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Aside from getting you high, marijuana is likewise known for making you sleepy. Good thing is, all thanks to various researchers, there are hybrid plants that are now available which can cater to all your needs, whether you are in a mood for a good sleep, a mellow buzz, or even an unbelievable amount of energy. There are different marijuana strains for energy which can help you finish a task, or have the will to go out and socialize. This sounds like the most excellent concept yet.  

To understand more about the different marijuana for strain, you will need to remember the three species of marijuana plants. They are the Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. It is widely believed that Sativa is the right choice if seeking physical energy, while Indica is good to keep your body relax and ready for sleep. 

However, this doesn’t happen all the time. Not all Sativa strains will magically give you the energy, and not all Indica strains will let you have a good sleep. Thus, when it gets to decide the accurate marijuana strains for energy, you must check not only the type of species it is but likewise the THC content as well as the CDB. These things will help you get a better look at the marijuana strains for energy. So, check the top ten marijuana strains for the energy you can choose from.

Top Marijuana Strains for Energy

There are a lot of options you can choose from when it comes to the excellent marijuana strains for energy. Once you chose the right one that works well for you, you won’t have to endure another tiring and sleepy night or day. These marijuana strains for energy have different things to offer so check them well. 

  1. Durban Poison

The first choice of marijuana strains for energy is the Durban Poison. It’s a hundred percent Sativa plant, with an impressive amount of THC content that can reach twenty percent. It has a pungent and dank smell and creates a thick cloud of smoke. This is great when you need the energy, or to help with anxiety and depression. The first-timer may feel a little bit disoriented at first, but it can easily vanish. The growing period of this plant is around two months or so with an average to high yields. 

If you are looking for the strain to help you do art, finish a book, make a huge project, and keep the creative juices flowing, this strain is perfect. It can boost the level of your energy, thus making you productive in everything you do. However, the disoriented feeling you have at first may cause you to feel paranoid, so, certain risks and limitations must be set.

  1. Sour Diesel

The Sour Diesel strain is likewise a top choice for marijuana strains for energy. It’s a Sativa dominant strain. It has an average amount of THC content but can get as much as over twenty percent if maximized. The name tells how the strain smell and taste. It has a strong chemical taste. With this strain, you can get high for a maximum of three hours. It will help you get relaxed and feel pleasant. When feeling depressed or having anxiety, the Sour Diesel strain will provide a good remedy. The strain is used to keep your body relaxed and unhurried as it increases the creativity level as well. It allows the person so think well. However, be careful of the dosage and limitations for it can lead to a feeling of getting out of control. 

  1. Green Hush

Green Hush or now commonly called Green Crack is a Sativa-dominant strain that has the features of Indica. It offers an amazing high that triggers the mind and energy. The THC level is between thirteen to twenty-one percent. Some claim that the Green Hush Strain makes them focus well on whatever they’re doing.  However, this strain is not best for smoking at night, or you won’t get a wink of sleep at all. This strain is serious in giving you’re the energy boost, euphoria, and creativity. However, there might be lingering bad effects such as paranoia, panic attacks, and other psychedelic effects. So, keep them small and light for a great rush of energy and fun.

  1. Jack Herer

This strain, named after a marijuana activist, is another great choice for marijuana strains for energy. It is a Sativa-dominant with an eighteen to twenty-three percent of THC level. It has the smell of citrus fruits, mostly the same as orange and lemon, and comes with a flash of dank pine. It has a smooth smoke which delivers an energizing headrush. It works best for first-time smokers. Though it comes with a rush of energy ready to fill you up, there is a sense of calmness of your mind when smoking this. You may feel relaxed, but you won’t feel too lazy to do anything. There is a balance between its effect on your body and mind. The strain can give you the creativity and inspiration to finish a task well. 

