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How to make Cannabutter? What is Cannabutter anyway?  This is by far among the biggest crazes across the world of marijuana edibles. The impressive thing about it is that it is easy and versatile to make. This also can easily bring in weed into your kitchen. 

Keep in mind that Cannabutter is a butter that is infused with cannabis. It is the same as any other regular butter in the kitchen. It’s just that it has THC level added into the mix. This is also among the easiest ways for you to bring marijuana in the kitchen. Make it easier for yourself. Easily incorporate it into any meal. You’ll just have to substitute the cannabutter for the regular butter. That involves your recipes. One more thing about it is that it can easily medicate your food. 

Below is the step-by-step process to follow when making Cannabutter.

Prepare the Ingredients

Make a potent Cannabutter. Experiment with the cannabis you want to include in your recipe. This way, you will find what it is that works well for you. 

  • One cup of water. Add some more to the mixture.
  • One tablespoon of unsalted butter
  • One ounce of ground cannabis trim or cannabis flower. Also, make use of the remnants in the vaporizer. This is since most of the vaporizers fail in decarboxylating the THC in flower.

Heat the Cannabis On How to Make Cannabutter

After preparing for the complete ingredients, you will now need to activate the flower’s THC levels. This is what is called as the decarboxylation. This is done by first setting the oven and pre-heating it to about 240-degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, place any amount of plant material to use on a baking sheet evenly. Bake it for about forty minutes. Turn the plant material to almost over ten minutes. Wait until finally, the plant material gets crumbly already.

Decide if you will make the cannabutter over a stovetop. Think if it is right to use a slow cooker. Any of which you use will bring about the same result. It is up to you to decide the right method to use. 

Follow the Slow Cooker Method

Turn the slow cooker to a low setting. Add a cup of water and a pound of butter to it. Add the finely-ground cannabis product to a mixture. Cover the slow cooker. Turn the simmer on low. Allow this to last for eight hours. Allow it to simmer for twenty-four hours. When you let it simmer longer, the cannabinoids will infuse more into the right product.

Stir the combination occasionally. Make sure it will not get too hot. Upon doing that, you now can get ready with the next step. But, be sure that the mixture has turned out already to a glossy and thick texture. 

Follow the Stovetop Method

When you cannot do the slow cooker method, follow the stovetop method. In a saucepan or a stockpot, add a cup of water. Also, add a pound of butter and set it to low heat. Let the butter melt. Let it begin to simmer. If the butter looks as if it is scorching, add some more water.

Wait until the butter has melted already. Start adding the finely ground cannabis plant. Turn the heat down after adding the plant material. The heat should just remain low. Allow it to stay in it for 2 to 3 hours. Stir it occasionally. Check the mixture regularly. Ensure it never reaches a complete boil. Once when it becomes a thick and glossy texture, it means to say the mixture is finished already. 

Set Up the Container

Set up the container when you notice that the butter is cooked already. This can be in the form of a plastic food container. Better yet, use a large container or a heatproof bowl. It should be enough to handle the amount of material to work with. Cover the container with 2 cheesecloth layers. Securely hold it in place using a string, tape, or elastic band. 

Strain the Infused Mixture

Strain the infused mixture through the bowl. Be cautious so that you not spill any of the material. Use cheesecloth that catches the plant material. It should avoid it from getting into the final product. 

Undo the tape, string, or elastic if the pan already is empty. Remove the cheesecloth right above the container. Squeeze the cheesecloth out. Ensure to get the needed material into the container. 

Let the Mixture Cool

Allow the mixture to get cool in the container. It should take to about an hour before finally being placed in the refrigerator. When inside the fridge, the mixture’s butter portion should then become solid. It should also rest right above the water. 

Remove the container. Lift the butter layer so that the water is drained completely. Scrape any excess of cooking water with a knife. 

Put the Butter Back in the Container

Wait until the butter gets dry completely. Place it back in the container. Roll it up and then wrap it. It can then be readily added to your favorite recipes. Let it soften at agreeable room temperature. Nevertheless, do not use a microwave so that it is softened. 

How to Make Use of Cannabutter?

Cannabutter is used in almost any recipe. It is the main ingredient in most of the marijuana edibles. There are so far many ways to make use of Cannabutter. There are edible recipes to begin experimenting on your own. Use it as a topping on the butter, pancakes, and cooked vegetables.

Always remember to go slow when deciding to use Cannabutter. Dosing with it can be tricky. Test the cannabutter. Consume only a single serving. Wait for hours to witness how it works well. 


It pays off to think about how to make Cannabutter since it comes with a lot of benefits. It indeed marked itself different from the rest of edibles. Make it without the hassle by following the methods mentioned above. You will, for sure, benefit from it! 

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