How to Grow a Marijuana Plant Inside: Steps on Achieving Effortless Indoor Marijuana Growing

Grow a Marijuana Plant Inside

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The modern people are indeed space-savers, to the point that they are striving to live in a house where Indoor Planting will succeed, maximizing their space and giving off their Carbon Dioxide Emissions the least.

Due to the pressing concerns and growing trend to the rest of Marijuana communities, more and more people have switched from guerilla method to the easier Indoor Gardening. And to make things simpler, here are some steps to consider achieving effortless Indoor Marijuana growing.

The Greater Indoors

Indoor Gardening has been a long practice for many communities around the world. It is a long culture of propagating different root crops, plants, and flowers in your house, especially to the people living in the regions where the four seasons dominate their annual cycle. This useful method of planting can be taken back to the practice of the Ancient Empires in Egypt and Mesopotamia, where their temples, halls, and royal offices are often filled with indoor gardens to give the sense of regal, wealthy, and relaxing ambiance for its visitors.

Nowadays, one of the top groups to apply this method are the Marijuana Users of the countries where Cannabis Seeds are legal for retailing and public use, just like in the Netherlands and Uruguay. The seeds they plant are controversial and needs additional protection against the overwhelming public. Also, there are legal concerns being faced by the rest of the industry, due to their current laws that allow total ban and prohibition of illegal substances and recreational drugs.

These countries have been role models to the rest of the world in developing a sustainable Marijuana Industry due to the seeds that they sell and offer with different and diverse users from their countries and to the rest of the world.

From these countries emerged users with green thumbs that produced great Cannabis seeds and strains by planting indoors.


Points to consider for Your Indoor Planting

Unfortunately, you have to adjust to the given area of space where you can plant and harvest your Marijuana plants. While some have renovated their house just to give enough space for the Marijuana strains to grow, some simply cannot afford it due to the rigidness of their spaces.

Here are some points to consider for Small Indoor Growing:

  • Choose the least important room

Before you start the practice of indoor growing, you have to carefully plan first on what part of your house should be used for your small garden. Always choose the room which is least used with the least things being kept or stored inside. Also, it will be a vital feature for your room if it is tightly enclosed to prevent the unique aroma of your plants to spread out and be smelt by your neighbor.

It is also advisable to use the room which is the most hidden from your visitors, as well as your family members and the other servants if any. It is like putting your money inside a metal vault which is being kept away from the other eyes and attention of the people living with you inside your home. It is also important for Marijuana strains to remain untouched, undisturbed, and peacefully growing with time.

  • Adapt to the room’s dimensions

You have nothing to do about it, let’s face this bittersweet reality of you living in a limited space in an urban community. As soon as you have picked the room which will store the future Marijuana plants of yours, you can now measure its dimensions- the length, width, and height of your room, to check on the possible strains that you can plant inside your space.

Remember, you can’t simply plant your favored strain, if the space that you can provide, will not meet the minimum standards of your favored plant, especially if that is a Sativa-dominant plant.

  • How will you conceive the seeds? Through wet towel? Hydroponics? Traditional soil? 

You have to apply the method of germination which is suitable for that seed. Luckily, there are packages that contain the most effective methods to germinate and nourish your growing seeds.

In the end, it’s your choice that matters. If you will follow the traditional or reliable methods, then surely that those seeds will have higher chances of survival and producing quality plants. If you prefer to create new ways of germination, chances are your plant will grow but may contain different quality in the future.

To clear things well, this tip is not to discourage you in finding new ways and techniques for your plants’ way of cultivation. However, we have to consider being practical and avoid wasting your investment because the seeds you bought in certain shops are not so affordable.

The Steps

As you completed the room planning, let’s get down to the actual steps on how are you able to grow your plants productively.

  • Your pot and soil

Because of your secluded nature, you have to choose a potting soil for your Indoor Gardening.

Potting soil is the mixture of organic compounds which are packed in a pot, meant to be used for plants for indoor settings. These plants have to grow far and relatively controlled exposure from the sunlight and other atmospheric conditions which may affect their growth when placed outside. Because this soil is not exposed outside, it has to be more concentrated to provide good nutrition for the hidden plants.

For the type of soil, you should choose the loamy one. The best and most used type of soil for the plants around the world, loam soil is the balanced mixture of clay, sand, and silt which helps the seed to germinate easier due to the said balance of the three important soils but are extreme.

