Outdoor Marijuana Seeds: Comprehensive Guide for Outdoor Growers

Outdoor marijuana seeds

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The entire process of cultivating cannabis outdoors from seed to flower is an experience that is surely rewarding. There are many challenges to growing in the great outdoors, but it is also true that the cannabis plant is exceptionally resilient and hardy. Are you someone who is interested in purchasing outdoor marijuana seeds and grow them into flowers? Congratulations, you are in the right place.

The Art of Growing High-Quality Organic Cannabis Outdoors

If you want to grow world-class organic marijuana, things are not as easy as dumping the seeds and letting nature do the rest. You need to invest attention and loving care over the months and natural disasters that can bring harm to their way.

The annual life cycle of an outdoor cannabis plant begins early in the spring, after the equinox when you start noticing the sun giving warmth to the soil and lasting longer than twelve hours. These ideal conditions make outdoor marijuana seeds germinate and are followed by its vegetation. The season has ended when mature unfertilized flowers are harvested, the days get cooler and the sun sets faster.

Take Care of the Foundation: Healthy Roots and Healthy Soil

The soil, your growing medium, will serve as the anchor of your plant’s healthy and high-yielding life. The time and money that you spend on good quality soil will provide several benefits for your plants at every growth stage. Healthy soil not only provides the best nutrients for your cannabis plants but also helps control other important variables in your cannabis plant growth. When you have active and high-quality soil, you can avoid the following problems: heat stress, fungal problems, waterlogging, pH fluctuations, pest resistance, and biological attacks.

Using soil as a growth medium also allows you a greater margin of error across the boards where there are any fluctuations in plant growth. If you are a keen gardener, then you already know this. But, if you are a beginner, make soil from several components that you can research, or proceed in buying high-quality commercially sold soil. A truly high-quality soil will have no fertilizers or additives aside from compost and top dressings. You can also choose companion planting, mulching, and adding worms to make your soil healthier.

Choose the Best Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

In picking the perfect cannabis strains for your outdoor garden, choose while keeping the following variables in mind: pot or soil, indica or sativa, autoflower or photoperiods, recreational or medicinal, latitude, day, season, and length. If you are unsure, spend a few hours on the internet and take time to read through many resources.

Make Sure You Germinate in the Right Time

plants-1331667_960_720The cannabis cycle begins in early spring, so you need to make sure that your seeds have germinated by then. Once you have decided on which strains you have to buy, you can begin germination and allow the seeds to absorb water through its husk. Your first indication of life will be the cracking of the seeds and the emergence of a small white shoot called the radical. This quickly lengthens and becomes the taproot. This taproot will now push down to the growing medium to anchor the plant in place and start absorbing water and the needed nutrients. 

Where Should You Place Your Cannabis Plant

Choose a spot that is exposed to as much sunlight as is possible. Make sure that your plants are exposed to the wind and rain. Rain boosts growth because of the carbon dioxide content. Wind helps them develop strength with little physical stress. For a medium-sized cannabis plant, you must be able to provide at least five square meters or as big of a pot that you can so that you can have enough root room for the complete canopy and flower development.

If you plant your cannabis too close together, there is a chance that the plant will be forced to reduce side branching and increase its height. Rather than enjoying multiple flower sites over a large bushy plant, your plant will just look like one central cola looking like industrial hemp.

The Flowering Stage

marijuana-2038460_1280As the days start to shorten, noticeable changes will be distinguishable in your cannabis plants. During the shortening days, the growth pattern of your plant will begin to alter. Replacing the striving, the stretching symmetry of vegetation with growth begins to zigzag and compress with lesser distances between nodes. You will see the tips at the end branches will turn upwards creating nooks and crannies where flower formations will be cradled. You will be able to identify the branches from the canopy of green.

Flower clusters will begin to form and begin to stretch. Sometimes, the stretch can extend up to the plant’s height. Brand new calyxes will form in the supporting intersections of leaves and zigzagged stalks. You will see the resinous pistils from each calyx that looks like an anemone.

The calyxes extend along their own sensitive prong and making more room for other clusters to form. Budding leaves start to emerge. They look smaller, thicker, and velvety, which are very ridged and covered in trichomes, eventually becoming mostly submerged by the flower clusters that are now swelling.

This is where you see the fun stuff. Cannabis in nature would have been well-fertilized and thoroughly producing mature seeds. The lack of male pollen tricks the cannabis plants into producing more flowers and resin will be continued to be produced in bountiful amounts.

Begin Your Harvest

800px-Lots_of_MarijuanaWith trichomes all over that keeps on swelling, you will see the pistils changing color. Tones and shades will be visible like russet, deep brown, purple, silver, blue, and lavender. The plant in its entirety will change in color. Sugar leaves will start to look like forests and the flower clusters will be very firm to the touch. Complex fragrances will be identifiable based on the strains you have chosen to grow. When you see these signs, you can start grabbing your scissors and harvesting your yields.

How to Cut Your Harvest

While the plant is standing still, remove all the leaves that are accessible. When done, your plants should only look like stalks and flowers. Now, you can start breaking the plant down. You should start a drying method depending on what you like. Six weeks later, you can enjoy the perfectly dried and cured examples of your hard work.


Planting outdoor marijuana seeds can be a very exciting adventure. Just follow the tips mentioned above and keep on doing your research so that you can enjoy maximum yields. Begin your journey by browsing online for the best strains of cannabis seeds. Remember to only buy from reputable seed banks for the best chances of getting a potent and bountiful harvest.

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