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Cannabis Wax

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Smoking marijuana sure does the trick in making you feel high. But as time goes by, it gets kind of boring over time and trying to spice up your usual session. With the advancement of technology, there are already different new ways on how to consume marijuana. For instance, vaping has become one of the popular methods of marijuana consumption with the use of a gadget transforming liquid into gas. 

With these new and improved ways of consuming cannabis, it’s about time to introduce yet another product which is wax. In this post, we shall discuss what is cannabis wax, how it is made, what are the ways on how to use it, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of consuming cannabis wax. If you want to try consuming marijuana apart from the traditional joints and edibles, this is surely something to enjoy. 

What is Cannabis Wax?

From a hash oil concentrates, marijuana undergoes the process of butane hash oil extraction, which later on produces cannabis wax. Why is it called wax? Is it made from actual wax? No, it’s not made from actual wax. It’s called cannabis wax because the texture, appearance, and color looks like earwax. Cannabis wax is gooey like candy that the appearance also looks almost the same as honey. The explanation may seem gross, but cannabis concentrate is not to be underestimated. 

With its growing popularity, marijuana concentrates is most sought because of its increasing level of potency. Regardless if you’re consuming for recreational or medical purposes, it’s an excellent option to relieve stress after a long day at work. Cannabis wax is very popular among consumers who seek high-quality marijuana consumption with its THC content that can sum up to 15 to 20 joints. Marijuana strains alone contain THC content of up to 30%. With cannabis wax, the THC levels can go as high as 90%. 

How is Cannabis Wax Made?

Cannabis is extracted in many ways in which the process involves exposure to a chemical solvent, which is either ethanol or butane or even a natural solvent. They are used in separating the cannabinoid content and terpenes, too, for some cases from the marijuana plant. Using the solvent, they are purified right after cannabinoid extraction. The substance left is the concentrated wax, also known as the cannabis wax. 

The process is complicated and dangerous to the point that it is highly suggested to have the professionals conduct the extraction. The explanation may seem simple, but with all the flammable chemical substances used, it’s actually pretty dangerous to do that. It can deliver numerous accidents that can actually put your home all blown up and burnt. This is why most consumers are highly suggested to purchase their cannabis wax instead of doing it on your own with the lack of experience. 

What are the Different Ways of Consuming Cannabis Wax? 

There are actually numerous ways on how to consume cannabis wax. Cannabis wax that is too hard or sticky won’t go well if you’re planning to infuse it in a joint or even use it on a vaporizer. Based on some of the consumer’s personal preferences, they top off their weed with cannabis wax as it hits differently. The same thing goes for those who use vaporizers or bongs. With that in mind, here are three different ways on how to consume cannabis. 

1. Vaping

Vaping is one of the popular ways of consuming cannabis wax. To prevent combustion, it would be best to use a vaporizer with a quartz or ceramic heating chamber. According to experts, it is highly preferable to use the one with titanium coils that prevent possible combustion. What most people love about vaping weed is the absence of smoke. There’s no burning sensation present, but that doesn’t mean it will give you less potent effects. 

2. Dabbing

Yet another popular way of consuming cannabis wax is Dabbing. Its reputation is exceptional because of its ability to deliver on-set potent effects. The process of consumption may seem complex and a bit dangerous considering the use of nail, blow torch and a dab rig. As you heat up the nail using a blow torch and put a subtle amount of cannabis wax on it. With the use of heat, it converts the active cannabinoids as a combined vapor and smoke that can be consumed through inhaling. 

3. Adding to a Joint

Sprinkling cannabis wax into a joint is also one way of consuming cannabis wax. The traditional joint can be quite hard to let go, especially to those who are fans of rolling joints. It sure does the trick in defining what cannabis wax is. Adding it to a joint is only achievable when you crumble the wax. If you’re going to use a cannabis wax that is similar to the viscosity of honey, it won’t do you any good. It’ll just wet the rolling paper and end up messing the joint. 

What are the Benefits of Consuming Cannabis Wax?

The enhanced potency of consuming cannabis wax is what most people seek. The impressively high levels of THC in cannabis wax contain minimal to no amount of butane when done accordingly. The good thing about wax consumption is the numerous benefits they are associated with regardless if it’s medical or recreational. Read on and know more about these benefits. 

1. Easy to Use

With the right gear and equipment, consuming cannabis wax can be pretty easy to use. The good thing about it is how there are new and improved vaporizers designated for cannabis wax consumption. The process is pretty simple. All you need to do is put your designed amount in the heating chamber, press the heating element, and you can start to inhale. There’s no need for grinding and even cleaning. You just have to load it and start vaping. 

2. Pleasant Smell

Cannabis wax consumption actually induces a pretty pleasant smell as compared to smoking dry ground cannabis. If you’re up for consuming discretely, this is the perfect way of getting high, considering that there is no smoke present. Let’s face it; the smell of regular smoking cannabis can be a bugger if consumed within a small congested room. Give vaping a chance considering that the effects are just the same but with the absence of smoke and smell. 

3. Controlled Cannabis Consumption

Not because cannabis wax contains higher levels of THC doesn’t necessarily mean it will put you in jeopardy. It gives you the option to smoke less but acquiring yet still acquiring the same satisfactory effects. If you’re up for controlling your marijuana consumption, the use of cannabis wax is one way of doing it. It’s actually great for those who don’t want to be too dependent on marijuana. Low marijuana consumption is a big help in managing the doses, especially if you’re a beginner. 

4. Good for Long-Term Storage

Considering that cannabis wax is consumed in small amounts, not all will be consumed in just one session. The good thing about it is that the remaining wax can be stored for months without worrying about the wax being infested with molds. Even though it’s stored for months, it doesn’t make the wax less potent. It still works the same way on the day you bought it. To be honest, it lasts longer compared to the other common ways of marijuana consumption, such as dried ones and even the edibles. 

What are the Drawbacks of Consuming Cannabis Wax?

With all these advantages that will lure people in consuming marijuana through cannabis wax, apparently, its amazing properties come with a price too. There are two disadvantages that you have to watch out for in consuming cannabis wax. 

1. Health Risks

Consuming cannabis wax can sure do jeopardize your health at some point. Performance-wise, problems such as poor concentration, short-term memory loss, sensory distortion, impaired judgment, and suppressed immune system are inevitable. Due to the chemicals, it puts health in jeopardy with the risks of losing consciousness, damaging the central nervous system, and even increasing heart rate. Cannabis wax consumption can be very damaging, especially when consumed in high doses. 

2. High Potency Consumption

Cannabis alone contains high THC content. When you have low marijuana tolerance, this can be a problem considering that even in the smallest amount of cannabis wax, it can cause effects that will affect both your mind and body. Consuming cannabis wax in high doses can lead to marijuana dependence. Even when consumed in small doses, cannabis wax can sure be a bummer once your body starts to experience negative effects. 


There sure is a lot to learn about what is cannabis wax, but we sure hope this post covered the basics of what you need to know. Cannabis wax can be quite impressive in terms of marijuana consumption with all of the different advantages it is associated with. Just keep in mind to keep your guards up when it comes to consuming it to prevent unwanted effects from occurring. It is just right to don’t underestimate the power cannabis wax can bring. 

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