9 Phases of Being High with Weed Stoner’s Secrets Revealed

Phases of Being High

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A good quality weed can give a mix of emotions like relaxing, creative, enjoyable. Aside from these effects, smoking weed is also a great way to bond, unwind and spend time with friends and families. Imagine yourself at the end of a very stressful work week, you definitely deserve to get righteously stoned. 

What makes cannabis consumption wonderful and intriguing at the same time is that the experience can be extremely subjective. Although users may report to having similar reactions to smoking cannabis, there will still be some unique differences with the overall experience. If you’re new in the cannabis industry, you should know that there are different phases that users undergo to experience that stoned feeling.

The Phases of Being High


Stage 1: Uncertainty

This stage will depend on how you consume your cannabis and this can be very short or very long. Other times, you might not feel this stage to start at all. But once you do, you might find yourself asking “Did that work?”. You might even think that what you’re feeling is a placebo and with other cannabis forms that take longer to hit such as edibles, you might even start eating large amounts.

This action can be a bad idea since you will eventually feel the kick in and by the time you have consumed a lot, you might experience getting that stones feeling immediately. The uncertainty stage might leave you thinking a lot about what being high really feels like and you might even trick yourself that you are not feeling it yet.

Stage 2: The Hit

This is the time that you will feel your eyes starting to widen just a bit and you will not be doubting the effect at this stage. For some users, this can be one of the most pleasant cannabis ingesting moments. It can also be a comforting feeling and you will tell yourself that this is the high feeling starting to build up. 

Watch out as you might have a coughing session depending on how potent your cannabis strain is. Whatever intense feeling you might experience, keep in mind that this is the marker that the high has begun and it’s now time to really see where this ride takes you.

Stage 3: Soaring

You will experience a sense of euphoria once the hit begins. This euphoric meaning might be for the actual feeling or for knowledge of what’s to come. You will usually do a lot of giggling while exclaiming to your friends about your mental state and you might notice that the world looks different from how it did five minutes ago. 

At this stage, you can put on your favorite music or your favorite television show and just enjoy them while playing. You will also get the feeling that your thoughts have become more interesting and you feel the need to share them with the people around you. A good thing about this stage is that you would want to make sure that everyone is having a swell time like you. 

Stage 4: Eating

It’s highly impossible for you to skip this stage of being high regardless if you have plans for healthy living. Although if you experience munchies, you need to make sure that even before your smoking session begins, healthy food snacks are available within your reach. When you are on this stage, every food presented or even though of will sound delicious. 

This is also the stage that you might find yourself getting creative with your food by mixing different food types into one another. You might also act like a gourmet chef that is highly determined to make the best grilled cheese the world might come to know. This stage can be highly enjoyable until you feel your stomach suddenly staging a rebellion.

Stage 5: Paranoia

Most people who have tried using cannabis is very familiar with this stage of being high. You will no longer feel the initial rush, your sense of euphoria gives way to more concrete thoughts and now you feel that you are very much in your own head. It’s definitely difficult to make sense of different stimuli presented to you when you’re high, this is the time that you may misinterpret things happening around you. 

You may interpret your friend’s poker face as getting worried and if you have ordered pizza, the pizza delivery guy may feel like cops knocking on your door. You may begin to stop moving to avoid stupid stoner fails and you may see your friends laughing at you. A lot of users may start worrying that they’re too high or their heartbeat is too rapid. 

Users may also begin to fear that their friends are not having a good time or they might have missed something important. This is the worst stage of being high and this feeling of paranoia may be remedied by employing basic relaxation techniques and a little bit of time.

Stage 6: Pensiveness

This stage is dependent on the person, the cannabis strain, context, and various other factors. Users may experience a phase of pensive thinking while being high. You’re sober enough to appreciate your cannabis perspective and this is the time you take some time to introspect. You may notice that deep thoughts cross your minds and it can even occur at high speeds. 

This might be the stage that there’s a chance to learn something new without leaving your own head and you draw some interesting connections and see that there are a lot of interesting things in the world. People who are in this stage may seem reclusive and they might withdraw from the social circle and work things through.

Stage 7: Sharing

After having pensive thoughts, cannabis users may start wondering about the world outside of them once again. At this stage, you might notice yourself wanting to reconnect with your friends, check-in and share some of the thoughts you were having. The sharing stage might be one of the most fun parts of a social high since this has the opportunity to share experiences among friends and receive feedback on thoughts that might have great value to you.

Stage 8: Cycles of Confusion and Clarity

Your high experience will be in tune with the alternating stages of confusion and clarity. You will clearly notice this stage just after the peak of the high since you’re still experiencing serious changes to the way you think and track thoughts, but you also have the ability to engage and follow your thoughts.

Experiencing confusion will also give rise to a new focus and suddenly this will open the period of clarity follows. However, you will still get distracted and the whole cycle begins.

Stage 9: Chilling

This is the final stage of being high and probably the most pleasant stage as well. You will no longer feel that you are lost in your head or your atmosphere, but you are now more relaxed. You have the opportunity to sit back, curl up with a blanket and watch your television shows while having conversations with friends. You may feel tired, but during this stage, you will feel a cozy kind of being tired.

You are aware that your bed is already waiting for you and you will just experience a wonderful feeling, but you already feel that contentment for the time being. There’s also an increased feeling that you may opt to lay back on the couch and chill out. If you feel awake, asleep or even somewhere in between, you just need to find a comfy surface, warm blanket and you find yourself savoring an all-around good feeling.

Bonus Stage: Repetition

Keep in mind that these stages will not come in a set order each time you consume your cannabis. It’s good to know that you can never plan your high ahead of time. You might think that after the hit, you begin to settle in, think pensively, wants to start a conversation or feel hungry again. The main point is, the stages of getting high will come in cycles of repetition and they may become hard to predict but they are frequently present and familiar. You should expect that they will repeat themselves all the faster if you take another hit.

Just like what cannabis users can attest to, no two highs are the same and no two strains are also the same. These may be familiar stages of being high that you might have personally experienced. Not all of the stages are considered great especially when you experience paranoia slowly creeping in. But you should always be on the lookout for the first moments of getting high to those final and highly meditative instances just before you drift off for the night.

These stages are always pretty good to savor and they also give different experiences yet familiar phases in each stage. By knowing all the stages of being high, you should be excited to try ingesting cannabis for the weekend.

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