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One of the best things about cannabis is that it can be easily incorporated in a lot of ways. From your favorite tea, baked products, oils, and all sorts, truly this humble plant is versatile. Incorporating them into these products requires grinding of the weed to prepare them from making cannabis products. That’s why if you are planning to infuse your edibles with cannabis, it is essential for you on how to use a weed grinder properly.

Before we start the formal process on how to use a weed grinder properly, it is important to know what is a weed grinder in the first place. In this article, we’ll discuss what is a weed grinder and what it does. As a bonus, we’ll also teach you the basics of how to clean your weed grinder as well.

What is a Weed Grinder?

As its name suggests, it grinds weed. A weed grinder usually has two or more compartments where weed is grounded. There are a lot of types of weed grinders too. Its compartment is mainly composed of metal teeth used for shredding and grinding the weed entirely to bits. This is usually the main part where the weed is ground.

As they say, finely ground cannabis has better efficacy when dealing with its psychoactive high. Also, a well-grinded weed gives users and smokers a smoother experience overall. Aside from grinding weed materials, one of its uses is to catch kief crystals at the bottom compartment of the grinder. They are a resinous substance that falls at the bottom compartment after the weed is ground.

A kief also has its uses. It can be infused with other edibles and is usually the main component in making cannabis butter or cannabutter. We now go to the most important part, the basic tips and guidelines on how to use a weed grinder properly and some of its important parts.

Weed Grinder Parts

1. Grinding Chamber

This is the part where you place your cannabis materials and are ground to bits.

2. Magnetic Cap

A magnetic lid that usually serves as the lock and lid when grinding starts. 

3. Top Chamber

The top chamber is where the kief runs through before they are collected from the bottom chamber. This compartment has smalls in them that kief freely passes through.

4. Bottom Chamber

After grinding is done, kief is always found in this chamber. Makes it easy for makers to collect kief in this area.

Benefits of Using a Weed Grinder

Several benefits of using weed grinder include:

  • Save money and time rather than mashing your cannabis all over.
  • Saves weed. there are no cannabis materials wasted as almost all of them are in the chamber or compartment of the grinder.
  • Offers great quality of smoke and vapor.
  • Controlled blend quality.

Steps on How to Use a Weed Grinder Properly

Step 1 – before placing your cannabis materials inside the grinding chamber, you must first remove the lid. There you can see all the grinding materials such as diamonds and teeth.

Step 2 – after you removed the lid, place your cannabis materials inside. To have a better overall grinding session, place your cannabis materials all over the grinding chamber. Do not overfill the grinding chamber as it may have a harder time grinding all those cannabis materials. After filling out the chamber, cover the grinder.

Step 3 – the exciting part, grinding process. In doing so, ensure that you don’t apply too much force when closing the grinder, to prevent damaging the product. Lock the lid carefully and tightly to avoid any unwanted spillage once the grinding process starts. When grinding, keep it in a 360-degree rotation to grind. The number of spins is solely dependent on your or the overall texture of the weed. In most cases, they ground the weed around 10 times. If after 10 spins and you didn’t like the outcome, you can grind more.

Step 4 – remove the ground weed from the grinding chamber and place it onto a jar or an empty container.

Step 5 – this is only applicable for a 4-piece grinder. When you have a weed grinder, collect the kief crystals at the bottom chamber and use it according to your liking. And that’s how to use a weed grinder properly!

How to Clean your Weed Grinder Properly

After washing comes the worst part, cleaning! Although cleaning is basic and simple, you’d want to preserve your weed grinder for future use and its overall maintenance.

In doing so, get your brush or any form of cloth that can easily wipe off any residue left by the grindings. Cleaning the grinder properly will prevent from future wear and tear and rusting.

When cleaning inside the grinding chamber, just use safe methods of cleaning. Do not use harmful household cleaners. Ensure that every part is thoroughly brushed inside and out. Make sure that there are no weed bits left.

Once you are done brushing through the entire grinder, rinse it well with just water. Let the water run through the grinder. When there are dried weeds inside, soak it in the water for a few minutes so it’s easier for them to be removed after.

When you are done washing off all the excess materials, wipe them dry. Assemble your container and place it in a secure location.

Tip: when cleaning your weed grinder, we highly recommend using isopropyl alcohol to thoroughly clean your weed grinder and prevent the formation of molds and other bacteria.


Our lives were made easier thanks to these products. Not only do they save lots of time but they grind weed effectively and efficiently. So, for your future cannabis endeavors, when you encounter weed grinding, you’ll know what to do and what are the basic steps to clean and maintain weed grinder.

Lastly, how to use a weed grinder properly will not only give great results but also high concentrations of THC. This will lead to a stoner’s dream of having a powerful and potent high that could last for hours. No matter what strain you choose, always smoke in moderation. You don’t want to deal with its adverse effects either way.

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