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how to make rosin

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The cannabis industry is booming and there is no stopping it. It is one of the fastest-growing industry and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. It is ever-changing with discoveries and trends. 

Today, cannabis has gone far from just being smoked. It can be consumed in different ways as oil or edibles. One recent interest among cannabis enthusiasts lately is how to make rosin at home. Is it possible? What is rosin anyway?

So you are interested in making rosin at home but you don’t what to do? Read on this article as we will guide you on helpful cannabis DIY experience as we guide you on how to make rosin at home.

What is Rosin?

Before proceeding to the steps on how to make rosin, it is best to know first, what is rosin. Rosin is so far purest know cannabis extract. It is a concentrate made by heating cannabis and exposing it to pressure to be able to force out the terpenes and the cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis trichome glands. It can be made out of dry sift or kief, flower, or subpar hash.

How to Make Rosin?

Making rosin is not new. It has been around for a long time already but it was made famous by Phil “Soilgrown” Salazar when he started sharing his pictures of his rosin experiments. He shared his rosin experiment results as well as his techniques. It raised curiosity and interest among cannabis enthusiasts in the cannabis community. Since then, making rosin has been a popular way of consuming cannabis especially for those who want to have as much as possible the purest extract.

Take note that the extraction process does not involve any solvent so it won’t alter the flavor and there is less chance of residual man-made chemicals. 

Do you know that you know that you can make rosin using a hair straightener? YES and here are the things that you need: 

  • Hair straightener
  • Materials ( it can be cannabis flower, a hash, a kief)
  • A piece of parchment paper or any grease-proof paper)
  • Collection tool
  • And heat resistant gloves

How is it Done?

  • Get a hair straightener. Select and get your bud. Put the bud inside a piece of paper. Parchment is highly recommended or any grease-proof paper. If you have everything in hand, heat your hair straighteners. If it is already hot, carefully squash bud inside the paper.
  • By squashing the bud inside the paper, you will allow the heat to convert the sticky resin into a thick flowing liquid. It is like caramelizing sugar. 
  • The liquid will flow out as you continue to apply heat and pressure. 
  • Try to press hard for a minute or two. 
  • When you are done. You can remove the squashed bud from the paper.
  • It is now time for you to scrape up all the rosin.
  • Ley it cool for a minute or two. 
  • The amber-colored residue is the rosin or the rosin hash.
  • Fold it between the parchment paper and flatten it.
  • Pick it up any plant materials by using a clean tool.

The second easy way of making rosin at home is by using a rosin press. Rosin press can be bought in different sizes and for all budgets. The main advantage of using rosin press is that you can press several buds instead of just a single bud. Rosin press is designed to maximize the yield of rosin. If you have decided to make rosin using a rosin press then it will make things easier and convenient for you.

  • Prepare the material of your choice. Again it can be cannabis flower, hash or kief.
  • Prepare your rosin press. 
  • Place your filled filter bag between the parchment paper.
  • Put it in between the plates.
  • Engage the press. 
  • Observe that the oil will begin to bubble out from between the plates.
  • It will bring out the strong aroma of the material used.
  • Release the plates after a few minutes. It is best to check if the liquid is still coming out in between. If none then its time to release the plate.
  • Remove the parchment paper after releasing the plate.
  • Open up the parchment paper.
  • Remove the filter bag.
  • Collect end product with a clean collecting tool.

For both methods, the collected products should be kept and stored in an airtight silicone container. It is also important to know that every cannabis strain is different so the results may also vary. Some rosins are waxy and some rosins are buttery or sometimes it is hard.

Since rosin is created without solvent, you are assured that it is pure and nothing was used to alter the flavor and the quality of the product.

How to Smoke Rosin?

Rosin can be smoked by using a dabbing rig, a vaporizer there are several ways of smoking rosin. Rosin can be vaporized in low temperatures which will give you a much better smoking experience. Higher temperature will allow you to experience vapors that are bigger and thicker. 

Smoking in lower temperature also delays its psychoactive effects while higher temperature allows it to have a fast-acting and string effects.

Another way is through vaping. Rosin for vaping requires less heat for you to enjoy it fully. Rosin may leave residue on your medium used so better to clean them with isopropyl alcohol.

Rosin is so good that it is judged as a 6-star rating system used to judge all solventless concentrates. The best thing to know about rosin is that it can be enjoyed by almost any cannabis consumer who wants to experience smoking or ingesting the purest kind of cannabis product.

By knowing how to make rosin at home, you can now enjoy this delicious and one of a kind goodie. You can enjoy a relaxing moment smoking your finished product or infuse them in food or drink like a cup of tea. Rosin may have been around for many years now but it was not very popular. Thanks to the continuously innovative ways of cannabis consumers, the process of how to make rosin has been simplified and you can do it yourself. 

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