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Reasons Why You Should Grow Fem

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Ask any cannabis grower and they’ll agree that feminized marijuana plants are the best kinds to grow. Having feminized plants means that you can grow only the number of plants you need. There are more reasons why you should consider growing feminized marijuana plants than photoperiod plants. 

But before we go into the many reasons why feminized cannabis is best, let’s get to know more about this type of marijuana in this guide.  

Feminized cannabis seeds explained

Growing cannabis is better and easier with feminized cannabis seeds. There are different types of cannabis seeds but the most commonly cultivated are regular seeds. Regular seeds are also called photoperiod seeds and these seeds could be male or female.

The problem with regular seeds is that you can’t be sure how many female plants and males plants are in a batch of seeds you purchased. Those who have bought regular cannabis seeds say that they can get lucky and get 8 female seeds out of the 10 they purchased. You can expect half of the lot as males while some reported getting no female seeds out of the lot. This means that you spent money buying seeds and cultivating seedlings only to find out that you have grown male plants!

With feminized marijuana seeds, all the seeds you have grown are female plants. Feminized seeds have no male chromosomes and therefore there’s no possibility of getting male plants. 

Reasons why you must use feminized cannabis seeds


Regular marijuana plants are male or female. When you grow regular cannabis, you need to wait until these plants are at the flowering stage to identify their genders. You must learn to do this if you want to grow regular or photoperiod seeds. 

Also, if you delay separating your male plants from your female plants these will soon fertilize your females. Soon, you will get flowers full of seeds instead of weed. But when you use feminized cannabis seeds you won’t need to worry about growing males. Feminized seeds will make sure that every plant is female and your money well spent. 

  • No need to remove male plants

When you grow regular seeds, you must germinate more seeds than what you need to compensate on potential males that might grow. So, as soon as possible, you must remove the males to make sure that your female plants will grow buds with weed and not seeds. 

Do you know that some growers don’t just remove male plants but they also destroy, they destroy male plants so that there is zero chance that female plants will be fertilized.

With feminized seeds, you can avoid accidental pollination making it easier to grow only the number of plants that you will need. 

Growing cannabis with feminized seeds is very easy because you can cultivate healthy crops that will give you strong and healthy marijuana plants. This is what all growers and consumers want. 

Growing marijuana for the first time may be too complicated because you need to weed out male plants. But it’s better to remove all the possible factors that can ruin your success from the beginning. 

If you still want to proceed with growing regular cannabis then you can do this without any problems. As long as you provide the best growing environment that your plants need, you won’t have to worry about photoperiod plants.

  • No special techniques or tricks to grow feminized cannabis

There are no special techniques or tips in growing feminized seeds. It is the exact way as growing photoperiod marijuana. You will start germinating your seeds which may be done by directly planting these in water, planting these in peat cubes or germinating using the paper towel technique. 

As the seeds sprout, make sure that these get adequate water, light and the ideal nutrition made for the cannabis plant. As your plants grow and develop flowers, the nutritional needs change. But it’s pretty much the same during the growing phase.

Compared to regular plants, you won’t have to identify male plants and remove from your crops. There’s no need to feel stressed that there are male plants that you have missed. All your plants will be females. 

  • Germinating feminized seeds is just the same as regular seeds

There are many ways to sprout your seeds. A good technique is the paper towel technique. In this technique, you will use a few pieces of paper towels, water, and two plates. First, wet the paper towels and let excess water drip from the paper until you have damp paper towels. 

Put the seeds in the middle of the paper towels and cover these with two plates. Place the seeds in a dark and quiet area like a dark cabinet or kitchen cupboard. Wait for at least five days for the seeds to sprout. 

Check the seeds daily and add water so the paper towels won’t dry up. When your seeds have sprouted, place these in peat cubes and water or soil. You will know that your seeds have sprouted if the taproot emerges from the seed and the peat cube. 

After this, remove the seeds from the germination plates and place these in peat cubes. Place the sprouting cubes in water than in a safe container. Use strong light over the seeds. 

  • Feminized cannabis plants need the same light schedule as regular plants

Feminized marijuana seeds need the best lighting so that these will grow healthy strong plants. A good grow light to use are LED lamps. These will shine high-intensity lighting during the growing phase without heating your growing area and burning plant leaves. 

You may use a 20/4 day/night schedule. When watering, place water only when the growing cubes are dry and not when damp or wet. Use distilled water on your plants to prevent costly mistakes.

  • Nutritional needs are the same as regular plants, no mistakes here

If you’re using nutrients, use the best nutrients that will work according to your plants’ developmental stage. During the seedling phase, these won’t require nutrients because it absorbs nutrients from the seed coat and peat cubes or the growing medium. 

You may give fertilizer after your seedlings have been transplanted in a large pot. Replant these in larger growing containers once your seedlings have grown thicker roots and a new set of serrated leaves. 

When you spot second-tier leaves and your plants have more roots, it’s time to transfer into larger growing containers. Use sandy clayey soil as the most widely recommended kind of sol to cultivate cannabis. 

This type of soil can absorb more water and nutrients plus will effectively drain excess. Use a growing container with an adequate hole at the bottom so that the excess water and nutrients will drain well.

  • Indica and sativa feminized plants are available

If you have always wanted to grow medical cannabis then you can use feminized seeds. There are therapeutic and relaxing indica strains in feminized form. Indica plants are known for their medicinal effects which can relieve stress, depression, pain, inflammation, and insomnia.

Sativa strains are also available in feminized form. Sativas are very stimulating but are also effective as medicinal strains. These strains are good for pain, stress, nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite. When you shop for feminized strains, you’ll surely find your favorite strain in feminized form.

  • It’s easy to find feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized seeds are available in almost all seed banks online and locally. Purchasing your seeds locally is the choice of people found near seed banks. If you live in a country where cannabis is legal then you’ll surely find seeds almost everywhere there’s a grower. But if it is illegal to grow cannabis in your area then the only option is to buy feminized seeds using stealth methods.

You will never be able to tell if a seed is good or not or if you have regular or feminized seeds just by the appearance. You must buy from a reputable local or online seed bank to get the best quality seeds. Shop smart to get top quality feminized cannabis seeds.

Creating the best quality feminized seeds is more popular than ever. But for years now, this is the result of constant research. Almost all cannabis seed bank has their own version, their own variety of feminized cannabis strain. Mostly, these seed banks create feminized versions of regular cannabis strains which improve the quality of the strain as well.  

  • Easy to grow feminized cannabis seeds

Expert growers will tell you that they are grateful for feminized cannabis seeds because using these will ease the growing difficulty of strains. Feminized plants are easier to grow than regular strains because there’s no hassle of growing males which you will only discard later. With female seeds, you will only grow the number of plants you need and save money, time and resources. 

Hermaphrodite marijuana plants

Some cannabis plants will grow female or male plant parts but there are times when cannabis plants develop other genders when the plants are stressed. There are several reasons why plants become stressed. 

Factors like temperature changes and transplanting plants from a small container to a larger one are some of them. Because of these, the plants may develop hermaphrodite characteristics to fertilize itself and propagate their genes.

Before chemicals were used to make feminized seeds, female plants were naturally subjected to stress. Pollen from these flowers will be used to fertilize other females and the seeds grown from this will have the hermaphroditic genes inherited from its parents. 

Recently breeders created feminized seeds using pure female cannabis plants. These female plants will be forced to create feminized pollen that will fertilize female plants. These plants will surely be hermaphrodites. 

Cannabis plants are male or female and a hermaphrodite is a survival method which plants have developed over the years. This technique makes it possible for plants to live in different growing conditions. 

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