana buds in the future.


If your marijuana seeds fail to germinate properly, this could be due to the lack of water given to them. What you could try to do as a last ditch effort would be to place them into a cup of bottled spring water until tap roots begin to emerge. When the tap root grows to about ½ inch, repeat the paper towel method.

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