What is Shake Weed?

what is shake weed

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Marijuana is alluring regardless of its size and shape. Hence, it is always a frustration to see if the less alluring parts of the plant get a raw deal. Doomed as it may seem, this is mostly the case for shake weed.

Shake weed is largely offered in both recreational and medicinal dispensaries. However, for many people, the argument is still active on whether it is worth smoking shake weed. What is shake weed? Is it equally good with the regular weed? Can it make you high?

What is Shake Weed – Understanding the Concept of Shake Weed

Altogether, shake weed would seem to be a substance that is generally up for apprehension. However, in a general insight, shake refers to the tiny bits of flowers that assemble and round up underneath a storage container or cannabis baggy.

Shake weed originates from the same part of the marijuana plant as regular buds. Substantially, shake is a component of buds. It is tiny pieces of buds that have waned through time. It can be because of handling, common thumping around by transportation, and more.

Shake weed may have any part of the bud, along with the trichomes and sugar leaves. Certainly, shake can contain as much level of THC as any other portion of the flower. Regardless of your previous learnings from somewhere, shake weed can provide you high. Considerably, it can be fairly potent in certain cases.

Is Shake Weed the Right Cannabis?

Although shake weed is ideal if you are aiming to get high and you want to keep it with your budget, it may not be good if you like to extract the medicinal traits from the weed. Since the shake does not ensure any specific strain, the medicinal traits that one may long to get from the weed are not feasible. If you are searching for a healing smoke steadily, weed buds can be your best choice.

Nonetheless, with the shake weed, you get the chance to try a huge array of strains with a bunch of sensations, fragrances, and tastes. It is fair to say that shake weed is fairly an experience that is worth trying.

THC Content of Shake Weed

You may be aware that shake weed is potent. But the question is whether it is equally potent as the strain from where it is obtained? Through experience, a group of strains was analyzed and it was concluded that the level of THC in shake weed is lesser than the regular weed, although not essentially less. A strain with 20 percent THC can have around 18 percent of THC content in the shake weed.

Where Can You Get Shake Weed?

If you have ever tried buying cannabis in little plastic baggies, you will see those tiny bits sever and round up at the bottom.

It is the same thing that happens in dispensaries. Budtenders are very familiar with this. Hence, oftentimes they will offer shake weed at a discounted price. Essentially, dispensaries commonly sell shake weed as an independent product. You can purchase it by quarter-ounce, eighth, gram, or full ounce.

If your budget is limited, you can save enough if you choose to purchase shake weed. Many dispensaries are even selling shakes through pre-rolled joints, although this can be a bit ambiguous – specifically for those taking cannabis for medicinal purposes.

The reason it can be ambiguous is that in many cases, there is no sufficient shake from one specific strain to comprise a pre-rolled joint. The dispensary shall utilize shake from numerous strains to occupy the joint. By that, lessening waste and magnifying profit.

For some people, a mix-and-match shake joint can become a delicious treat and create an exhilarating and compelling high. However, for people who are searching for treatment for a particular condition, this weed can shrink off the mark. It may even exhibit some undesirable side effects like headaches.

It will be best to consult first a budtender if you are planning to get a shake from a dispensary in the form of pre-rolled. Ask the budtender about the origin of the shake, and if it is from a single strain or a mixture of numerous strains. Moreover, if you are employing pre-rolled joints for medicinal reasons, make sure to inform the budtender about your conditions for him to lead you to the right options.

What is it used for?

So, what is shake weed used for? Well, it is the same thing any kind of pot is consumed for – smoking. There is nothing much to know when it comes to the shake weed. Essentially, if you are storing a big volume of cannabis, it is not likely to stay excellent forever. Some bits of stems, leaves, or segments of the plant buzz off in the mix. It is not the excellent status of buds but the good thing is, it is fairly useful. You can regularly smoke and shake weed without even noticing it.

How to Use Shake Weed

One of the pleasant things about shake weed is that it is consumed essentially in a similar approach as the regular bud – it only costs less. Aside from being affordable, this weed can also be more favorable. Given the fact that it is already tiny bits of flower, you do not have to grind it.

There are various and numerous ways to consume this weed if you are curious about how to smoke it. Many people opt to consume it to create edibles. If you choose this, see to it that you decarb the shake first by placing it on a baking sheet in the oven. You may like to set the heat at approximately 230 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes, the least, to ensure that the entire THC-A is transformed to THC.

