Myrcene: What is It and What Can this Cannabis Terpene Do


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The unique scent of Marijuana doesn’t originate from your preferred cannabinoids. Actually, it’s really the terpenes that lend the plant its distinctive aroma and flavor. These could also affect the experience with cannabis, which may communicate much of its possible medicinal benefits.

Myrcene effects are among the very popular terpenes present on marijuana. In addition to hemp, myrcene is present in hops, which is liable for a beer’s peppery, sweet, balsam scent. It is also conveyed in lemongrass, which was used for decades in folk medicine.

In-depth with Terpenes

Terpenes are aromatic substances, formed naturally. Nor are they unique to cannabis — other plants, fungus, and herbs also are packed with terpenes. Terpenes play a variety of roles: pollinators depend on them to differentiate between plants, the scents repel undesired animal interactions, and end up making our smell and taste tasty too.

Scientists have indeed recently started to fully know the advantages of terpenes associated with the human, while people have used terps throughout history for different effects. For instance, linalool is known to have anti-stress capabilities, while limonene was shown to cause nausea. Researches also look only at what they call”entourage effect”—the idea that these terpenes function in conjunction more successfully than they would in isolation.

Given that more than 100 terpenes were produced by typical marijuana plants, there will still be a broad range of work to be completed, but we have already learned to realize a few of these terpenes very commonly present in cannabis. In this article, we will be narrowing our spotlight to only one- myrcene.

Myrcene effects, what are they?

Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes throughout commercial cannabis varieties, the terp of which we know best. This  Myrcene is indeed present in hops, including lemongrass, with much lower amounts. Myrcene in regards to the aforementioned was its terpene recognized with offering beer it’s own balsamic, peppery flavor notes. At first whiff, one might equate the myrcene scent to anything resembling cloves. That terpene has a certain earthiness. Additionally, mango also thyme could also be present in myrcene — but marijuana is certainly the crop you like when you’re searching for this terpene of quantity.

Also, myrcene is by far the most probably cannabis terpene that dominates in flora. Terpene of a strain is essentially the top-level terpene current. For modern commercial marijuana, only a tiny proportion of terpenes appear as influential, while the overall composition of a strain includes several more marijuana terpenes.

Given the surge of scientific advances we are experiencing today in regards to cannabis study, our knowledge of the effects of myrcene is still unofficial. Lemongrass tea has long been seen in Mexico as a sleep-aid or relaxing the muscle. Research has still yet to objectively prove the importance of myrcene as just a sleep remedy, but a link between terpene & muscle relief has been identified by rodent experiments. Below are the known myrcene effects:

1. Myrcene makes you sleepy?

Natural remedies that contain myrcene also have a long heritage of using it in traditional medicine mostly as sleep assistance. Throughout Mexico, tea flavored with lemongrass that is Mycrene rich has is being used as a sedative and to calm muscle. It’s popular for Germans, who have been the world’s top producers that are using myrcene-rich hops formulations as a sleep medication. It is not clear, nevertheless, whether any observational trials have established myrcene as providing a therapeutic role in promoting human sleep; therefore are not knowledgeable of these well-controlled clinical trials, whether specifically prove myrcene’s sedative effect.

A number of studies on rodents indicate that myrcene, provided at high doses, could have calming effects on the muscles. The same research has also shown that this myrcene could improve the period of time mice stayed asleep, and only when provided in conjunction with powerful sedatives of narcotics. Even so, animal models often don’t translate with humans, therefore more investigation is necessary before we get a strong sign of whether this myrcene can produce sleeping pill effects, most especially with the concentrations that are frequently seen in commercial marijuana.

2. Does it reduce inflammation and relieve pain?

Lemongrass tea contains a high amount of myrcene because of its alleged anti-anxiety & pain-relieving effects have served a role throughout Brazilian traditional medicine. Around 1990, scientists from Brazil created the first reported claim for myrcene mitigating pain. They believed that myrcene decreased pain by growing one’s own opioid substances in the brainstem, but this was debated. Far more research is required to prove if myrcene possesses certifiable pain-relieving capabilities in people or otherwise.

In addition, more work is required to support the possible anti-inflammatory impact of myrcene. Proof for the function of myrcene in decreasing inflammation originates mainly through animal experiments.

3. Additional possible myrcene effects

Myrcene could even block the cancer-causing impacts of fungi-producing aflatoxins but make their way with our food. These anti-mutagenic properties originate from its suppression of a liver enzyme by myrcene, CYP2B1, that also induces the capabilities of aflatoxin in harming our DNA. This Myrcene could also protect against toxins like “t-butyl-hydroperoxide” from damage to the DNA. These anti-mutagenic effects, including their antioxidant as well as antimicrobial properties, are aligned with that of many other terpenes.

What are the Cannabis Strains that contain high Myrcene?

High concentrations of myrcene could be found in several strain names generally known as Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid, including prominent sativa-leaning hybrids such as Tangie & Blue Dream cannabis strain. Users Will also recognize that myrcene would be both prevalent in THC and CBD varieties. We listed cannabis strain below: 

  • Grape Ape
  • FPOG
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Tangie
  • Harlequin
  • OG Kush
  • Blue Dream
  • Remedy
  • 9 Pound Hammer

Hypothetically, terpenes perform even better when several of them perform together. When you’ve found out if myrcene would be a terpene of your choosing, the very next objective is to understand other interesting ways that various terpenes communicate with each other to produce an optimal high. As for current study into other marijuana terpenes, another of the central issues about myrcene is that we’ll be consuming enough doses of this myrcene to attain these impacts. 


The role of terpenes throughout the effects of marijuana is only starting to get widely understood. Work has tended to lag because scientists, mainly in isolation, also spent a large part of their work on cannabinoids. This does seem to shift, however.  Users may also need to be responsible for their own learning about the terpenes they may get for consuming cannabis and what does it offer or what are the myrcene effects that will truly benefit them. 

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