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Monster Cropping

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Monster cropping would be a form of practice that enables consistent harvest while maintaining the main plant. Organisms of plant species are large growing compact monsters! Continue further to read about the perks, pitfalls as well as how to giant indoor and outdoor crops. In this article, we will talk about more monster cropping.

The current scenario that looks familiar if they cultivate marijuana: your tents are packed to the full and your crops can collect as much light as possible. Most crops are now in the reproductive growth, most are budding, and one massive mother plant may also take up tons of space, energy and otherwise air. Let us just do anything regarding it: cropping horror has arrived for salvation!

As this leads to good outdoor outcomes, giant cropping throughout the greenhouse is much more useful. Because every farmer of marijuana indoors knows, optimizing every bit of room as well as light inside an enclosed system is difficult. The crops don’t get a similar quantity of sunlight much of the period, so some will bloom while several are only vegetating.

More About Monster Cropping

Monster cropping is a method for preparing cannabis plants and will help you produce more quickly. In simple terms, to capitalize on complicated, bushy development, everything just means taking flower initiation clones and returning them away to both the vegetation phase.

You shouldn’t need to hold a parent plant for that system to ensure constant harvesting. However, integrating this with other types of plant preparation, such as ScrOG, will help to increase yields much further while reducing energy costs. The cropping of monsters can be done indoors, outside, or even in a vegetable garden.

Through taking the emerging clones and bringing them back into the forest, we are producing a lot of even more cola crops. His name is, therefore, an accurate definition of everything to do when we do it. That is precisely how much we ‘ll get throughout monster cropping: giant seedlings that generate monster buds.

Monster Cropping: The Basics

Monster Cropping will bring tremendous stress to both marijuana plants. Cutting healthy bits from it to expand the clones puts tremendous pressure on their overall wellbeing. When not done properly, the plant may be damaged and even forced to cease to exist. 

1. Stressing your Cannabis Rejuvenates it

Surprisingly, if correctly handled, the results of stress will be helpful to the crops as it can stimulate the production of desirable traits. It involves the more robust leaf and group growth, and also more cones and weed sites.

Highest among all, the specialists agree that marijuana plants’ distress response is to produce elevated THC grade. This exactly is why the preparation methods also yield cannabis of excellent quality.

2. It is not usable for all kinds of Cannabis

Apparently, monster cropping was just appropriate for normal photoperiod varieties leading to the damage on the crops. Nevertheless, they need ample chance to recuperate from the injury. 

Fortunately, typical strains provide long life periods that allow them to gain further time to recover and complete the blooming.

Choosing the right strain is an important aspect of monster cropping. Find out the seedlings from our pot seed bank for the photoperiod. Nevertheless, it takes just a few weeks with auto-flowering variety to develop and is not suitable for clipping out clones. Therefore, it is best not to impose high-stress strategies such as cropping monsters on them. On the other side, they can accommodate all forms with low-stress approaches such as LST, ScrOG including super cropping.

Materials for Monster Cropping

  • Please use sterile and accurate scissors while operating to lessen the risk of contamination. Several growers go as far as disinfecting their chopping tools as possible. It is important for allowing the crop to effectively root again from harm and the replacements quickly. Naturally, we further need a jar with fresh water to drench the cells’ stem as well as start making it root.

Monster Cropping Procedure

Now that we’ve got the basics it’s safe to know the measure. In this segment, people demonstrate how and when to correctly conduct cropping monsters.

1. Picking the Clones

The finest time to chop a few clones is that when the cannabis plant reaches the fruiting stage of around 3 weeks. And it’s also good to pick the latter up later because this won’t impact the result.

Always go for outer leaves when deciding which pieces to take because they appear to root quicker than the others on edge. Then slash through the stem laterally but instead, there ‘s more nitrogen as well as water surface can bring in. Besides, this will give the roots further surface to expand.

When designing how many copies to take, remember they won’t all sustain. Some clones would then merely not start growing new leaves, owing to a few other unpredicted variables. Therefore, maintaining a balance among how many to harvest and as much to give to the seed bank to still yield a good harvest is smart.

2. Rooting the Trimmings

Consider placing this in a container of liquid after getting your clones, but also let it hang around for some period. It would guarantee that air flows into their delicate vascular system. Therefore the clone becomes going to endure a catastrophic illness and then all our resources are going to rot away.

3. Go back to Vegetating the Crops

Simply use the limited schedule with this stage to gain the clones up later to a vegetative state. Users may choose between 24/0, 18/6, or 20/4, based on everything we want. So don’t think about the strength of the sun, because the clones should n’t need anything to survive. Only make sure that the plants mostly on clones are not interrupted, or that they avoid growing.


Taking clones, rooting them, piling them up as well as ScrOG isn’t just for pot production for the crazy novice. Monster cropping, across either side, could be exactly what seasoned growers ought to move output towards the next stage. These are some of the better ways to make the most of your limited development room.

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