How to Tell if THC Oil is Real

how to tell if thc oil is real

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The cannabis industry is no doubt one of the fastest-growing industries. Cannabis enthusiasts all over the globe are coping with the fast changes in the community. Every day it is growing and changing. No longer is cannabis associated a plain weed being smoked but it is now used both for recreational and medical use.

Cannabis products are everywhere, from the plain weed to edibles, food, drinks and the latest trend are CBD and THC oils. The concern among cannabis now is how to tell if THC oil is real. This is an expected concern among cannabis consumers especially those who are using THC oil for medical purposes.

The concerns are valid because there is a wide range of THC oil products that are being sold in a cannabis store or online. The legitimacy of the product matters because cannabis consumers are paying for and get the result that they desire from the product. Nobody wants a low-quality product, worst, nobody wants a fake product. 

What is THC Oil?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is one of the major components found in a cannabis plant. It is one of the most prevalent components alongside Cannabidiol or CBD. THC is responsible for the high consumers get in ingesting or smoking marijuana. 

Marijuana oil or THC oil is the term for cannabis extract particularly extracting the THC. The goal of THC oil extraction is extracting THC content from a cannabis plant and turn it into the oil. The extracted product contains important vitamins and minerals, terpene, cannabinoids, and flavor from the plant. 

THC oil is made of THC concentrated extracts. It has been extracted from cannabis and has been processed to become oil. THC oil is made of extracting the resin of the female plant with the aid of alcohol. 

THC oil is sold in most cannabis stores and online stores.

How to are THC Oil Processed?

There are several ways to process THC or marijuana oil. THC can be extracted from cannabis dry or fresh material and it can be done in different ways:

1. Solvent-Based Cannabis Oil Extraction

It is possible to use a solvent to be able to extract oil from the plant or fresh ground cannabis material. Most common solvents are hexane, butane, and isopropyl. These are safe solvents because there are solvents that are harmful and can be toxic if they are not properly purged from the THC oil. Solvent-based extraction produces a dark milky colored oil that is made up of the plant’s THC component. The solvent is heated and by using vacuum it is purged from the oil. The product is processed into oil and other products.

2. CO2 Cannabis Oil Extraction

In this process, the non-toxic solvent is used such as supercritical CO2 to extract the THC from cannabis. This method produces a dark green oil that can promote wellness because of its nutrient. 

3. Cooking Oil Extracting of Cannabis

This method is easy to do for as long as you have all the ingredients needed. You need to have cooking oil, a slow cooker, and a small gauge wire strainer. It is possible to use different types of oils like massage oils, coconut oils, and more. 

How to Tell if your THC Oil is Real

When trying a new product, the main concern is the authenticity of the product that is being purchased. If you are new in using THC oil, it is normal to raise the same concern as there are a variety of products that are being sold in the market. Note that THC oil is sold and available on areas where cannabis is legal so if you are ordering from a country where cannabis is not legal then you might get into some issues in purchasing.

  1. The high number for the amount of THC extract. For example, it says “150 000 mg” in a 30ml bottle of THC oil then you have to be aware because it is too high. You may also mistake it so be careful if there is a comma or period in between. If you carefully think about it, this is too much for the given amount. These products are sold at lower prices almost like a give away do not be fooled because it seemed to contain a high-quality product.
  2. Check the specification. Read the product details carefully. THC oil should contain a high concentration of THC that is proportion to the volume of the oil being sold. 
  3. Beware of Fake Spectrum – if you read the product carefully, it will entail the detail of the other components should also be available. In a THC oil, other components are present such as CBD. If it says that it contains 100% THC, then do not be fooled. Even an isolated THC oil will have the slightest touch or CBD even at a minimal percentage. Do not trust a company that would advertise their THC oil in full-spectrum because there is no such thing as that. 
  4. Clear Full Spectrum Oil – A clear spectrum extract is not possible because marijuana extract has undergone processing and it retains a majority of the natural cannabis plant materials thus it produces a dark hue. 

Cannabis oil is a trend in the cannabis community. It is being used not just for recreational purposes but most of all for medical purposes. As it is becoming a trend, there is no doubt that the demand for cannabis-based products is also increasing especially cannabis oil, particularly THC oil.

Thus, it is best to be able to identify which products are authentic. It is important to know how to tell if the THC oil is real. With a wide array of products to choose from, do research and know the facts about THC oil. Ignorance on this matter might lead you into trouble so better be knowledgeable.

We need to keep up with the changes and the cannabis community is ever-changing. Keeping up in the trend is good and so far cannabis oil, THC oil is the trend. The most important thing is to be a smart buyer and know the product that you are buying.

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