How Long Does it take a Marijuana Seed to Grow?

how long does it take to grow marijuana

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Now that you have picked the desired marijuana strain you want, the next step to growing your marijuana seeds is to choose where to grow them. Marijuana has the ability to thrive in both outdoor and indoor settings, but they have their advantages and disadvantages. Learn how long does it take to grow marijuana.

Indoor growing – growing indoors gives you the ability to control the environment where your marijuana seeds are grown. You can tailor-fit your grow setup depending on your marijuana strain and the amount of yield you desire to have with the use of grow lights and climate control systems. You can grow your plants in an extra room, cabinet, tent, or even a closet. Just make sure that your growing location is always sanitized and is easy to maintain to prevent possible pests, molds, and diseases.

Outdoor growing – growing outdoors is relatively low-maintenance and cheap. Technically, all you need is the sun, soil, water, and fertilizers to get you started. Growing outdoors also means that you can freely let your marijuana plants grow as tall as they can to reward you with bigger yields. Trimming the leaves and branches may be required from time to time so to manage the plant’s shape and growth. It is important to keep your plants inconspicuous to avoid trouble.

Pick your Growing Medium

Now that you have chosen your seeds and growing location, the third thing you need to consider is your growing medium. There are practically two ways to grow your seeds.

Soil – when growing your seeds with soil, you first need to have good quality containers such as pots. An organic pre-fertilized potting soil, or super soil, is then your best bet to grow your marijuana seeds from beginning to end without having to add more nutrients. Conversely, using regular soil mixed with liquid nutrients is also a plausible inexpensive option.

Hydroponics – when growing your seeds with a hydroponic setup, you will need a good quality tank or container. A mix of water and mineral salt nutrients is then needed to feed the roots of your marijuana plant for them to grow faster and yield higher.

Secure your Equipment

Now that you have your seeds, growing location, and a growing medium, you now have to decide on the equipment or resources you need to properly grow your marijuana plants. While outdoor growing does not necessarily require equipment, they do need the proper soil, enough amount of water consumption, and fertilizer to properly grow. Researching on the optimal practices for growing your specific marijuana seeds outdoors is critical to its growth and yield production.

On the other hand, growing your marijuana seeds indoors require the proper equipment to effectively cultivate them into high-yielding plants. Grow lights and a climate control system are the top two things you need to have.

Grow lights – when it comes to the grow lights, the type that you will be using controls the temperature of your grow station. The quality and capability of your grow lights greatly affect the quality and quantity of the yield of your plants. Choosing the best kind of lighting within your budget will make all the difference. Induction grow lights, fluorescent grow lights, MH/HPS lights, LEDs, and HID lights are the most common types used by growers. They all have various benefits and price ranges that you can choose from.

Climate control system – because you are growing your marijuana seeds in an enclosed area, your plants do not necessarily have proper CO2 and airflow access which is needed for the marijuana plant’s photosynthesis. An exhaust fan and a filtered air inlet will allow a good airflow in your growing location.
Automating your equipment is not only important but also hassle-free. Your marijuana plants need to grow at a certain cycle, temperature, and humidity level so automating your grow lights and climate control system will make sure that your seeds are kept in optimal conditions.

Select your Growing Methods

Now that you have your marijuana seeds, chosen your growing location, and secured your equipment, the last step is to select the growing method that you will apply. There are mainly three (3) kinds of growing methods that are applied by all cultivator types to potentially increase the size and quality of the plant’s yield as well as speed up the flowering process.

Bending and securing technique – without destroying the stems, this technique entails bending and then securing the stems of the cannabis plant’s in place by weaving them in and around a screen or net, or with pipe cleaners. This technique trains the plant to grow in a flat and broad fashion to give the buds equal access to the light source, allowing them to produce multiple colas. Low-stress training (LST), super cropping, and screen of green (ScrOG) are the most common bending and securing growing techniques applied by growers.

Damaging or removing – removing a part of the marijuana seed or plant is needed for this technique for them to produce multiple colas, hasten their growth, and boost their yields. Topping, FIMing, manifolding, and defoliating are a few of the common damaging and removing techniques used by cultivators.

Manipulating the timeline – training the buds for them to have direct and equal access to the light source needed for this technique so that the plants can produce a larger harvest. 12-12 from seed and sea of green (SOG) are two of the most common timeline manipulating techniques applied by cultivators and growers alike.

Now that you have enough knowledge of the type of strains, growing location, growing medium and growing techniques, you will be able to decide on which path to take for you to grow your marijuana seeds into fast-growing, high-yielding plants. Good luck!

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