How Long Does it Take to Grow a Marijuana Plant: Useful Guide for Growers

Long Does it Take to Grow a Marijuana

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How long does it take to grow a marijuana plant? This is one of the many questions which most first-time growers often ask. The growing time varies from one kind of strain to another. You must always apply the right and proper care to be sure that you will get the best results. You will find different kinds of supplies and even proper care tips that will help you attain the results you desire for your marijuana plants. 

How Long Does it Take to Grow a Marijuana Plant?



Germination is distinct as the stage and procedure concluded which the seed variations from a seed to a sprout.

If you’re mounting cuttings, then the sprouting stage is identified as the cloning and digging stage.

Propagation methods are changing in technique, though the one we incline to use the furthermost and is the most suggested includes moist kitchen paper as a base for the spores; several individuals use further approaches, like moist cotton, directly into the dirt or a jiffy, or in liquid.

Some cultivators even use sprouting stimulators that toil with the seed’s preliminary breakdown and decrease the propagation period to around a day in the utmost cases.

Time is comparative. It will be contingent not just on the strain, nevertheless the real class of the seed itself. Some decisive features are the stage of the seed, how productive it is and how it has been reserved.

Saplings incline to take about 24-72 hours to bud, though from time to time it can take 5 days and in risky cases, it can take equal to 15 days. Make certain to pay consideration to the liquid and moisture situations, in addition to the temperature which must be at about 21-24ºC.

Development Period

This is likewise named the vegetative stage. It’s the foremost period of development that your plant will go concluded, and perhaps the most significant.

After handling to grow your sapling to bud and relocating it (into the dirt or a jiffy), the development period starts. Just like the designation declares, your plants will produce the utmost it’s ever going to produce and bounce in the air throughout this stage, letting it get the precise form and scope to continue to the next phase; blossoming.

Like many of you perhaps previously distinguish, your florae will need additional light throughout the development stage than any other point. Usually, 18 periods of light and 6 periods of darkness are suggested per day. A good balance between light and dark is the main component of a fruitful development stage. The light is perceptibly very vital as much as photosynthesis, nonetheless those periods of darkness are extremely significant as well, as throughout that period there’s an exchange of indispensable foundations in your plants’ breakdowns.

This stage will take more or less period contingent on the seed, strain and mounting technique. Autoflowering plants will be considerably quicker than feminized plants in addition to indoor harvests that are usually much quicker than outdoor harvests. Likewise, if you use a more solid light your yields will commonly produce earlier than those with less controlling bulbs.

It’s tough to place a number on how extended the development period takes because of ecological and outside issues (nourishments and the cultivator’s knowhow) that can delay with yields. Usually, indoors autoflowering plants take around 3 or 4 weeks (21 to 25 days) in addition to about 6 to 8 weeks, perhaps more, for feminized strains.

Outdoors consistent and feminized seeds have a propensity to take around 8 to 9 weeks, nevertheless, by growing indoors you can mess around with the controls to make them start peak earlier.


This is your cannabis shrubs’ previous stage. When it begins will be contingent clearly on the development period, nonetheless, the plant must likewise have the essential physiognomies advanced to let it produce buds.

This means that from time to time, a month after propagation your plant might still appear feeble or minor, which means that you’ll consume to let it last its development stage for more time.

It’s likewise important to remember that autoflowering strains will bud at their impulse; you’ll need to change the light period once they start showing signs. However, seasonal seeds will need to be added into the flowering stage by an alteration in the light stage. To be meticulous, you’ll require to change them to a 12/12h light stage which tempts your florae into the flowering stage.

I know we supposed that the development stage’s control was comparative, nonetheless factual comparative is how extended a peak period can take. There are no instructions separately from certain ones discoursed by seed banks regarding their strains, even though in utmost cases these guidelines are just strategies.

The significant thing to bear in mind when trying to understand when the flowering period is approaching an end and you require to rinse out the roots is how the sprouts look. Though times quantified by seed banks can provide you a universal idea, the greatest technique to discover is to watch your sprout cultivate till they’re repressed in pistils.

As soon as they’ve established that fair, the crop period will be designated by the maturity and reaction of the pistils in addition to trichomes, which developed that nice yellowish-brown/honey color.

Indoors, autoflowering strains will usually surface up at about 8 weeks of the peak, and feminized forms can take lengthier contingent on the development period, and it’s standard for them to take wherever between 10 to 12 weeks, and in a lot of cases all the more.

Rendering to these approximations, marijuana takes around three months to produce wholly for autoflowering forms, and four to five or additional months for feminized strains contingent on harvest technique and knowhow. Don’t overlook that ventilation and preservation will take a month or two more.


It is a must that you fully understand How Long Does it Take to Grow a Marijuana Plant. This way, you will be able to adapt and apply the right method that will help them flourish even more.

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