And for your pot, its size must be good enough for a single seed to grow independently and without competition within its holder. Placing two or more plants in the same soil may eventually lead to their death due to the lacking nutrition in the soil because of their non-stop absorption which drains the soil and creates a harmful environment for the planted seeds.

  • Your light

Every plant needs a source for its badly important photosynthesis. With its absence, a plant may not last long and will immediately kill it.

To make your indoor planting successful, you have to give an adequate lighting system for your baby plants. The artificial lights that you will give them may affect their growth in the long run- either good or bad.

Your LED or Light-emitting Diode Lights should match with that type of Cannabis Strain are you going to cultivate. Some strains grow in darker places or in regions where the sun does not shine for a long period. On the other hand, some strains prefer illuminated brightly like those wild sunflowers facing the sun every morning.

This means that as you choose your LED Lights, you should have done researches related to this concern. Your LED light should adapt with your plant and not your plant will adapt with your given light, or else, it will simply wither and die.

  • Your air

Ventilation is an important factor for making your Indoor Gardening create a resounding success, even if you only have a small room for growth. It is in the air that the plants inhale the carbon dioxide emissions and exhale the oxygen gas that we all humans need.

Suffocating your plant may result in physical deformities that will affect the potency of your strain permanently. It is like a child that has been diagnosed with a serious illness that cannot be healed without the scar of what it had gone through.

Now that you know this thing, you have to give a good ventilation system for your plants and let them breathe freely, without the struggle to grow normally due to the shortage of carbon dioxide in the air, as well as its room temperature and local climate in your region.

  • Your water

We all know that plants are primarily getting their nutrition from the soils through liquid absorption from the waters.

Absorption is a chemical phase of molecules and atomic particles entering either liquid or solid materials. This process has been in effect since the foundation of life started on this planet. In the field of botany, this is where the plants gain their needed nutrition through their roots that take the important minerals which they can use for further growth and development.

The medium of this nutrition is the water. It is the universal solvent that can penetrate the permeable yet unique structure of the soils. From these soils, the roots of a plant will filter the presence of liquid nutrition through its internal structure that easily filters everything and is absorbed by the entirety of the plant.

Aside from water, it also gains an important factor in creating food through the sunlight. This is the photosynthesis.

Consider that your plant is like someone eating that needs something to drink with and avoid deadly choking. If you have failed to look for water, you may end up catching for air and die in an instant. Though immediate death may not happen to your plant, this shortage in water will permanently damage your strain and may sustain lesser quality than what your friends have.

  • Your nutrition

Your plant will not survive with water alone. It has to be filled with the nutrients that every plant need for their growth. Remember that there are 13 nutrients and minerals required for the entire process of developing a good Marijuana plant.

Nitrogen helps the plant to develop strong leaves. Phosphorus helps the roots and flower to grow. Potassium assists in retaining effective water absorption and strengthens the body frame of your plant.

Magnesium is responsible for making your Marijuana plants develop its color. Sulfur contributes to making your plant defended and strong from diseases and molds. Lastly, Calcium helps to create strong cell walls within your Marijuana plants.

Consider what others will tell you

Do not hesitate to learn from those experienced growers! Like you, they were newbies in this industry too! Think of what makes them successful- is it their green thumbs alone? It’s their ability to listen and digest others’ words as well. 

You may have been eager to plant but the processes it has to go in the long run may snap your patience from time to time, and this is where the pieces of advice from more experienced people is courteously considered.

Cannabis Industry is not just your ordinary Economic Group formed by Men in Black Coats placed with distinct ties and glasses to formalize everything. It is a thriving community of people seeking help with Nature, with Science, and most especially, with one another. It’s like the LGBT Community where the primary call they heed for the world is acceptance.


Now that we have laid before you some suggestions in growing your plants in your home, it will all lead to your final decisions whether to consider these things or not. Cannabis Seeds are as vulnerable as you can imagine.

Your Marijuana Plants have to go so many stages and overcome challenges from time to time. These events will surely test the integrity of your plant structure, together with their immunity against different circumstances, especially the changing climate. Unfortunately, you cannot manipulate the outcome of what will happen to your plant, but things may change for the better if you have successfully provided the needs of your plants before their flowering cycle ends.

Be ready to commit yourself in this path towards the first floral blooms of your Cannabis Plant. You should prepare your entirety with the different challenges that you have to face before successfully growing an outstanding Marijuana plant.

In the end, nobody will benefit or suffer with the Cannabis Seeds that you want to grow, if you follow the laws and consider the external forces surrounding you and your baby seeds.

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