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Clone Marijuana

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Cloning is a way to cultivate your Marijuana and maintain their great traits. However, if you don’t know how to clone Marijuana, it may be difficult for you, and most importantly, where to begin. Cloning marijuana plants may sound like a mad scientist’s experiment but it’s not.

Luckily, Cloning Marijuana can be done in the comfort of your own home. In this article, we’ll teach you how to clone marijuana and what can you benefit from it. Plus, we’ll give you some general guidelines on how to clone marijuana to give you a successful outcome.

Why Clone Marijuana Plants?

There are two ways to reproduce Marijuana plants. The old and traditional way is by pollinating female plants to male plants. In general, traditional reproduction of cannabis plants should start from seed growth, germinate them, sex them out, and continue cultivating them.

Seeds are created by mating a male and female plant through pollination. After the pollination process is done, females will produce seeds exhibiting both genes of the parents. Breeding male and female plants will give you a hybrid plant

The other way of reproducing cannabis plants is through cloning, or commonly known as asexual reproduction. A clone is a cutting from the mother plant, this means that they are genetically identical to its mother’s parent.

What cloning does is create the same replicas from the mother plant. Because the genes are of the same with the mother, the cloned plant will give you the same characteristics as the mother plant, such genes will be inherited like, terpenes, flavors, growth profiles, grow, yield, and all sorts. So, one good thing about cloning is that when you’ve found a favorite strain, the one that you like because of its genes and all its features, you might want to clone it to achieve the desirable feature you are after

With cloning, you don’t need to buy new seeds for your new cultivation. You just need cutting from the mother plant, you don’t need their seeds nor go through the normal process of reproducing plants. Cloning will save you lots of time and space, both of which will limit your money spending.

How to Clone Marijuana plant?

You don’t professional expertise to clone a cannabis plant. But there are some other benefits when you are an expert in cloning marijuana plants. In general, cloning cannabis plants are quite an easy, simple, and straightforward thing to do. If you’ve found your ideal cannabis plant to grow, then they can be a good cloning material. Always remember that every cannabis plant can be cloned, as long as it has your desired traits and feature, then you are good to go!

Things you’ll need:

  • Cannabis mother plant
  • Scissors or anything that can cut your clone.
  • Starter cubes
  • Rooting hormones.

When choosing the perfect mother plant, be sure it is hardy, healthy and a strong plant to copy. If you are cultivating indoors, grow your clone indoors as well, the same goes for outdoor cultivation. 

This will prevent you from going in and out of your house to check if something is going on.

To maximize root growth, I highly recommend opting for the starter cubes. Starter cubes have micronutrients beneficial for your clone. Rooting hormones are good in promoting root growth as well. They are relatively available in powder or gel form. Use as prescribed in the instructions.

Here are some of the General Steps on how to Clone Marijuana


Step 1 – Once you’ve picked your perfect mother plant for your cloning needs, clean your scissors, or any cutting object before chopping. This eliminates any unwanted chemicals or bad materials from seeping in your cuttings

Step 2 – Get your cut. When choosing where to cut, always aim for new growths that are branching out. Once you’ve seen new growths from the cannabis plant, cut-off a piece of that new growth at a 45-degree angle. As a general rule for cloning, make sure that your cutting is around 4-8 inches in height.

Step 3 – When you already have your cut, get your root hormones, and follow the instruction on where you should apply the powder or gel. Although some growers don’t use root hormones, however – using it will aide your root growth faster than one would expect.

Step 4 – apply the rooting hormone in your clone and place your clone onto the starter cube. Be sure to always read the starter cube’s instructions before diving in straight. You might want to review things beforehand.

Step 5 – Clones should be ready around 2 weeks or may take even longer. However, you’ll know that time is ready to transplant the clones when the roots start showing or protruding from the starter cube.

How to Choose the Best Mother Plant?

When selecting the mother plant, you would eventually know that by all the traits it possesses. Remember that these mother plants are the same result you will be getting from your cloning. Be sure that the mother plants are in their vegetative state. A vegetative state is around 8 to 9 weeks before they can be trimmed down and cut off.

It is also important to prepare your mother plants before cloning. To prepare your plant, be sure to not give them nutrients a few days before you are going to cut them off. This will help remove some of the nitrogen left in the leaves that can increase the possibility of your cuttings taking root. In plants, too much nitrogen in the plants would think that they will need to continue their vegetative growth rather than growing new roots.


Cloning marijuana is easy and simple to do as long as you have all the necessary tools and cannabis. That’s why for growers and smokers who want to clone marijuana, they need to know the basic steps on how to clone marijuana.

Lastly, cloning marijuana is the perfect method if you have endeared yourself to a specific marijuana strain. Cloning will give them a new birth of good genes to show for. Remember that growing Marijuana is just like growing normal plants, it takes care and attention to have them grow successfully.

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