How to Make Cannabis Oil At Home

how to make cannabis oil

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With the current surge of making cannabis legal, and decriminalization put on the table to eventually and successfully make it happen, a lot of cannabis aficionados are looking for various ways on how to privately and safely enjoy their consumption. 

Though the common way of using marijuana is through smoking, some use different forms to gain greater high with mouthwatering satisfaction. 

One of the forms of cannabis nowadays that is highly coveted is edibles. But whenever making some edibles, have you ever thought of using cannabis oil instead of the usual oil utilized in cooking? 

In this article, we will talk about how to make cannabis oil. We will discuss some helpful tips and steps, as well as alternatives for you to be able to achieve your cravings’ desire. 

Cannabis Oil at a Glance

Some users regard cannabis oil as a smart way of using marijuana. Instead of utilizing the usual cooking oil that may have some bad effects on the body, cannabis oil has been seen as healthy and includes a lot of benefits. 

One thing that has been considered that is why cannabis oil has reached its popularity is its greater side in consumption. While exhausting the lungs through smoking cannabis, why not eat it by edibles with the help of cannabis oil? 

How to make Cannabis Oil?

In making some cannabis oil, the potency, medical benefits, and high effects it can give to the human body can be managed depending on the CBD and THC levels. Linkage to this, before even beginning the process of making some cannabis oil, the first thing you should do is to choose the right strain.

If you are more into wanting psychoactive effects, look for some strain that is rich in THC. The same thing goes when you want non-psychoactive effects but with loads of medical benefits, you can consider strains with CBD-rich inclusion. 

Things needed:

  • Glass container with lid
  • Two (2) cups of olive oil
  • 25 grams of raw and dried cannabis
  • Time


  1. Prepare for the glass container.
  2. Add 2 cups of olive oil in the container.
  3. Place the 25 grams of raw and dried cannabis.
  4. Let the mixture soften in two weeks.
  5. Make sure that the container is kept in a dark room or place. 
  6. After the given time, cannabis oil should be ready to use. 

Note: Do not remove the excess cannabis particles. In case the oil comes too strong, you can transfer the oil to another glass container and add a little amount of olive oil to even the strongest.  Mix the liquid thoroughly and you can use it after two days. 

Alternative Steps

Let’s face it, other users and wannabe’s can’t wait for two weeks or more to have their cannabis oil. In this section, we will give you some instructions on how to make cannabis oil faster than two weeks. 

Things needed: 

  • Two (2) cooking pot (one should be smaller)
  • Five (5) liters of water
  • Weed grinder
  • 25 grams of raw and dried cannabis
  • Two (2) cups of olive oil
  • Spatula
  • A kitchen thermometer
  • Coffee filter
  • Strainer
  • Container with cover


  1. Prepare the cooking pot and place it on the stove.
  2. Grind the raw cannabis into pieces using the cannabis grinder. 
  3. As soon as your cooking pot and ground cannabis are ready, add the water and let heat up for 5 to 10 minutes. 
  4. Once the water is heated, you can now add the ground cannabis and blend it thoroughly. Low the heat as much as possible and wait for another 10 minutes while mixing the raw cannabis through the water.
  5. After 10 minutes of mixing, you can now strain the mixture to the other cooking pot and boil it again. (Note: This process may take up to 3 boiling sessions)
  6. After the 3rd session per se, you have to strain it again and as much as possible, you have to let as much water drain out from the cannabis. 
  7. The strained cannabis is then needed to be placed in the smaller cooking pot with olive oil. 
  8. Fill the other cooking pot with water and place the smaller cooking pot with cannabis and olive oil on top of it and let it float. 
  9. Start heating the larger cooking pot and let the water boil. For optimal results, you can let the water boil for up to three hours but as much as possible, manage the temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius only. This is where you will use the kitchen thermometer. 
  10. After three hours. Set the smaller pot aside and let it cool down. 
  11. As soon as the pot cooled down, use the coffee filter to strain the cannabis particles from the oil and place the oil in the glass container. Make sure that there will be no cannabis particles slip in this process. 
  12. Your cannabis oil is ready to use. 

Storing tips

While you already have a cannabis oil ready to use, some of it can be used in the future. This is why you should have an idea of how to properly store your cannabis oil to prevent any further issues such as loss of potency. 

In properly storing the cannabis oil, it should be placed out of direct heat and sunlight. Thus, preferred is by placing it in a dark place where no extreme heat is possible but should not be very cold. Room temperature is recommended. 

Ways in Using Cannabis Oil

This section will just be an overview. Some use cannabis oil for cooking edibles. Some users place it under their tongue or what we call sublingual. And others mix it with other food such as salads. 


While making some cannabis oil is very exciting, using it wisely is a thumbs up. Before even using cannabis oil may it be as an additive or for cooking purposes, it is still recommended to test the potency of it before anything else. 

If you have ever thought of cooking some edibles in the future, making cannabis oil is a good start. Not only have you saved your time from the decarboxylation process, but you also saved a lot of effort in making a cannabutter for your cake or any pastry cravings. 

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