10 Low THC Strains of Cannabis

low thc strains

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There is a cannabis herb for each personal requirement or predilection there is.  Some selections are well known among recreational consumers because of their higher tetrahydrocannabinol or THC proportion, which provides them the euphoric sense of being high wherein the relaxed condition of being stoned will follow. Marijuana that is more on Sativa is recognized for this unwinding possession. However, there are cannabis users who do not like to be high yet desired to take advantage of the therapeutic uses of cannabis. With that, cannabis that is more on Indica or solely Indica is the best for them. The low THC strains of cannabis Indica are low when it comes to psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol but have lots of cannabidiol or CBD.

Why Are Low THC Strains Of Cannabis Needed?

THC is the cannabinoid or amalgamation, which can be seen in cannabis that has a psychoactive result in the body of its users. This THC is given to the endocannabinoid system or simply ECS, and this treatment is dispatching a sign to the body to let out more hormones to lessen the suffering, anxiety, swelling, etc.  Nonetheless, THC places the consumer in a higher condition of relaxation or drowsiness that may result to depletion in motor skills, and because of that, high THC cannabis is not suggested for users who are needed to drive and manipulate with machines and other equipment.

On the other hand, there is good news behind that as there are low THC strains of cannabis, especially from the family of Indica, which are not just low in THC but as well have lots of CBD. CBD is the amalgamation that is seen in cannabis, which is in the middle of various researches regarding the therapeutic uses of cannabis. Also, it will provide an unwinding result on the body. However, CBD is not psychoactive and was demonstrated to contraindicate the results of THC if looking for in the same herb. Low THC cannabis is as well great for morning use because they are not psychoactive.

For those who will use cannabis employing infusion together with food should take note that this process may not have dissimilarity even if they are a novice or seasoned users. Nonetheless, if they desire to toke low THC cannabis, they can do so by using a joint or an electronic cigarette device. As such, listed below are the top 10 low THC strains of cannabis.


If Harlequin is consumed, it provides a calming citrus scent. On the other hand, its flavor is earthier. It is being said as the best strain for those who are looking for a relaxing high, and the sufferers will be happy because it can handle pain and alleviate inflammation. Additionally, it is sometimes categorized as a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis. It is a type of hybrid that comes from various strains and has been crossed to give a CBD: THC proportion of 5:2.

Charlottes Web

Charlottes Web punches in approximately 0.3% of THC, which means that there are no psychoactive results that will be felt effectively. In short, it disposes of hemp. Its therapeutic benefits are well known because it has been efficacious in alleviating epilepsy. When it comes to all accessible low THC strains, this is somehow the most popular, and that is because of the parents it has. 


ACDC is ideal for those who look for a strain that will not necessitate a hefty mental high. If definite strains of cannabis can be the reason for anxiety for some people, a lot see that ACDC averts it. Also, it comes with a lovely earthy scent, and it is simple to find why a lot suggests this cannabis. In general, ACDC has a THC: CBD proportion of 1:20.

Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami was made by pollinating Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel and was crossed to have a high CBD and lower THC component. This strain of cannabis is thought to give alertness as well as to think logically and coherently, deal with inflammation, and lessen pain. Besides, its CBD levels normally examine between 10 to 11%, and its THC levels are usually below 10%.


Harle-Tsu is crossbred of two strains, namely Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. The CBD component of this strain is generally 20 times higher than its THC level, which makes it favored cannabis in dealing with pain. There is a perceptible scent and flavor of pine when this high CBD cannabis is consumed.

Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift is somehow Sativa dominant strain and has a CBD: THC proportion of 20:1. This cannabis is the bred of ACDC and Harle-Tsu, where both of them are recognized because of the high levels of CBD they have. This particular cannabis has an earthy hash flavor and scent where consumers incline to encounter a component of mental activity while their physical side becomes calmed and at ease. Because of the low THC it has, the high that users perceive is lenient but perceivable. 

Valentine X

Valentine X is one of the strains that have extremely high CBD and low THC. Users of this cannabis will enjoy its proportion of CBD and THC, which is a remarkable 25:1 and a CBD level of 17%. This cannabis is dubbed after St. Valentine, who is commonly known as the patron saint of epilepsy. Also, this strain is a natural option among therapeutic cannabis users.


Euphoria is a strain that has lots of distinctive taste and relaxing. This cannabis hails a genealogy that comprises of the well-known Royal Medic and one of the most favored strains in the Cannabis Cup, Shark Shock. Euphoria is a strain that nearly close to the proportion of its CBD and THC, which is 1:1. Also, its THC levels punch in at 9% and CBD levels that are extremely high. 


The Remedy is another strain of cannabis that has a low THC level, and that is what its name implies. This cannabis is also known as Z7, which is a breed of Afghan Skunk and Cannatonic. This hybrid strain is Indica dominant and has a sugary and woody scent. Besides, it sometimes has a CBD: THC proportion of 28:1. With that, it can be anticipated to see its CBD levels that range from 15% and THC levels below 1%.


Though it has a frightening name, Cannatonic will not let its users become motionless. This low THC strain of cannabis was created in Spain through the effort of Resin Seeds. It is a breed of MK Ultra and G13 Haze cannabis. A lot of Cannatonic selections have CBD vigor, which is as excessive as 17%, and THC levels that are below 7%. Varying on the proportion of its CBD and THC, users narrate a sense of somewhat euphoric results, which is not overwhelming and ideal for morning consumption.

Please bear in mind that the THC and CBD levels stated in this write up are the lowest merits perceived in a specific strain of cannabis that can depend on each plant. Nowadays, there are various new low THC strains of cannabis to select from that are obtainable in the market, which includes the strains mentioned above. Though all marijuana users can take advantage of these low THC strains each time, it is also suggested that they should as well feel free to take part in high THC strains of cannabis anytime they wish. But novice users must consume the low THC strains first to prevent the sense of overpowering, especially during the time of their first few puffs. Low THC strains let the users sense a gentle buzz that does not let them feel debilitated.

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