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Cannabis, along with its various forms of concentration and other products, is achieving so much success these days. Other than just oil extracts from its buds and flowers, newer and more innovative forms have been recently created to better enjoy marijuana.

One of those breakthrough innovations marijuana had was the creation of charas, a traditional kind of marijuana concentrate. What is charas, and what are its benefits and uses? Read on to the rest of this article and find out the answer.

What is Charas

Back in the old days in India, Pakistan, and other parts of Asia, there was a handmade cannabis extract created that is somehow similar to hashish. Both underwent the same process, separating the trichomes, which are the sticky and milky part of the cannabis. It is the part that produces the purest concentrate weeds extract, thus, producing the best flavors and effects, too.

Charas is often used by Hindu monks before who smoked it as part of their tradition. They use chillum to smoke charas that appears in balls or sticks. They are a great part of the Hindu culture and tradition, most especially for their religious activities since the very beginning of its existence.

Charas differ from hashish in a way that they are made from fresh instead of dried cuttings of weeds and formed only through the method of hand-rolling and nothing else. As for the specific steps to perform in making charas, read the list below for a clear and easy to understand recipe guide.

How to Make Charas

The first thing you need to prepare, as always in any other recipes you will have are the ingredients and tools you will need. That includes:

– Cannabis flowers with small stems included, which is just about to mature after 2 to 3 weeks.

– Your bare hands.

Step 1: Use a very clean pair of hands that’s been washed thoroughly. Use only scented and organic soap for washing.

Step 2: Rub some fresh cannabis in between your hands but not too tight. You might lose the resin you desire to extract. Squeeze also the flowers very gently onto your palm and with your thumb for more oils to come out. 

Step 3: See the substance that is released from the buds that you are rolling in your palm and thumb. Once all the resin has been squeezed out of those buds, then you may dispose of them afterward.

Step 4: Begin making the balls and stick made of charas. Slowly but surely rub it into the form that you desire between a stick and a ball. The quality of your charas is highly dependent on your patience in rolling the buds over and over again. You can only stop until it stops releasing oil.

If you are not yet going to consume it yet, make sure to keep it in a plastic film that will not let any air in and cause the charas to dry out. The average charas of high quality you shall get is 8 to 9 grams in a day, but again, the slower you make charas still gives the best result. 

How it is Used

Charas is most commonly used for smoking in religious and ritualistic purposes. It can be successfully and delightfully done through smoking with a chillum. Others also try to consume it in another form, like using the charas you made to roll in a stick in a mix that is similar to that of tobacco so that you can be sure to have an evenly blended result.

For non-tobacco smokers, it would be easier to make a joint, a blunt, or a bong that is also simple to do as well. The simplest, however, is to just let its smoke come out naturally from a vaporizer. Because it has been extracted freshly from unprocessed cannabis, you may expect its THC level to be higher than those of other regular cannabis products.

Benefits of Using Charas

Upon learning the various ways of smoking charas, it is now time that you also know its different benefits that can be applied in your healthy lifestyle. It includes the following advantages:

1. Takes Away Extreme Pain

It can cure physically-related pains such as arthritis and menstrual cramps that are very common nowadays. Cannabis has many cannabinoids that can fulfill this duty in an instant of smoking some charas. Cannabis’s chemical contents are what allows it to do such a task.

2. Helps to Enhance Breathing and Lung Capacity

Weed-smoking helps a lot with the function of the lungs that cigarettes cannot provide. It does not cause any harm like in cigars that leave nicotine in the veins going to your heart and lungs. Many studies have found cannabis to help increase the lungs’ capacity to function well.

3. Good for Weight Loss

Managing the calories and insulin you consume each time you eat food is a lot simpler now than ever with the help of cannabis. That is why you will not see any weed users getting too fat or overweight.

4. Prevents and Helps Control Diabetes

Because marijuana has a great effect on insulin, which is the root of complications that lead to diabetes, it is thus concluded that it may also be a cure to such conditions when used regularly in moderation.

5. Combats Cancer and its Several Symptoms

Cannabis has long been accepted to be efficient at alleviating cancer and its various types. Specifically, cannabis can help with patients undergoing chemotherapy so they can be saved from its side effects.

6. Aids in Depression

With its uplifting and soothing effect, smokers tend to feel more positive, euphoric, and happy going instead of depressed or feeling negative. Weeds in charas form do all that in a very delightful way.

7. Treats Autism

Whenever you use marijuana, your mood becomes more balanced that it can eventually aid in managing your mood and emotions that are frequently changing. So, for those suffering from autism, calming their bad moods and irritability would be easier.

8. Helps in Fixing Bone Problems

It was found that weeds can help with bone strength, particularly if there is an injury inside. The cannabidiol that weeds contain is helpful in the healing process of the bones as well as in avoiding it from breaking easily in the future.

9. Treats Glaucoma

Using weeds’ anti-inflammatory properties; it is a potential cure to illnesses like glaucoma. It is a disease that often causes some heavy feeling for the eyeball that is difficult to deal with for patients suffering from other related conditions.

10. Slows Down the Occurrence of Alzheimer’s Disease

This is a disease that is due to the inflammation in the brain, which can be treated using the endocannabinoids of cannabis. By smoking one charas a day could probably lessen this from occurring.

11. Avoid Signs of Parkinson’s Disease such as Tremors

Similar to what has been found out in one of the earliest discovered cannabis strain called Charlotte’s Web strain. Cannabis is truly a choice to try for tremors and seizures. They are just as effective as any other prescribed medication.

15. Treats Alcoholism

Just as with cigarettes and other addictive substances, cannabis is considered better and safer than alcohol, too. It could be a good substitute to slowly get rid of your dependence on alcohol.

Best Strains for Making Charas

Having trouble choosing which cannabin strain will make a great ingredient for making charas? There is a lot to choose from since more and more delicious strains are created. Due to greater demand, many cannabis growers make newer strains offering almost the same flavors, aroma, and effects. However, in the case of completing your recipe for charas-making, here are the top 3 strains you may always have in your mind.

Top 1: Royal Kush Strain

Extremely high-soaring cannabis that gives away such a strong knockout punch in the head down to your very soul. For those planning to grow this strain for your consumption, it is surely easy and simple to grow. At the same time, Royal Kush gives away as much as 1.2 ounces per square feet in only 56 to 63 days of cultivation.

Top 2: Northern Lights Strain

A classic favorite of everyone in the globe, which has been a source of genetics to various other new strains. It’s got a big yield to give away on harvest time while producing very resinous and potent buds. With such traits, it is absolute to make a great charas ingredient.

Top 3: Bubble Kush Strain

Made up of good family lineage from the best of parent strains in the cannabis world. The result of its sedation each time you use it is remarkable and extraordinary. Despite its modernized appeal, it is certainly a perfect strain for charas.

Final Thoughts

Truly, no matter in what form cannabis is used, it will all end up with you realizing how better and healthier you can become. In just a few tokes of it in charas, blunt, joint, or a bong, the effects are all the same, effective and pleasurable. Thus, to know what is charas and what it does to your body is such precious learning that you must always remember so you may value every weed you take.

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