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THC Syrup

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Marijuana’s great popularity has been due to its two major properties that serve both leisure and medical functions. THC and CBD are both very effective at what they do to a user’s body. They are natural among cannabis plants, so many people are going crazy over having even just a pack of cannabis.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is one substance that marijuana can be really proud of and which is now a sought after element by almost everybody. Thus, too, the information on how to make THC syrup becomes the most searched topic on the web. Everything you need to know can be easily searched and discover if only you take the time.

Now here’s what this article has to say to that.

Effects of THC to the Body

THC is, in fact, the psychoactive property of cannabis that stoners yearn for in their smoke. It offers a lot of psychological effects that make you feel better than ever, such as euphoria and comfort. THC does all those mental enhancements through a certain process involving the brain’s natural cannabinoids and THC itself.

Cannabinoids are naturally existing in one’s body to assist with memory, thinking, feelings, coordination, and awareness of time. With such powers that cannabinoids have on its users, THC takes advantage of that and attaches itself to those cannabinoids. By successfully doing so, THC is then able to affect also a person’s mental activities such as for thinking, memory, and coordination, too.

This property of marijuana causes the release of dopamine from the brain to develop euphoria and other pleasurable sensations. In the hippocampus, an important part of the brain that’s responsible for creating newer memories.

On the contrary, the sad part of it is that THC can also be the cause for users to experience mental issues as well like delusions and hallucinations. In some cases, too, THC becomes a reason for people to suffer from anxiety, elation, and also short-term memory.

What is THC Syrup

Because of those amazing traits that THC has, coming up with a recipe teaching others on how to make THC syrup has been made. Weeds just prove its versatility for the many beautiful things that users can do with it and its properties.

THC syrup is an extraction from any cannabis that has become super sweet after undergoing the process for it to turn into a syrup. It can be a nice treat to cannabis lovers for such taste.

Various cold beverages made at home can be mixed with this syrup, so it will be extra sweeter and more delicious. This syrup is just like simple syrup that some bartenders love to mix, which contains half water and half sugar, too.

How to make THC Syrup

In order to make THC syrup at home for your personal consumption or something that you would like to share with some of your family members, you can try the recipe below, which includes simple and easy to find ingredients and steps to perform.

Step 1: Prepare the necessary ingredients beforehand. You will need some:

  • Water that was filtered twice for best results
  • Sugar, either white or brown
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Finely ground buds from any organic cannabis

Step 2: Prepare the water and sugar in an equal amount. Then pour the water into a pot that shall be placed on the stove to boil at low fire. Upon boiling, add your high-quality buds onto the boiling water. Afterward, put in the sugar, stir it until all of its granules become dissolved in the water.

Step 3: This shall be the most crucial part of the process wherein the liquid must not be left to boil for more than 250 degrees Fahrenheit. With too high or too low temperature, the tendency is for cannabis’s THC to be ruined or damaged. Put the lid of the pot and let the water boil for up to 20 minutes to give time for the syrup to reduce.

Set the temperature into the medium so you can already add the vegetable glycerin. After it has simmered for 5 to 6 minutes additional, stir it every 45 to 60 seconds. This process lets the cannabinoids to bond with something.

Step 4: Filter the syrup to check for some other organic matter that is still left in the mixture. Let the syrup cool down. The estimated measure of syrup that you should be able to make is 3 cups or up to 24 ounces of simple syrup made from cannabis THC.

You can now use that 24-ounce of cannabis syrup for many different delicacies and beverages for up to 12 uses. Each recipe can have 20 mg of the syrup for a tasty treat of any form you like.

Uses of THC syrup

Your regular drink concoctions will be leveled up and revolutionized with the twist of THC Syrup’s taste in it. The best coffee, cocktail, and other beverages can match well with this, even with edibles made with cannabis flavorings.

THC syrup blends perfectly well with its liquid form than with its sugary granule form. Also, porridges, brownies, and gummies can all taste better if induced with this cannabis extract. Most especially, THC syrup is what will complete your pancake delight.

Simply pour some of this syrup in your drink, edible, or other foods that you cook to feed your taste buds with such delicious addition.

Tips on Proper Storing of Any Cannabis-Infused Edibles

– Never use transparent, colorless containers with which light passes through easily.

– Use silicone-made containers instead of plastic bags, especially is your aim is to avoid moisture and air from coming into the cannabis buds.

– Areas with direct sunlight are also not allowed, be it concentrates like THC syrup or edibles, too. Light causes heat that produces moisture inside the container, so it shall be negative for the crops, too.

– Avoid contamination of buds to be stored by using gloves for your hands, particularly when using parchment paper for the storing of weeds. This way, you can prevent bacteria from being transferred.

– Edibles, tinctures, and balms are perfect to be stored inside the refrigerator. However, make sure that children cannot reach them or you’ll just be surprised to see them high, too, one day.

– Invest also on buying a separate refrigerator that will not be opened too often so that the temperature inside will be stable and appropriate for the storing of buds.

– Take note of the date when you started storing the buds so you can tell how long they have been there inside.

Final Thoughts

This could be the best news ever for cannabis lovers who are party-goers and fun-lovers, for they have a better way to achieve the THC content they love 100% from cannabis. They do not just have to enjoy THC through smoking, but in many other ways, now that this liquid form is available as homemade or sold in the market. There’s no more reason not to experience cannabis indulgence even for beginners who do not like to smoke, too. May this article on how to make THC syrup serve you well, too, in terms of your experience in using marijuana for medicinal or recreational functions.

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