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marijuana for migraines

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Many patients suffer from different kinds of headaches more often. However, when a migraine occurs, it is not just a dull headache that causes you trouble. Migraine may not only cause thumping head pain but also cause nausea, vomiting, and the worst feeling is it seems that you went head-on with the truck. It can completely ruin your day and makes you feel exhausting. But can you use marijuana for migraines?

Migraine caused by extreme pain that usually lasts for a few hours and sometimes lasts within a day. Most of the patients that suffered migraine attacks about 1 to 2 times per month. Unluckily, many minor cases experience chronic daily migraines; these cases have 15 or more migraine attacks per month.

Even it is not clear what comes up to the brain to begin a migraine. There are factors why migraine is prone to a few people. Migraine can be so debilitating. It may include hormonal changes such as smells, certain foods, stress, lack of sleep, and even the weather. Knowing these triggers may help the person to avoid such changes before the migraine begins. However, it is not always possible to trigger, and not all experience migraines can recognize a clear kind of trigger.

Top 10 Marijuana for Migraines

The following are the ten best marijuana to help relieve migraines.

Tangerine Dream

This one is one of the best marijuana strains for migraines. It contains 25 percent THC makes the patient feel the uplifting and robust effect that clears the head because of the cerebral high it provides. It can also cure another kind of pain, such as migraines. Tangerine Dream is a hybrid that experience to win different awards.

Purple Urkle

If you experience migraine that prevents you from sleeping, then you should consider this cannabis strain. Purple Urkle is one of the most popular, mostly Indica strain that provides a refreshing mind and body high. After consuming, this strain leaves you feeling calm and ease, and it makes you feel sleepy while melting your migraine. This cannabis strain has its ultra a fast-acting effect makes it the best strain for migraines. You can feel quite sleepy after having a few hits.

Lemon Kush

Because consuming medicinal strain is known to be the fastest method to experience relief for migraines, it is very important to choose a strain where you can get relief and enjoyable at the same time. It is applicable if you experience hard migraines and required to consume many fresh flower buds. This strain contains a high amount of Limonene terpenes that gives the tasty citrus taste. It has 20 to 25 percent THC amount makes it hearty go with other types of cannabinoids.

White Widow

If it talks about medicinal uses, this cannabis strain can manage different types of pains. Even it has quite a lower THC amount; White Widow still loads with pain-relieving buzz due to its quick outset. A patient who loves sweets may even love this strain as it tastes sweet like you been dipped into a sugar glaze. The happiness effect that provides by this strain is a great option for patients that suffer migraine.

Critical Mass

This strain has the highest combination of THC to CBD amount. It is naturally bred with ultra-high CBD to lessen THC amount since some of the cannabis patients do not want the effects of psychoactive. This cannabis strain specifically bred for medicinal usage. Critical Mass belongs to the best weed cannabis to ease migraines. Thanks to the high amount of this strain that offers a balanced amount of cannabinoids that are good for medicinal use.

OG Kush

OG Kush is the usual strain that you can see in almost all dispensaries. It offers powerful calming effects that help for relieving symptoms of migraines. It’s powerful marijuana for migraines. This strain will provide immediate relief, thanks to the high 20 % THC amount. Also, its CBD content gives long-term support to lessen pain that experience due to migraine. You can use this strain when the headache begins to avoid it develop into a migraine.

Pineapple Express

This strain is one of the most delicious strains to use to medicate with. Even with just one puff, you can feel like you are sitting on a beach. However, do not let the flavor swing you as this strain has a powerful 17 % THC content. Pineapple Express is used by patients to treat different pains like migraines. It is highly recommended for patients that need treatment and experience uplifted and positive effects. When migraines make you feel dizzy and suddenly lose your appetite, you must consider using Pineapple Express strain.


This strain is the result after blending the Cannatonic with Sour Tsunami. Canna-Tsu has a high amount of CBD and low THC content and is known for providing calming effects. It lowers inflammation. It is also known for relieving different kinds of body pains, such as migraine.

Blue Dream

By having a perfect 50/50 hybrid, this strain provides infinite strong effects for patients. Thanks to its THC content that ranges from 17 to 24 percent makes it belongs to the highest ranks that contain high THC amount. Blue Dream is fast-acting and non-sedative effects known not just by the medicinal user but also for recreational use. No wonder that it is the best choice to use for daytime medical cannabis users that are looking for relief that related to migraine pain.

Purple Haze

This cannabis strain is mostly Sativa genetics that provides an amazing head high known for great weapons against painful migraines. Having a high THC amount of 20 percent and rich with CBD content makes this strain a balanced medicine that good to relieve headaches. Patients that consume Purple Haze also experience pleasure while smoking it as it has earthy sweetness taste with a berry aftertaste. 


Now you know the best marijuana for migraines, such as Lemon Kush, Purple Haze, and Blue Dream. Researchers found that a higher dose of THC to CBD blends can be more effective in reducing intense migraines. There are also test subjects that smoking with cannabis experience immediate relief for migraines compared to cannabis ingested.

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