Is Dabbing Bad for You?


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Today there are so many ways for you to use cannabis. Innovations and resourcefulness have led to the different methods available to enjoy weed and incorporate them into our food, medication, and even beauty products. Of course, nothing can beat the satisfaction of using it to get us on a cerebral, stoney high. One method that has been rising in popularity is dabbing. Is dabbing bad for you? Let’s find out. 

The best way you can experience the soothing effect and euphoria of weed has always been smoking. Even the hobby of smoking hemp itself has come up with more methods through new smoking devices you can find in the market. Smoking weed has been known to help you get the most out of the potency from fresh herbs and to intensify the high. No, this isn’t that pose you have been seeing kids do on social media, it is another form of weed that you can smoke too. 

Dabbing itself undergoes its own process, like producing hash and oils. It offers a highly potent puff that can take you high and has some good health benefits too. Before you start checking out where you can shop for a dab, we have a rundown of all things you need to know about it, including pros and cons, to help you decide if dabbing is good or maybe bad for you.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing refers to the cannabis product and practice of consuming it too. It is made from extracting the oils from flowers and other trimmings through high heat. This waxy material is actually the THC of the weed, and is more potent than most marijuana products, increasing the THC up to 50 to 90 percent higher than the strain originally contains. 

Usually, butane is used to “burn” the weed until the waxy oil or resin starts to melt through. This material is put on a heated glass or metal surface for you to inhale the vapor from. The dab can also be used in a bong or pipe to smoke from. 

Though you can heat your own trimmings with a regular lighter, butane has been recommended to make the dab faster and get the right thick wax consistency that it should have. If you want to save on time and avoid purchasing a new blow torch, you can always purchase a dab ready to smoke.

The Pros of Dabbing

An Instant High

Due to its high concentration, to smoke weed through dabbing can get you stoned in a single smoke. The feeling of relaxation, euphoria, and its psychoactive experience can hit you right on. This is good if you don’t have the time and just need to feed your craving a bit without taking in the usual dose you need to get buzzed.

Get More with Less

With the highest THC in every dab, a little can go a long way. One dollop can last an entire session, and can actually be too much. So it’s best to stick to small doses and just take one dab at a time. Your supply of dab will last longer, too, due to the small servings you will only need.

Fast recovery and relief

Dabs have been highly recommended for medical use. Besides an instant high, dabbing can help you recover faster, especially for pain relief and other chronic conditions. To consume a dab for medication will only require you to inhale the vapor, though, instead of going on a smoke. If you are considering the use of a dab for medical treatment, seek advice from your doctor if this method is safe for you.

So, is dabbing bad for you? Let’s check the cons…

The Dabbing Cons

Making the Quality Dab

While some might opt to make their own dab to stick their budget, the process can be dangerous. Dabbing requires butane and a blowtorch, marking this craft as an accident-prone activity. You also want to purchase a dab from a trusted dealer who crafts their dabs purely from cannabis without any extenders or chemicals that are harmful to your health.

Developing an Addiction

Since dabbing offers an intense high with one or a few smokes, users have been warned about developing an addiction to this. Compared to other methods, dabbing can increase the level of THC and heighten the effects of marijuana on the body. Dabbing very often can be unhealthy and also lead to overdose if you don’t watch your servings.


Never underestimate the power of the smallest dab. Some might mistake that you need as much as the amount of flower you roll into a joint or put in a pipe, but with dabbing, you only need a small dollop. Others might also smoke more than they can handle, which is dangerous. Overdosing on marijuana, especially dabbing, can cause nausea, vomiting, migraines, breathing difficulty, and increased heart rate. Keep your doses small and your pot sessions short if you don’t want to end up in the emergency room.

Increasing Your Weed Tolerance

If you smoke on the regular or are a fan of high-level THC strains, dabbing might not pack a punch on you over time. In fact, if you don’t get high as easily as most, this might be a sign you’re developing a weed tolerance. 

Dabs can be a culprit to weed tolerance once you get the hang of how powerful its buzz can get, often leading to overdose and addiction from trying to use up more dabs. If you feel like you have become numb to the effects of cannabis, take a weed break, and avoid strains high in THC in the meanwhile.

Hurting your Lungs

Though smoking, in general, has been proven to be harmful to the respiratory system, dabbing can do worse. Remember, dabs contain more THC and have to burn in order to produce the product, which can also result in the release of carcinogens that can be inhaled. If you have any respiratory conditions and breathing problems, dabbing is not the method for you.


We have answered the question, “Is dabbing bad for you?”. While it looks like the cons have outweighed the pros, you can still enjoy a dab as long as you use it occasionally and responsibly. Only purchase dabs from a trusted dealer and do your research before you place an order. If you need marijuana for medical reasons, seek advice from a doctor to ensure that dabbing is a safe practice for you. Always limit the amount of dab you use and watch how many puffs you can take. Remember, weed can be fun as long as you’re doing it safely. So if you want to give dabbing a try, check in on yourself and reflect if it’s a method that can work for you.

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