Stoned VS High: Are there Any Differences?

Stoned VS High

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We all know that smoking cannabis has different effects on certain individuals. However, certain effects generally apply to all people who smoke weed. When it comes to marijuana, there are two main effects that people tend to experience. One is getting high while the other is getting stoned. It is an age-old debate that compares stoned vs high.

With the gradual acceptance of smoking weed as an acceptable recreational activity, a lot of people are still in doubt about the effects that they experience. Getting high and getting stoned are two very different experiences that most people use interchangeably. These terms are thrown around a lot but cannabis experts and seasoned users know that there is a specific effect for each term. Knowing the difference between stoned vs high will help you understand the experience of smoking cannabis even better.

Stoned vs High: Major Differences

Before getting to differentiate the meaning of stoned vs high, cannabis produces a psychoactive effect on the mind and body due to chemicals known as cannabinoids. A specific cannabinoid known as THC is what makes you high or stoned depending on the percentage and the potency. The more you smoke weed, the more you get to experience either one or both.

The effect of marijuana in the mind and body starts rather simple. After the initial few puffs, users begin to feel a slow churning sensation known as a buzz. This often lasts only a few minutes before it dissipates. Getting buzzed is best described as the initial experience of the effects starting to take place. It prepares your mind and body of the psychoactive properties that the cannabis has.

During this stage, you often start to feel happy and euphoric. Giggles and laughter begin to happen and you find yourself smiling a lot. This slowly transitions into the next phase of your cannabis experience.

Getting High

Getting high is defined as the experience of having an increased level of mental and physical energy. Users get to feel happy, contented, and extremely uplifted. This experience depends on many factors including the type of cannabis used, the tolerance of the user, and the potency of the weed being consumed.

Most users tend to experience getting high after a few minutes of getting buzzed. Most high-quality strains often keep you high for more than a few hours. Users begin to feel sociable and energetic during this time. Others who are not fond of smoking weed or who have not built up a tolerance with potent strains often feel anxious and paranoid. Usually, users develop red eyes and cottonmouth at this point.

Getting Stoned

When you talk about getting high, it is mostly about the experience of being up. Getting stoned is the total opposite of getting high. It is characterized by lethargic and sedative experience. When you are high, you perceive things faster and you act on them in quick succession. However, when you are stoned, everything feels slow. There are even certain strains of cannabis that fully incapacitate you to the point that you won’t be able to move even your arms. This is what they call a couchlock experience.

Getting stoned usually happens after you get high. If getting high is the peak experience of smoking cannabis, getting stoned is the sudden dip in energy. Stoned users experience extreme bouts of hunger known as the munchies and are often very sleepy and have slurred speech.

Different Methods of Consumption

The experience of getting high and getting stoned also differs from the way you consume cannabis and all of its derivative. There are many ways to consume marijuana apart from smoking a blunt. Many often choose to vape or use dabbing while others incorporate cannabis concentrate into oils, butter, and other ingredients for food.

The use of a high concentration of cannabis and THC derived from dabbing is often related to producing the experience of getting high. The high THC level instantly provides a massive boost of energy since it is processed immediately by the body. Edibles, on the other hand, take time to be processed by the body as it passes through the liver and many other organs before it is readily absorbed by the body.

While many do still enjoy the high that comes with consuming edibles, the time it takes for the effects to kick is usually longer than dabbing. This further extends the experience to several more hours thus edibles are known to cause a more sedative experience to its user.

Different Strains of Cannabis

It is also known that certain cannabis strains produce different experiences for its user. The two major cannabis strains have very different effects on the mind and body of its user. Sativa strains commonly provide a cerebral and energetic effect to its consumer hence it is known to get you high. Many Sativa strains produce this kind of effect and later on, lead to a more sedative experience. Most Sativa strains are recommended for people who want to relieve stress and acute pain.

Indica strains generally lean towards a relaxing experience due to its highly lethargic components. As soon as you feel the euphoria, most Indica strains slowly lead you to a relaxed state. This is why most Indica strains are generally introduced to people who need to relax, get relief from chronic pain, or would simply want to sleep soundly at night.

Most cannabis strains today are hybrids of Sativa and Indica. They produce these effects but are still dependent on which strain has the majority of these properties. So, if you want to experience both getting high and getting stoned, make sure to get yourself a hybrid strain. Most of these hybrid strains present both effects without overpowering one another.


The major difference between stoned vs high is that getting stoned means being lethargic and relaxed while getting high is the experience of sudden surges of energy. Whether you want to get high or you want to get stoned depends on you. That is the beauty of smoking weed. It gives you the choice to whether get high or get stoned or maybe even both.

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