How to Grow Marijuana in your House: Facts Growers Have Never Heard of

how to grow marijuana in your house

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Growing marijuana at the comforts of your own home is one of the convenient ways to possess and consume your own marijuana product. The success of your grow would depend on how much effort are you willing to give for your plants. In this article, learn more about the proper way of growing marijuana at home and its facts that can be helpful.

Steps in Marijuana Growing at Home

  • Start with quality clones or cannabis seeds

If you would start into a healthy and high-quality Blue Diesel clones or seeds, there is a high possibility that you will be growing a successful yield. In choosing for cloning, make sure that the cannabis plant that you are using is healthy and is not infested with pest and different plant diseases. If you would use cannabis seeds, make sure that the ones that you will use have a high germination rate.

  •  Choose a suitable growing environment

Blue Diesel strain can be grown whether indoors or outdoors, in the soil or through hydroponics. Your growing medium should always be applicable to your growing environment. Growing in soil or through hydroponics has its own pros and cons so be sure that you are amenable with the kind of growing medium that you will be used.

  • The use of nutrients accurately 

Make sure to use fertilizer which contains the right ratio of nutrients. Developing quality soil will help the plant fight some destroying environmental factors because it makes the plant resilient. Put the right amount of fertilizer. There are some new plant growers who put a lot of nutrients to the plant. You should avoid overfeeding the plants with nutrients because it may lead to nutrient burn.

  • Do some training techniques

The early phases of the vegetative stage of this strain are the best way to conduct low-stress training to encourage upwards growth. Always be careful in delivering stress training because the stems of this cannabis plant are delicate.

  • Use the best light cycle

The recommended light hours are between 18-20 hours of light per day. It is advisable to pick a light cycle and stick to it to avoid stressing your crop. A 24-hour light cycle is not recommended because it may increase the optimum temperature in the grow room affecting humidity levels.

  • Flush your crop before harvest

This is a technique that you can do before harvest to increase the size and the quality of your yields. Flushing means that you deprive your strain with nutrients and feeding it only with water. In this way, you are able to remove any chemical taste from the cannabis product and it reduces the harshness of smell and taste and it balances the level of potency especially that this strain already produces heavy terpenoids content.

  • Always check your growing temperature

 Day and night temperature greatly affects the growth of a cannabis plant. If there is a high heat, the cannabis plant will lose much water via the leaves faster. Too much heat will stagnate the growth of the cannabis plant because the buds will start to lose their potency.   Too much light also affects the plant especially if you are growing indoors because it serves to bleach out and destroy chlorophyll. 

Facts about Growing Cannabis At Home

  • Transplantation

Transplanting this cannabis strain in all its life phases is not recommended because it may cause complications during the grow cycle but if there’s a need for repotting, make sure to be extra careful and if it is possible to use a clean pot.

  • Overwatering and underwatering

Both under and overwatering is not good for the cannabis plant. If there is too much water intake, there is a possibility that the roots will drown and if there is no or little consumption of water, there is a possibility that the roots and leaves will dry up making it a hard time for the cannabis plant to absorb nutrients.

  • Security & Concealment

Even if the consumption and cultivation of cannabis in your place are legal, it is still important to protect it from thieves or ensure that you’re growing will not be a bother to your neighbors and law enforcement. Keeping you grow in private doesn’t mean that you are doing wrong. 

  • Heat & Ventilation

Your lighting and ventilation system depends on how big your grow is. If your lights emit heat, it is advisable to have ventilation whether a fan or windows to always replace the air in your grow room to have a stable humidity.

  •  Space

If you have a separate grow area in your house, it is advisable for first-time growers to utilize a space with dimensions of 2″x4″x6″ so that it is easier for it to be maintained until you’ll get used to the daily routine of caring for the cannabis plant. Another thing to consider in choosing for a grow space is the height of the cannabis plant, if the size and height are a bit long and bushy it is best for whole room cultivation.

  • Noise & Smell

The noise from your growing equipment and smell from your cannabis plant are the things that you need to consider if you prefer a discrete home growing. You may need to invest in a carbon filter so that you won’t be able to smell cannabis from the outside. With the proper setup of equipment especially through hydroponics, you can reduce the noise. 

  • Electricity

Source of electricity is important to operate your lighting and ventilation equipment just make sure that your electrical circuit has the ability to withstand long hours of operation without short-circuiting.

  • Damages

If you are utilizing a whole grow room to grow, you want to make sure not to cause any damage unless that is just a “garbage” room that you still want to maximize its use. In trying to DIY your grow room, it can’t be avoided to create a mess such as water spills and dirt from the soil that is why it is important to be organized in making your sure that all factors in your grow area are properly maintained.

  • Conducting growing technique at the wrong phase

Avoid conducting cuttings such as trimmings or pruning during the last phase of the flowering stage. This strain is an auto-flowering strain means that it grows quick, when you wound this strain during the flowering stage there is a tendency that it can’t recover before your harvest leading to an unhealthy and low quality yield.

Final Thoughts

Passion and determination are not the only keys to having a successful yield at home. You must be able to follow and understand the different guidelines so as to make you grow a worthwhile experience.

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