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When we are talking about consuming marijuana, cannabis aficionados can name many with lots of methods out there nowadays. We can name a few like smoking and vaping. As we talk about the ways to consume cannabis, one of these is dabbing. Dabbing is a very popular method in using marijuana especially when we are talking about the usage of concentrated cannabis. 

In this article, we will talk about dabbing and all things you need to know about this method. If this is your first time learning about dabbing, let me tell you that concentrates come in different forms, and even dabbing itself includes different ways. 

There are lots of claims and benefits of dabbing. But there are also claims that reported this method as very dangerous. To find this out, let us first talk about what this method is. 

What is Dabbing?

When we are talking about dabbing in the world of cannabis, it simply means the utilization of marijuana in the form of oil or concentrates. The process goes like heating the cannabis concentrate or oil with the use of a nail and breathing in the smoke it produces through the water rig. 

With the use of this process, it comes with heating and inhaling. That is where the effects of marijuana are felt by the body and this talks about being high. There are different ways on how to dab. But, the most typical method in dabbing is by the use of a type of oil called Butane Hash Oil or what they also call BHO. 

The Magic of Dabbing

When we are talking about the magic of dabbing, it works through the vaporization of a concentrated form of cannabis. This process mainly uses an extricated THC substance that has been more enhanced by other compositions such as CBD and other terpene inclusions. The concentrates being used comes in a different form. What are these forms? 

What are the Different Forms of Concentrates?

The concentrated cannabis used in dabbing comes in different forms. These are the following: 

1. Oil

When we are talking about the concentrated form of cannabis in oil, we have two main categories for that. They are CBD oil and THC oil. CBD oil is those forms of concentrated cannabis in oil that are non-intoxicating. And they typically do not cause someone to get high. This type of category falls under the main reason which is for medicinal purposes. Meanwhile, THC oil is those types that include a great amount of THC which is very intoxicating as it can cause someone to get high. 

2. Wax

Wax, on the other hand, are types of cannabis concentrates in the form of wax or soft thick oil that have dissipated after its heating process or we may call it extraction. Compared to oils, the particles of wax become crystallized resulting from being agitated from its extraction. This means that as the light is unable to travel within its unique mass particles, the extraction process will result in a solid form instead of oil. 

While there are different forms of concentrates, creating one also includes different extraction techniques. These are the following: 

3. Butane Hash Oil

Butane Hash Oil is a type of extracted cannabis resulting from using butane as its main solution during the process. There are different things it can create out of this extracted material depending on the equipment used in extraction. It can produce crumble, worse, shatter, or even sauce. 

4. Rosin

When we are talking about rosin, this is a form of concentrate that is produced resulting from extracting fine hash under heat and pressure. Unlike Butane Hash Oil that is being produced through heating using butane, this extract is being produced through the use of a heating machine with average temperature. 

5. CO2

CO2, just like other extracted forms, is being produced by the use of carbon dioxide. While we do not have any way to capture and release carbon dioxide while dabbing, the process of extraction includes CO2 extractor. 

While the most common equipment in doing dabbing is by the use of a nail, dabbing is much flexible and you will be able to use other tools such as a knife, and other devices offered online like E-nails, vaporizers, and vape pens. Yet, for cannabis aficionados out there, the equipment they use is typically quartz bangers and carb caps. 

Why did Dabbing become a Popular Method?

Have you ever wondered why dabbing has famously existed in consuming marijuana? Why not do the vape and smoke? Why has dabbing even been invented? 

Dabbing has become a popular method in consuming cannabis due to the extremely high it can give the body. Unlike consuming marijuana through the solid forms by smoking, in dabbing, the THC effects from extracted cannabis can provide a more euphoric and boosting high. 

How is this even possible? It is because the concentrates from cannabis do a lot of THC concentration with great psychoactive influence followed by its terpene level unlike consuming it through regular smoking. 

Is Dabbing a Safe Method to Consider?

In this question, answers summed up into a yes or no. Though dabbing includes inhalation of vapor instead of smoke, the particles, and substances used for extraction are found dangerous especially for those who use butane and other cancer-causing chemicals. There are also toxic particles that can be present like flammable liquids. 

S, you may be thinking that you are safe on the side of smoke-free considerations but for the chemicals being used for extraction is not safe and is extremely dangerous to consider. We also regard this method as dangerous when it is done at home if the consumer does it without knowledge at all. Because sometimes, we may not know that other materials used for extraction can include other toxics which we cannot predict as it did not go through the standard quality process. 

Various studies can back this up. In recent research, it has been recorded that there are up to 80% of cannabis concentrates found to include toxic materials such as pesticides and other contaminants. 


There are different ways to consume cannabis. And, one of the very popular methods nowadays is the use of dabbing. Dabbing has been seen as half-true to be good and is negatively regarded by others. 

With the inhalation of vapor instead of smoke, dabbing appeared to be seamless and perfectly perfect for those who wanted to keep their lungs healthy. However, there are downsides to it. Dabbing can also be very ineffective when we are talking about the substances used on it. Various experts and specialists regard this as very dangerous due to the use of butane and other chemical substances that are very hazardous. 


Yet, if you want to try dabbing, there are forms of concentrates or other types of the extraction process that do not include chemical cancer-causing substances. As everyone wants to get the most out of it, so dabbing can do it for you. It can fairly provide an excellent high experience as the effects it can present to the body is extremely strong and highly exceptional. 

But, this method comes with careful utilization as, without knowledge, this can cause great harm to your body. 

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