Tips on How to Get Really High on Weed

how to get high on weed

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Marijuana is known to cause a lot of effects on the human mind and body. It delivers a powerful high that is good enough to produce a euphoric effect that calms the body and soul. While many have encountered a very enjoyable experience with consuming weed, there are still others who want to boost the intensity of each hit. As a seasoned user of cannabis, you might be asking how to get high on weed.

Cannabis consumption can lead to an increase in tolerance with its properties such as THC. The more you get exposed to these compounds, the more your body can withstand its effects and you begin to build tolerance from its effects. This can diminish the high you are supposed to get from a certain strain. This is also the reason why smoking weed for the first time is very different from smoking the same kind of weed for consecutive weeks.

When this happens, there are some things that you can still do to intensify your overall experience with consuming weed.

How To Get High On Weed

1. Exercise

Exercise and general healthy well-being will keep your body ready to absorb that precious THC. Body fat absorbs and stores THC which diminishes the effects of the cannabinoids from marijuana. Reducing your body fat will help keep you healthy. Exercise, proper diet, and a change in lifestyle will do wonders for your body with or without cannabis consumption.

2. Eating the right kind of food

Speaking of diet, apart from doing healthy activities like exercise, you will also need to choose a certain kind of food that will enhance your overall experience when you smoke weed. It is best to eat this food before or while you are consuming marijuana as well.

There are a lot of food sources that increase the effects of marijuana exponentially. Dark chocolate is known to slow down the breakdown process of anandamide which extends the duration of the high from cannabis. Mango is also known to enhance the effects of THC by breaking the blood-brain barrier faster. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids also help with the efficient absorption of the cannabinoids in the body’s endocannabinoid system. Green tea has catechin which is known to bind with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain thus extending and increasing the intensity of the effects of cannabis.

3. Try other strains

Your body develops a tolerance for a certain kind of weed when you keep on using the same strain for long periods. Try to change or try out other strains and see if they have the same or a more intense impact on you. Try to rotate between two or three different strains from time to time and see which one suits you best and produces the best experience for you.

By trying out other strains, you also get to encounter different flavors and potency that you may like. Check out your local dispensary and see if you have a good source of weed that you like that has more potent effects than the ones you are using right now. The best thing that you can do is to try out different strains until you find that truly suits your taste.

4. Change your routine

Speaking of changing your preferred strains of marijuana, you can also try to change the way you consume weed. If you find yourself consuming too much weed at a certain amount of time, try to hold back for a while and let your body adjust first so that you can control the way your body reacts to the effects of marijuana.

Try to change the way you consume your weed. For example, if you are used to smoking weed early in the morning, try to do so later in the day or at noon during your lunchbreak and see if it hits you harder than when you do it in the morning. Trick your mind by changing the way it anticipates the effects of cannabis.

5. Proper storage

You might notice that as time goes by, you begin to develop a tolerance for weed but there are also times that it just does not seem enough. It could be that the weed you have in your home might not be properly stored. If you are using a plastic container to store your weed, change it to a glass container. Plastic tends to diminish the THC from your stash. If you are worried about humidity and moisture from the container, throw in a few pieces of orange or lemon peel to absorb all the moisture from the container together with your weed for at least a few hours. This will extend the shelf life of your weed and avoid moisture buildup as well as increasing the humidity within your container.

6. Double the concentration

If you begin to feel that smoking weed is not what it used to be, maybe it is time for you to either increase the potency or change how you consume weed. Instead, why not try both at the same time. You can try different ways of consuming weed through dabbing or through edibles. Take note that these methods produce a different reaction to your body. Most edibles tend to take effect after an hour however, the effects mostly last within the day. Dabbing usually uses high concentrations of THC and takes effect almost immediately. This sudden increase in THC should be what you’re after but be careful with constant use of dabbing or run the risk of developing tolerance from it.

One of the best things that you can do on how to get high on weed is to simply take a break. Spend some time focusing on exercise and your overall health before getting back to smoking weed. Your body will also need time to rest and recuperate from the extensive use of cannabis. Let your body get some time to be free from marijuana. By the time you get back, you will have a different experience altogether. It would almost feel like you have done it the first time.

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