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Recreational Marijuana

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A lot of people who have been using cannabis call themselves recreational cannabis users. That is to indicate that though they use cannabis, they’re not addicted. At the same time, they do not have any issues regarding their consumption. 

Recreational cannabis use is usually perceived to be the use of weed without the negative effects for users and even for the people around them. The characteristics of recreational cannabis use involve:

  • Cannabis use is so occasional and isn’t a frequent or regular way to spend free time. instead, more time is allotted to other important activities at work or at home. 
  • The cannabis users can easily decide to use or refrain from using cannabis when it’s widely accessible and even offered for free. There’s no compulsion to use. 
  • Marijuana users can use just a limited amount of weed with a gentle effect without the desires to experience an intense high or “stoned” feeling. 
  • The use of pot is entirely recreational and happens only when there’s a social activity or an occasion. It is not a necessity to help a person feel relaxed. Also, they do not need to use cannabis so that they can do things such as stimulating their appetite, getting themselves willing to make love, or having a quick bowel movement.
  • There’s no too high expenditure for marijuana and other necessary purchases like food and clothing. Besides, household bills aren’t sacrificed for marijuana. 
  • Weed isn’t used in the way that it can trigger short and even long-term bad effects on health. 

Note: The last point can be achieved only if cannabis is eaten, not smoked. Inhaling the smoke of cannabis can be harmful to the body at some point. 

Recreational Cannabis Can Get You “High”

Adventurous people often find using recreational cannabis the best way to experience a different kind of pleasure and happiness. Its main ingredient, THC, will stimulate a part of the brain which reacts to pleasure such as sex and food. This will unleash the chemical known as dopamine that provides you a relaxed and euphoric feeling. 

Like medical marijuana, recreational cannabis can be vaped, smoked, ingested, or applied topically as a lotion, oil, or cream. If you smoke or vape it, its THC content will be able to enter your bloodstream faster. If that happens, expect that you will get high in just a few seconds or minutes. 

The THC level normally peaks in around 30 minutes. The effects that depend on the strain you consumed will eventually disappear in 1 to 3 hours. When you ingest pot, it may take hours before you can finally sober up.

It’s hard to know the potency of the creational cannabis you might be using. The same rule applies to medical marijuana. You’ll learn only when you smoke it. 

Is Medical Cannabis the Same as Recreational Marijuana?

The use of medical cannabis based on the prescribed protocols will be classified as unproblematic cannabis use rather than addiction or abuse. Although everyday use is necessary, there might be negative effects on health that may come along in the long run. The use might even appear compulsive. It’s because the purpose of weed use for therapeutic reasons is to relieve the signs of a debilitating medical condition rather than to be happy and get high. 

Unproblematic Recreational Cannabis Use May Also Become Problematic

Though it’s possible for people to seldom use cannabis without experiencing marijuana problems, these users must keep in mind that unproblematic recreational cannabis use can instantly and unpredictably turn into a problematic case. This is true especially if the use of weed coincides with tough life events, causes mental health issues, or become the maladaptive coping manner. When you or somebody you know crosses from using recreational cannabis to abusing it, you must seek help right away. 

The same is the case when you’re using cannabis and experienced bad effects, such as a sudden change in your mood, perception or how you see or hear things, and ideas concerning yourself and everyone around you. 

What You May Feel When You Get High?

You will notice several things when you get high. You’ll know you are already intoxicated when you feel the following:

  • A sudden joyful and very relaxing feeling. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in the cloud.
  • A heightened sense of hearing, taste, and sight. Colors may become brighter to your eyes. Even the lowest or most subtle sound will be audible to your ears. Also, you may find yourself too sensitive when someone touches you. Foods may even become more tempting and delicious for your taste buds.
  • Increased appetite. You will be hungrier, so be sure to prepare your favorite snacks before taking your first toke. 
  • You will feel like your hands and eyes can’t focus on what you need to do. You feel like you have lost your coordination. Moving is hard and more difficult, so just sit down or lie down and enjoy the moment. 
  • When you use cannabis, the evening becomes a daytime. You’ll stay up and alive throughout the night. Eventually, you will fall asleep the next day. 
  • You can’t think clearly. You can’t solve even a simple problem. That unexplainable feeling that you love fully occupies your mind. 
  • When you smoke cannabis, you suddenly cannot tell what makes you different from other people. It seems you forgot who you are. 
  • While you feel good, you may also be anxious. You may get panic attacks. Also, you may become more suspicious even without a valid reason. You will find it hard to trust others. 
  • When the effects fade away, you’ll feel like nothing happened. You can’t remember anything. Eventually, you will feel asleep. 

Too High Dose Means Getting Too Intoxicated

When you take a high dose, that is only when the unwanted effects of cannabis will come by. You may feel so dizzy. Also, you may find it hard to walk. 

The effect will be so visible to your eyes as they may get reddish. Your mouth will be dry. Besides, the pleasurable feeling will make you look crazy. You will never notice that you are already laughing a lot even when nothing is funny.

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