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how to roll a joint

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One of the most popular cannabis forms to smoke nowadays is joints. Not only that it is relatively simple and easy to smoke, but they are also light to carry. With convenience to use joints comes a great price in rolling it. Though other cannabis aficionados find it relatively easy, it is more difficult than it seems. 

Learning how to roll a joint is very easy as soon as you get a hang of it. Yet, it takes a lot of time to perfectly do it. As soon as you were able to perfectly roll a joint, you deserve the crown or throne of being a pro. 

In this article, we will give you a step by step instruction on how to perfectly roll a joint. But before we even go any further, let us first discuss some of the factors to consider before even doing it. Without further ado, let us get rolling. 

What are the Factors to Consider?

Just like any other process, before even doing the steps comes with factors to put into considerations. In rolling a joint, we will be discussing two important factors to successfully and perfectly roll a joint. What are they? 

1. Choosing of Right and high-quality Rolling Paper

Though rolling papers seems to be that not important, yet, choosing the right and high quality rolling papers is something that should not be disregarded. You may think that the most important thing to consider is only the weed, but less you know, rolling papers are also important as they are also included in the smoke you inhale. 

If the rolling paper you chose is not right and of poor quality, this will only lead you to a harsh taste and thus, bad smoking experience. In choosing rolling papers, you should settle for those who have fewer additives and chemical contents. One of the most regarded rolling papers you can use is rolling papers made with organic hemp. 

There are a lot of online companies that sell organic hemp rolling papers that can stick to your budget. But if you are not worrying about the price at all, you can settle for high-quality brands. 

One of the main reasons why you need to choose for the right and high-quality rolling paper is for you to prevent any frustrating scenarios. Poor quality rolling papers can get easily ripped. They can also easily get detached or don’t even stick at all. If such a thing happens, you can surely get frustrated and get a little tired in doing the process over and over again. 

If you do not have any idea, rolling papers also come with different sizes. Depending on your desired size and amount of weed to smoke gives you an idea of what size you will choose. But then again, whatever size you choose. Do not ever settle on poor quality rolling papers. 

2. Choose your Desired Weed

Depending on the potency and high effects you wanted gives you a hint of what cannabis strain you will be needing. If you wanted a great and boosting high, do not settle for those strains with low THC composition. Instead, look for the ones with high THC inclusions. The same thing goes if you want a lesser high effect. 

How to Roll a Joint?

The Summary of Steps

  1. Break down your weed
  2. Prepare the rolling paper 
  3. Place the ground weed on the rolling paper
  4. Place the filter (optional)
  5. Tuck in the rolling paper
  6. Roll and seal it

Before doing the entire steps in the later section, you will be needing the following things: 

  • A rolling paper
  • Dried weed (The strain you choose depends on your preference)
  • Tray
  • Cannabis grinder (If you do not have a grinder, you can use a scissor)
  • A joint filter (optional)

Step #1: Break down your Weed

Prepare for the dried weed of your choice and start grinding the nugs and breaking it into ground pieces using the cannabis grinder. Make sure that before placing the weed in your cannabis grinder, it is broken into a manageable piece using your hand to make sure that the weed materials get evenly and perfectly ground. 

Turn and twist the grinder for at least 3 minutes until it gets even. Now, in case you do not have a cannabis grinder, a scissor will do the job. But this will just be your final alternative as breaking the weed using a scissor can give you some airflow issues during smoking. Not being able to grind the weed to pieces can either have an airy joint or a loose one. 

But remember not to over grind it. 

Step #2: Prepare the Rolling Paper

As soon as you already broke the weed into fine pieces, you can now prepare the rolling paper into pieces. Place the joint filter if you have one. But if you don’t, that will not be a problem. All you have to do is make a crutch by yourself. You can cut a small piece of cardboard and roll it to a filter shape like a cylinder.

There are two reasons why creating a crutch is helpful. Not only can it make your rolling of the joint easier due to its shape, but you will also be able to smoke the entire weed. This is also true when adding a joint filter. 

Step #3: Place the Ground Weed on the Rolling Paper

Once the rolling paper is prepared and an optional filter or crutch is placed, it is now time to place the fine ground pieces of weed. Make sure that the low edge of the joint has little space to tuck in for later steps. You also have to make sure that the weed is pulled down by your index paper to give a place for the joint filter. After this, make sure that a small adhesive is placed for the later step. 

The weed you should place on the rolling paper should be enough. Not too much which can be visibly seen through the edge hole. Being cautiously careful of putting an amount of weed can affect during smoking. 

If the weed is placed too much, there will be chances of airflow inconveniences which can give such a hard time smoking. On the other hand, if the weed is placed too loose, there are chances that the weed material can fall as soon as it is heated. 

Step #4: Tuck in the Rolling Paper

As soon as the weed is placed and firmly put on the rolling paper, it is now time to tuck it in. 

Start tucking in the joint wrap using your two hands. Then after that, roll it until the weed is perfectly and firmly covered. By using your thumbs and index fingers, you can roll the paper nicely and slowly. Moreover, the shape of the joint will also depend on your preference.

You can start tucking in from bottom to top.  You can also tuck it in from bottom endpoint to top endpoint. Remember, perfectly tucking in is pretty difficult at first but you can get this over with practice. 

Step #5: Roll and Seal It

This process is a real no brainer to successfully do. All you have to do is lick the adhesive part and roll it carefully. Do the rolling until the entire adhesive sticks firmly. 

There you go, you have successfully rolled a joint. You can enjoy using your joint and amazingly, your friends will be surprised the way you do it. 


In rolling perfect rolled joints, one thing you need to do is to know the entire process and factors to consider. As a first-timer, it is understandable that it is not perfectly rolled than it seems. But then again, a continuous practice can help you make it perfect.

The above steps are the simplest way to roll a joint perfectly. You may seem to think that it is so difficult at first and the weed seems too loose, but hey, you can work it out until you get comfortable.

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