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Come Down Weed High

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As more and more people are using marijuana thanks to its legalization, we’re expecting stoners will soon take over your favorite marijuana shop. While they are sure to give you the experience you want, one might feel some adverse effects of smoking marijuana because inadvertently consumed lots of it. That’s why for beginners as well as veterans, it is important to know to come from weed high.

Although you can’t seriously overdose in Marijuana, having a bad high can extremely be a very uncomfortable feeling to have. Using too much cannabis may induce lethargic feelings, paranoia, anxiety, and many more. That’s why when you overdose yourself accidentally and want to come down from that high, that’s where these helpful tips kick in on how to come down from weed high.

Fortunately for smokers, there are some ways and variations on how to come down from a weed high. If you find yourself in these types of situations, they might as well try these helpful tips we have!

Best Ways on How to Come Down from Weed Hig

1. Settle Down and Don’t Panic!

If you’ve accidentally caused yourself to overdose on Marijuana, it is the best idea not to drag the experience over. It would be wise to settle down, relax, and don’t panic. While it may sound simple, the way you can calm your mind and be relaxed would tremendously help. Letting yourself into a more panicked state can only induce further anxiety and paranoia whereas you relax your mind and refocus yourself could very well be the best choice to go down from weed high.

Although this is easier said than done, dealing with side effects of too much cannabis use can trigger a lot of factors. It may be hard to relax but it’s the only choice you have. There are many ways on how to go about this, one way is keeping yourself well-ventilated, free-flowing air that touches your body gives us that calming feeling whereas if there’s no ventilation we tend to sweat a lot and this might not help you at all.

Also, the other way to keep you refocused and relaxed is simply through breathing. Not only does breathing gives you a sense of well-being but it also increases blood flow, causing you to come down faster than expected. Keep in mind there are also environmental factors to come down from high, this is especially true if you are having a hard time being relax when you are with a group, go somewhere that is private and gives plenty of air, these types of the surrounding will give you a better view on what you are dealing and how to cope up with it.

2. Drink water, Lots of it!

Another best thing to do to come down from high is drinking lots and lots of water. Drinking lots of water can result in flushing down weed out of your system quicker than expected. It can also help counteract the adverse effects of a bad high.

Dry mouth and cottonmouth are two of the most common adverse effects of smoking too much marijuana. If you are planning to smoke Marijuana, it would be wise to drink and rehydrate water before hitting up the ganja. A well-hydrated body will avoid dehydration when smoking too much marijuana. Plus, it may also minimize adverse effects and neutralize some other effects of marijuana.

Keeping hydrated for long periods can be beneficial for you as it can avoid other potential side effects such as nausea, headache, and migraine. I highly recommend avoiding caffeinated drinks and liquids that are high in taurine, they’ll do you no good when you are planning to take a hit of marijuana.

3. Take a Walk

Sometimes, the best way to come down from high is by walking. Walking through different directions and letting that breeze slap in your body can help you feel refocused and sharp. The scent of the air can also lift your mood rather than in your room where the smoke of Marijuana is still lingering. Fresh air and cardiovascular activities are some good ways on how to come down from weed high.

From a mental aspect, standing outside can give you a brighter point of view and the feeling of being relaxed, the sight you see could help you hold to things rather than panic and do something hasty just to come down from a high. Just being outside makes you feel mentally refreshed and stable.

There are also physical benefits when walking or doing a jog when high, it tends to burn away energy helping you feel more tired and relaxed so you can doze off your weed high. Getting some mild physical activity can help you minimize blood pressure, and sweat out some of that bad stuff from your system.

4. Refresh! Take a bath

Another simple way on how to come down from a weed high is by taking a nice warm bath. Taking a refreshing bath can help you mentally and physically relax on your own. It can also help eliminate some of that weed smell from your body and hair.

A refreshing bath is a good way to help you with some relief and relaxation inside the bathroom. When these effects kick in, it has the potential to help you come down from weed high. The relaxing effects brought upon by showering can also help reduce anxiety and paranoia, both of which are intensified when you are having a bad high.

As simple as it may seem, taking a bath is by far one of the best ways to come down from a weed high. Make sure that you take a warm bath or submerge yourself in the tub with warm water.


Getting a bad high can give you lots of discomfort and unpleasant feelings. That’s why for smokers, it is important to know how to come down from weed high. If that happens, then you are sure to know what are the things you could do to ease up your high.

Lastly, we should limit ourselves from using cannabis. Sometimes, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Remember to always smoke in moderation. Never get too hyped up on smoking loads of these, you may not want to deal with those adverse effects.

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