How to Store Cannabis Seeds the Right Way

How to Store Cannabis Seeds the Right Way

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Are you curious about cannabis? Do you want to know the process of storing cannabis seeds? Some people who are new when it comes to growing cannabis seeds have a lot of questions, and they are very eager to learn more about it. They are maybe thinking about how to store cannabis seeds appropriately. Aside from that, they are maybe into the information about the duration of the seeds when it is stored and thinking if they will be able to grow the marijuana seeds well when they need it for cultivation.  These are just a few of those questions they have in their minds. For them to know the answers, they should do deep research about cannabis. 

If you are one of those people and you want to store your own marijuana seeds, then you can count on this article. In this article, you will be able to learn more about storing marijuana seeds, but before that, let us have a brief discussion as to why some people store cannabis seeds. 

 Reasons for storing Marijuana Seeds

There are many reasons why some people or those people who are cannabis growers store marijuana seeds. One of the purposes is that if you are able to do the storing process well, you can expect to store your weed for about five-ten years. This is the reason why some people choose to store marijuana seeds for the reproduction of the strain. There are others who store them for future use just like, for example, they are just waiting for the legality of marijuana in their place before they can plant the cannabis that they want to own. Maybe some growers are too busy, and they have to schedule on when to cultivate the cannabis seeds, and that is why they have to store the seeds first. 

Whichever their reasons for storing marijuana seeds are, they should be mindful of the process in order for them to do the storing method properly. Aside from that, they will be able to get their expected duration of the storing process. 

Ways on How to Store Cannabis Seeds

In storing your seeds, you should know some of the ways on how to properly do it. You must take note of the things that would affect your seeds, such as the light, the changes in the temperature, and the humidity. Make sure to keep your marijuana seeds in the dark place and make sure the place is dry, too. 

Seeds will be able to consume the nutrients they have when there are some changes in the temperature. Hence, they will not have enough nutrients. Therefore, you should maintain the stability of the temperature on where you are going to place your seeds. If ever there is a high level of humidity, it can cause mold, and it may result in a growing fungus onto your cannabis seeds. It is necessary that you should also look into it. Here are some of the ways on how you can store the seeds from marijuana. 

1. Storing marijuana seeds for a short period of time

Do you plan to store your marijuana seeds in just a short period of time? Are you interested in how to do it? If you want to store your seeds for a short period of time, you can use your drawer or even a cupboard for you to do that, but make sure to keep it in the dark area with a temperature that is stable. Keep them away to those places in the house that can cause the changes of the temperature. It is important that you monitor the temperature of your place so you will be able to keep your seeds in a suitable area with a suitable temperature. 

2. Storing marijuana seeds for a long period of time

You can do the stated above for a short period of storing your seeds. However, if you want to store your marijuana seed for a long time, you should know some of the things you should consider on how to store cannabis seeds. You can put your seeds inside of a container that is being sealed and put it in your refrigerator. It would be better if you have an extra refrigerator in your house because if you use the common refrigerator you have, it may cause changes in the temperature every time someone opens the refrigerator.

 You need to take note that if you keep on opening your refrigerator, it will result in a change of temperature and remember, the changes of the temperature will surely affect the seeds.

3. Other ways of storing your cannabis seeds

You should not open your seed packaging.  However, if you need to open the packaging because you will use a few of the seeds from it, make sure to put all the seeds that were left inside of the container that is sealed. Aside from the container, you can use the bags with ziplock. After that, the seeds inside of the bag should be put inside of a container that is dark, or you can use anything as long as it will keep your seeds away from the light. 

If ever you want to freeze your marijuana seeds, you can possibly do that. However, you should have enough time to monitor your seeds because it may cause a high level of moisture. You must keep in mind that the proper way of storing your seeds and proper care for them will result in a successful process of storing seeds. 


You may have other reasons for storing your cannabis seeds, but the most important thing is that you do the method, well. Make sure to provide the tools and materials needed for storing your cannabis seeds. Aside from that, bear in mind those things that you should do within the process and the things that you should not do. If you already have enough idea on how to store cannabis seeds, you can now start storing your own seeds. 

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