You can vape or smoke shake just like the other buds. Because the flower bits are very fine, nonetheless, it can be hard attempting to fill a bowl with shake weed or roll a shake joint. If you opt to roll a joint using shake, make sure to outline a smooth layer for an excellent, smooth burn.

Also, make sure to check for any undesirable plant matter in the shake before utilizing it in a bowl, joint, or vaporizer. Because shake is hugely perceived as waste material, it commonly has other unpleasant parts of the plants – comprising the seeds and stems.

Is it Worthy to Try Shake Weed?

You cannot be blamed if you are still not sure whether this weed is worth your money and time. With plenty of deceptive sellers, it is often hard to determine what you are having. And deplorable as it is, you cannot always expect a dispensary to be truthful about the origin of their shake weed.

To make sure that you are bound to get the best experience, you should know the distinction between the trim and the shake. A lot of sellers will attempt and send off trim for the shake. Trim in the undesirable parts of cannabis which are taken out before curing, and most of the time, it is packed with chlorophyll and creates a bleak smoke.

Alternative Uses of Shake Weed

There are other methods to magnify the potency of shake weed. If you do not like to smoke excess shake because you are not convinced that it can get you high, and opt to use and smoke fresh buds, you may always use it for non-smoking ways of absorbing THC.

If you are of the integrated type, you may like to include some of this weed in your tea. This approach may not get you high, however, if you were already under the deception that shakes will not get you high enough anyhow, then there is no risk in incorporating it in your beverage. This method lets you unravel some of the potent, non-psychedelic impacts of CBD.

Another good method to consume shakes, without getting stoned, is utilizing it to formulate CBD-extracted skin topicals. This procedure is slightly more time-consuming, however, it is worth all the time, specifically with a blazing fascination for natural self-care procedures.

For skin topicals, decarb the weed to make it into a fine powder. The obtained plant material is already abundant with significant oils, but bringing it together with the other natural oils such as rosemary, lemon, and lavender can be amazingly efficient in enhancing the skin condition. Once you combine the oils with the derived cannabinoids, cook them and allow the mixture to sit for several hours. Feel free to use it in your blemishes, scars, or dry skin patches. The regular usage of this simple skin topical can gradually enhance the condition of your skin.

Utilizing the remains of shake weed to create edibles is probably the best method to execute just that. With this approach, you are drawing out all of the excess THC from the flower and magnifying its potency in a highly concentrated manner. You can make cannabutter out of the shake since it is an easy and comparably quick procedure that will surely get you stoned.

Vaporizing the shake weed is another method you can do to maximize the use of cannabis flowers. Although smoking it in a bong, bowl, or joint may not be the most pleasant way of consumption, vaporizing the shake can better magnify the excess THC while keeping the flavor.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shake Weed

Whether this weed is good or bad – the answer is both. One of the advantages of the shake is its cheap cost. If you are going to use it for rolling joints or making edibles, where the texture of the bud does not matter for extrication purposes, you may also get the perfect blow for your buck.

There is also a long shot that some of the shake weed is more potent. If it is settling underneath a vacuum-sealed bag for quite a while, it may collect some kief on top, forming it more compelling than the regular weed. However, if it has not been in storage fairly long to actualize that, then it is less likely for the shake to be as strong as the regular nug.
Nonetheless, there are certain risks when purchasing a shake.

Some shakes may come furnished with trimmings – one thing you do not like to have. One of the most exasperating parts of smoking is taking out the seeds and stems. Yet, you may see yourself with an excess of them if the shake has plant trimmings.

Also, it is difficult to distinguish between shakes. It can be a combination of excesses from various strains. Hence, there is no actual determining what you are about to get. So if you are consuming the weed for medicinal purposes, or you simply like a particular strain, purchasing shake or getting pre-rolled joints, overall, may not be an excellent choice.

An obvious disadvantage of this weed is that it is likely to get dried out. If you buy this kind of weed, you are going to like to consume it immediately or keep it in a jar before its condition aggravates.


What is shake weed? Many people consider this weed substandard. Nevertheless, the condition of the shake is immediately associated with the weed where it is derived. A shake obtained from an excellent strain can be highly potent. However, a substandard strain can only lead to a poor-quality shake. Hence, the various conditions of the shake rely on the flower or strain from where it is derived. The most efficient shake is the one derived from a type of strain and crumb-like flower fragments.

When purchasing the shake weed from a dispensary, it is always best to ask about the strain as well as its origin.
Except if you are searching to achieve a particular effect from the weed, the shake weed is equally good as any kind of weed. If the shake will only have the leaves, it will be the same as the regular weed in terms of its high.

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