How to Make a Mother Marijuana Plant?

how to make a mother marijuana plant

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Planting your marijuana plant conceives several advantages and disadvantages. The good thing about owning a marijuana plant is you won’t be needing to search for future purchases due to the availability of a strain in your garden. Then, there’s the less-hassling procedure of yielding something that isn’t available in the marijuana market like crossing two kinds of the cannabis plant. On the other hand, the mother plant is one way to clone a cannabis strain easily. Sometimes, finding a seed is quite stressful, but with the mother plant, everything is possible. Because of that, growers and even users tend to ask professional on how to make a mother marijuana plant since it’s more convenient to have one than to seek for seeds and clone products in the market.

What is a Mother Marijuana Plant?

A mother marijuana plant or only “Mother Plant” is where clones came. From the moment of its creation down to its whole existence, it remains in a vegetative stage, which means they will not grow into buds, and you won’t be getting anything from it. Hence, it is why it’s a reliable source for clippings to clone a marijuana plant. Note that you cannot cut portions from a plant for cloning if it’s in its flowering stage. 

While it is profoundly advantageous, the downside of having it is the space it will occupy as well as the materials and efforts that growers will have to experience. After all, it’s a hardship to contain a plant from your energy and time in a spacious place that will never produce buds and products. With that, space is highly necessary since the mother plant will need that set-up.

There are two methods when you wish to clone from a mother plant. The first is to take cuttings from a vegetative staging mother plant, which is the sole purpose of having it. The second process is through cutting parts of a mother plant before turning it into flowers. Now, what’s going to happen is that you’ll be growing the next generation of clones from the portions you acquired and re-do the same procedure as production periods follow. Either way, all clones from different methods will yield identical genetics.

What are the benefits of a Mother Marijuana Plant?

Mother Marijuana plant will guarantee growers consistency when it comes to their preferred genetic lineage. Before that happens, growers will need to cultivate a carefully chosen cannabis strain with excellent yields and all the other high qualities a plant should have. The selection process proved to be the most crucial point to make sure you will have an abundant plant in return, equipped with your desired flavors and aroma.

The initial effort you will be pushing from the first period of making your mother plant can be quite a hassle. It would be best if you minded in spacious storage areas where there is excellent ventilation and can be friendly for the needs of your cannabis plant. Also, you can be confident that whatever comes out of your outcomes will be all females, eliminating any future difficulties with male ones. There will also be nutrients that you will need to supply with the necessities to obtain premium growth. All that will only be challenging in the first step because when all the hardships bloom into products ready for cloning, you won’t be needing to buy seeds anymore, which will save you money and time for searching. Aside from that, you also get to clone genetically great plants that are all according to your preferences infused with superior quality, too. 

How to Make a Mother Marijuana Plant?

Before delving into the capabilities of a mother plant, growers will have to know the how’s and practice it with the right attitude and patience. To help you have a more straightforward cloning process, here are the steps you will have to take note when you wish to make your mother marijuana plant.

Step 1: Select and Cultivate

As mentioned before, selecting which strains you will be growing is a vital factor that could affect all your hard works since whatever it is you will be choosing will reflect on the cloned product in the end. This step is indeed a matter of preference, but sometimes you have to look out for things that are necessary to be present in your cannabis. Abundant yield and medical benefits are aspects that you need to take note of because it will soon show up to every cloned outcome. Sizes and aroma will be in your favor, so either you steer clear away from skunky scents and find an appealing trace of fruity, sweet, berry, etc. It doesn’t matter. After choosing the right one, cultivate and plant it all somewhere spacious with excellent airflow and accommodating qualities.

Step 2: Grow and Clone

The second step is purely nurturing requirements, and as a grower, your primary role is to look after your plant like you would any standard plant. In this step, lighting is necessary. However, you will need patience when dealing with the cloning process because you have to ensure that it’s big enough for clippings. Also, certify that it got its precise nutrients to avoid massive failure. On each plant, you can acquire three to four cuttings. When you are confident that your clone is ready to survive by itself, transport it into growth storage under 18 hours of light and take care of it. Each of the four cutting’s results will bring different phenotypes and grow it thoroughly so you can choose which is the best.

Step 3: Select and Try

After selecting which of the clones fits your preferences and expected quality, you can now move on to another essential procedure where you will test and examine if it can tolerate fungi and pest attacks. The set-ups will have to be outside, though, and check it thoroughly every day for approximately twenty days. Another option if you cannot select one is to put all the clones out for the said test and see which are not prone and completely susceptible. This method is a crucial experiment to know if the cloned cannabis plant can survive harsh conditions or a bit fragile to survive for the following long months.

Step 4: Grow a Mother Plant

When you figured out which clone is the sturdiest and exceeds your top expectations, the next step is to grow your mother plant from the clone you have chosen. A reminder that a cannabis plant that is highly resistant to a lot of things is beyond helpful, so we hope you managed to pass those criteria. You will then be needing your chosen clone under apex pruning, which pertains to cutting the top part of the plant. Just do it once to leave sprouts under to grow more. If it’s up for pruning again, you can always do that again until it develops fully. From its sound, cutting, and cutting for every month can be a hassle, but to come and think of it, you will soon experience a rewarding amount of never-ending clones. All will be alright as long as you followed the directions carefully and nurtured your clones well. 

To save you from spending money and efforts, you could try Mother marijuana plant with the methods listed above. Those are the most basic steps, and most experienced growers do it like that, but if you have other procedures, you find more natural to follow, feel free to divert your attention to that. Sure, the materials and struggles are there, but you will have nothing to worry about again in the end.

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