10 Unexpected Practical Uses of Marijuana that You Might Not Know

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For millions of people all over the world, cannabis is an effective recreational release. But for millions more, cannabis is used as a potent and powerful medical treatment that helps alleviate dozens of symptoms of extreme health issues. As cannabis legalization spreads to many more places, cannabis is slowly becoming an important staple in the days of many patients.

The great thing is that cannabis is now seen not just as a tool for getting high. More and more complexities of the marijuana plant are being unraveled, and new ways of utilizing the plant are being discovered day by day. So, what are some of the lesser-known uses of cannabis? Read more to find out.

  1. Improve Lung Capacity – In spite of smoking cigarettes leading to a decrease in lung capacity and function, some research shows that cannabis can help the lungs. Lung conditions like lung cancer and emphysema actually show a regression when treated using medical marijuana. Since both of these illnesses extremely restrict the capacity of the lungs, the use of cannabis can aid patients in regaining the normal function of their lungs.
  2. Help With Muscle Spasms – Parkinson’s disease is something that is very frustrating and heart-breaking to suffer from. Smoking marijuana can actually help against these uncontrollable muscle tremors. Cannabis can also reduce the pain that is partnered with the disease. Reports show that people who continually use cannabis experience a significant improvement in their fine motor skills.
  3. Help Relieve Chronic Pain – Speaking of opioids, everyone knows how widespread the opioid epidemic has been all over the globe. People get hooked on taking painkillers, and more and more people die as a result. But, cannabis, according to some studies, is a great alternative. Though there is much more research to be done, many cannabis strains have been proven as a viable option for patients who deal with chronic pain.
  4. Slow Down Cancer Cell Growth and Stop Them from Spreading – According to evidence collected by the federal government and other private industry scientists, cannabinoids can combat against specific types of cancer. Cannabinoids help turn off specific genes, which in turn will slow down cancer growth. Mostly, cannabinoids can help cancers in the brain, lungs, and breasts. Medical marijuana also helps in dealing with symptoms exhibited by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, like nausea and vomiting.
  5. Aid Against Weight Problems – People are always finding ways to lose weight. Surprise! Cannabis can actually help you with that. Many people with eating problems, whether over or under, are using marijuana to regulate their appetite, as well as their metabolism. Of course, this is not a cure-all, and working on your weight still needs some work. But, alongside following a diet and exercising, cannabis can be a great help.
  6. Help Fight Drug Addiction and Alcoholism – Taken from an article in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, marijuana use can help beat opioid and alcohol addiction in some people. One of the main reasons that cannabis is a great substitute is because marijuana has fewer negative side effects, and users will not experience such great withdrawal experiences. Studies also show that using marijuana is a safer alternative to addiction to tobacco and alcohol.
  7. Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Social Anxiety, and Depression – If you suffer from any one of these mental illnesses, marijuana can help combat the symptoms of these conditions. Depression affects roughly 15 million American adults or around 7% of the population. And the good news is that studies are being published that cannabinoids can help stabilize your mood and ease depression. The Colorado Department of Public Health devoted 2 million dollars to study the efficacy of CBD, a cannabis component, in treating PTSD. The results were promising; with CBD effectively regulating the system that generates anxiety and fear within the body and brain. Closely related to depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are also among the things marijuana can help regulate. If you plan on trying cannabis to deal with your anxiety issues, it’s important you find the right strain.
  8. Regulate and Prevent Diabetes – Cannabis does not necessarily cure diabetes. But, many studies have shown that most cannabis users are thinner compared to non-users. Their bodies are also reported to have a healthier response in terms of processing sugar. On the other hand, patients suffering from type 2 diabetes struggle to process insulin properly. One study has presented that people who use marijuana had a lower rate of insulin resistance. They also could produce their own insulin better and had a lower level of blood glucose levels when fasting.
  9. Regulate Seizures – Epileptic seizures are exhibited as a result of the body’s nervous system misfiring signals between the body and the brain. The cannabinoid compound that is extracted from marijuana can help with the long term treatment of epilepsy when taken at regular doses. There is a strong anecdotal event that suggests that patients that use CBD oil see it as the only treatment that effectively worked. The science behind this benefit has to do with cannabinoids in marijuana binding to certain brain cells. These cells are the ones responsible for relaxation and excitability. By binding them, the brain cells become calmer and less likely to trigger a seizure.
  10. Improve Sexual Health – Nope, this is not about getting high and then getting down and dirty. Researchers have found that taking cannabis is a valuable tool to protect people from contracting sexually-transmitted diseases. Scientists are now exploring marijuana as a cure against herpes and fight against HIV.

The Future of Cannabis and the Medical Community

One of the most intense roadblocks of promoting medical marijuana is the social stigma connected to the plant. Uneducated people tend to think that smoking is the only to consume the plant and reap possible benefits. This just leads people to think up images of the usual stoner who is useless and glued to his couch. But, in reality, this misconception is so much far from the truth. 

There are many companies all over the world who are committed to developing newer and healthier ways to consume beneficial cannabinoid extracts without having to smoke them if you do not want. The future is bright in medical marijuana, so you should not hesitate to check them out.

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