  1. Super Lemon Haze

If you are looking for a tasty treat, the Super Lemon Haze offers a citrus scent and taste to keep you wide awake. Some say it’s like taking coffee, but a sweet and citrus-flavored coffee it is. This strain is Sativa-dominant and is a hybrid of Super Silver Haze plus Lemon Skunk. The level of THC falls at twenty-two percent at its maximum, which may not be good for first-time smokers. This strain will surely get the kick you need, whenever you want it. The energy it gives will help you light up and entire room. With the high level of energy and creativity it gives, you are sure to finish a task however tedious it might be. Aside from giving energy, this works well with depression and anxiety, or any chronic pain.

  1. JillyBean

If you want to be productive, but still has the energy to be social, then the JillyBean is your new best friend. It gives you a nice feeling in your mind, like you are in a great and relaxing position, but won’t make your body too tired or too heavy. Instead, it makes you feel focused and motivated to do the job, plus happy and energetic when facing other people. It has all the smell and taste of sweet fruits, specifically oranges, and mangoes. This strain a Sativa-dominant and has the average THC level of thirteen percent, but can maximize up to eighteen. However, beware for it may lead to paranoia, or headaches when consumed badly.

  1. Ghost Train Haze

If you have been using marijuana for a while now, the best marijuana strains for energy for your is the Ghost Train Haze. It is strong due to its THC level which has an average of eighteen percent and a maximum of twenty-five. The effects include a giggly and happy feeling which can lead to creativity and hunger. So, make sure to munch on something after taking this. It has a sweet smell and taste that’s likable. If you are looking for the energy to wander around the city while observing the rush of life, doing arts, housework, and social events, this strain will help you get through it. It is used to treat chronic pains and appetite problems as well. This will help you get the unwanted and negative thoughts out of your head, However, consuming too much might make you sleepy.

  1. XJ -13

Another best marijuana strains for the energy you must check is the XJ – 13. This strain is full of sweet and spicy taste and smell. It can make you feel energizes, creative, and focused on whatever you are doing. It can likewise make you talkative. So, this works well when you are going out for any social events. The XJ – 13 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Physically, it makes your body numb a little bit, with your muscles lose and relax. The effects can last up to four hours to better consume it in the morning or afternoon. This strain is best for any type of marijuana users.

  1. Harlequin

When you don’t fancy taking risks on strains with a high level of THC, or you are a fresh marijuana user, then the Harlequin strain will serve you. The THC level has an average of five to ten percent. This strain has a high CBD content and a minimal psychoactive effect. That is why this works best for chronic pains and other ailments that medical marijuana is effective. Just like coffee, it gives you the energy to clear your mind and get ready for the day. It has a calming, yet energetic and happy effect. The sweet taste and smell add to its allure. When doing almost anything from getting artsy and busy at home to going out and attending a social function, this strain won’t fail you.

  1. Mango Kush

The latest choice for the top selections of marijuana strains for energy is the Mango Kush. With its sweet fruity and a slight hint of sour flavor and aroma, you will feel a pleasant disposition that will improve your mood. This strain will make you feel talkative and happy, but it can make you go hungry as well.  So, try this when going out for parties and barbecues. Don’t take much or you’ll be dizzy and nervous. It has a THC level of eleven percent, so beginner users can take this piece as well. This strain will help you make friends and have fun. Still, limitations must be practice so negative effects won’t happen.


Now that you have the ultimate list for the top ten marijuana strains for energy, you wouldn’t have lazy days and distressed days anymore. When done right, you will get to experience a delightful and excellent day every day. It would be the intention of everyone. It is soon up to you to choose which marijuana strain works best for you. Responsible use is recommended.

Whether for recreational or medical use, these topmost marijuana strains for energy will deliver what you desire, as long as you don’t abuse it. There are nevertheless many options you can discover in the market, but the most trustworthy and the classic options will yet remain. So, take the preferences and compare them based on your needs. Let the days be more productive and fun using your choice from the list of marijuana strains for energy.

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