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Popcorn Buds

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When it comes to cultivating cannabis, no matter your level of expertise is, there will always be problems on the way. Even expert growers have their ups and downs. True enough, cultivating your cannabis plant is always a trial and error process. But that doesn’t mean that it always goes the wrong way. Planting cannabis can be as successful as it gets. Perhaps, if there is one thing both beginner and expert growers have in common when it comes to cannabis growing problems, it would be popcorn buds. 

Popcorn buds may sound like a delectable treat, but it can bring one of the greatest frustrations when it comes to cultivating cannabis when you are aiming for an abundant yield and get maximized results.  However, it is the way you see it that makes all the difference. The good thing is, there is a way to prevent popcorn buds, and if you find a lot of these in your harvest, you can learn what to do with them. Get to know more about popcorn buds now!

What are Popcorn Buds?

Popcorn bud is an interesting name, and the name itself reveals its meaning. Popcorn buds or others call them B-buds, are the cannabis buds that grow and have the same size or smaller than a popcorn. They are mostly like miniature fluffs since they haven’t fully developed into full-sized buds. They remain in this size, and you can mostly see them on the lower branches of the cannabis plant.  

It is likewise called B-buds since it only comes second to the fully-grown buds or the A-grade ones. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that popcorn buds are not potent. Though considered less appealing because of their size and a decline of possible yield, popcorn buds offer the same or within range of potency as the larger ones. They also have their benefits. But if you don’t want to see such in your growing cannabis plants, learn more about the causes and how to prevent it.

Causes of Popcorn Buds

There are possible causes as to why your cannabis plants grow popcorn buds. First, if your plant has been through a lot of stress, it is likely to grow popcorn buds. It is one of the most common causes of popcorn buds. The stress due to the excessive heat the cannabis plant received during the growth period will likewise affect the growth of popcorn buds. When your cannabis plant undergoes through this stress, you can assure that popcorn buds will grow. 

Another reason why popcorn buds grow is due to overcrowding. If you have a lot of plants growing at the same time in a limited space, the buds may not get the same amount of light. Over-shading can likewise cause popcorn buds as well. These stressful situations will all let the plant undergo such a condition where it ceases to grow and produce the buds to their full size. 

Thus, the growing condition and spaces should be your top priority, as well. The proper equipment needed for your growing room is a must even for beginners to ensure no popcorn buds will form. Your growing room must have proper ventilation and good airflow, so the warm air gets out of the grow space. There must be thermometers to constantly check the room temperature and air conditioning if necessary. When doing this, you will allow your cannabis plant to feel less to no stress at all. Thus, it will stay and grow healthily for your abundant yield.

How to Prevent Popcorn Buds

Don’t panic! You can still do something for your cannabis plant to keep it from growing popcorn buds. These things differ if you’re growing inside or outside. Indoor cannabis growers may have greater control over the environmental conditions of the growing spaces than outdoor ones. Still, outdoor growers can likewise make adjustments and preventions. 

For an outdoor grower, it is impossible to take full control of the temperature and other growing conditions. However, keeping the cannabis plants away from the direct heat and stress can help it. Provide a shade around your plants, and when the strongest heat of the sun comes, let your cannabis plants cool off in the shade. However, make sure to get it when the sun is cooler, so you won’t over-shade your cannabis plant.  

For indoor growers, start by making sure your growing space gets a good airflow and ventilation. The cooler air must have a way to get in and the warmer air out. Check the temperature often and make sure they stay within twenty-five degrees Celsius when the light is on, and fifteen degrees Celsius when it is off.  It can be helpful when you can move your light around and put it on a safe distance from the cannabis plants. This way, the plant won’t get too much stress from its heat. 

Another reason for the temperature to get hotter is because of the grow lights. Even LED lights will produce heat that keeps the air hotter. Better check these things and make necessary changes. It is helpful to put a fan inside the growing room to keep the air circulation or an exhaust fan on each side. Avoid overcrowding as well. Grow several cannabis plants that will fit in your growing space, with each plant having enough distance between them. This will allow your plant to breathe and get enough light. Some growers also use defoliation or pruning. Trimming off larger leaves and lower buds will help the plant focus on popcorn buds to help them grow bigger. 

What to do with your Popcorn Buds?

However, getting popcorn buds doesn’t mean it’s the end of your cannabis plants. You can still use these popcorn buds. You will be surprised to know how useful they could be. You can use your popcorn buds to make hash or resin. After the full harvest, you can make resin using your trimming tray. This is then processed into hash. As you might already recognize, there are a set of ideas you can do with hash. You can likewise use popcorn buds to make oil or butter for your edibles. Plus, the best thing is, you can still smoke popcorn buds.  It is mostly sold at a lower price, so it’s a win-win!


Though popcorn buds aren’t a good thing when it comes to getting the best yield, it still offers multiple uses and purposes. It won’t go to waste if you choose not to. Others may consider this a bad thing, but some growers don’t necessarily mind, especially with the highlighted ideas you can do with it. Now, it is up to you to judge whether popcorn buds are acceptable or not.


However, if you are keen on preventing popcorn buds, then you should make sure you get everything done right, especially with the growing space. It might get costly too, but to get the experience and result, you need to be ready to invest. Once you do, you are two steps into getting your desired harvest. So, consider the essentials you need to do and get the maximum yield from your cannabis plant.

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