How to Roll a Blunt Like a Pro

how to roll a blunt

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Nothing is ever more sophisticated than smoking a blunt that is perfectly rolled. Whether you are considering smoking it privately or with the circle of friends, the satisfaction of using a blunt with the pleasing roll is more than amazing. 

Though seeing a perfectly rolled blunt means simpler, it is hard for most of the blunt users to do it by themselves. In this article, we will talk about how to roll a blunt. We will also cite some information with the things you need to perfectly do it. 

How to Roll a Blunt

Rolling a blunt is tougher than it seems. To become a master blunt roller, you will be needing a lot of time to practice it. Greater practice means greater expertise. Though it may take some time to eventually become a professional roller, doing so is very satisfying. 

So read carefully and make sure that you will not miss every detail as it is very important through your way as an aficionado. Your friends may wonder and be surprised by the time they will see you how to do it. 

The Summary of Steps

  1. Prepare your blunt wrap
  2. Break down your weed
  3. Fill the blunt wrap with weed
  4. Tuck the blunt wrap
  5. Roll and seal it

Before you roll the blunt, you will be needing the following:

  • A blunt wrap
  • Dried weed
  • Tray 
  • A lighter

Note: You will not be needing a cannabis grinder for this process. So the above things are the only things you need to get started. If you do not have a blunt wrap with you, at least have a cigar and remove the content inside it and use it for this process. 

Step #1: Prepare your Blunt Wrap

As much as possible, use a blunt wrap. Using the cigar wrapper will only be an alternative. In preparing your blunt wrap, some brands are ready to fill in so you do not have to split it. 

Yet, there are some blunt wraps in which you will be needing to split it. You can split it using your thumb or if you have a box cutter or knife with you, that will do. If you will be using a cigar, all you have to do is gut the cigar and remove every piece of tobacco inside it. 

Make sure to do it carefully and make sure to have one clean cut down to it. Note that a perfectly-split blunt can make your rolling easier. 

Step #2: Break Down your Weed

In this step, you will be needing the tray to break down the dried weed. As mentioned earlier, you will not be needing a cannabis grinder as breaking the dried weed into pieces using your hand will do. 

Aside from this, the main reason why blunts are made due to the sense that they don’t burn fast. One good tip to make the high effectively strong is by rubbing the weed firmly together. 

Step #3: Fill the Blunt Wrap with Weed

As soon as the blunt wrap is ready and the weed is properly broken into pieces, it is now time for you to place the broken pieces of weed on the blunt wrap. Fill the blunt wrap with weed from top to bottom. Make sure that it is evenly placed. 

Step #4: Tuck the Blunt Wrap

If it is your first time, tucking the blunt wrap with weed is difficult as it takes time to tuck a blunt perfectly during the first try. But you do not need to worry as you can get this step perfectly with devoted practice. 

Start tucking the blunt wrap using your two hands and roll the blunt until the weed is perfectly and firmly covered. Do not forget the spacing to seal it on the later steps. You also have to make sure that the bottom of the blunt wrap filled with weed is resting flat and low.

One of the indications that a blunt wrap is not firmly rolled is when weed starts falling. Make sure that the weed is rolled and tucked evenly to prevent this from happening. And during the process of tucking, make sure that the next side you will be tucking has enough space to seal. 

Step #5: Roll and Seal It

While doing the tucking process, before even tucking the next closest open side, make sure to seal it by licking to prevent the entire tucking process from being destroyed and weed to get out of place. Do the tucking while sealing it by licking until the entire blunt is totally and evenly wrapped. Make sure that there is a little blunt wrap on top of the open edge for smoking purposes. This will prevent the weed from accidentally getting in your mouth while smoking. Then, use a lighter and run the flame fast through the licked surface. Why do this? Heating the blunt wrap with saliva will let you ensure that it is covered firmly. So do make sure that every licked surface of the blunt is flamed through. 

And there you go, you have a perfectly rolled blunt in just minutes. Practice the whole process to perfectly do it in the future.


While rolling a joint is pretty exciting, rolling a blunt perfectly get even more. Not only is it difficult for the first time but rolling a blunt can look amazingly cool. Hopefully that the above steps have helped you do your way through being a pro. 

There may be some users who hate blunts. But for sure, others love it, especially those who use cigars when smoking. One way to feed their cravings in smoking is having a blunt of weed with them and smoking it. Not only can it offer a great buzzing and boosting high effects, but it can also give a very euphoric feeling followed by a stimulating mood. 

As soon as you perfectly knew how to roll a blunt, you can show your friend and with no doubt, they will get amazed on how you do it 

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