10 of the Highest Yielding Marijuana Strains in the World

highest yielding marijuana strains

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When it comes to producing marijuana, there is simply one aim, and that is to get a big yield. No matter what sort of grower you are, your goal to begin growing marijuana is always to end up with a large yield. They say that yields are controlled by how you manage your plant while growing. But, the first key will always be placed on the type of marijuana strain you are growing. There is a list of all the highest yielding marijuana strains you can try to make sure you have the yields you are looking for. Thus, getting the right strain and giving it proper care is the key to getting a successful and big yield.

Marijuana strains differ, mainly because of what family the strain is from. Some strains grow as big and as wide as they can be, while some stay small and good until harvest. The biggest challenge of a first-time grower is to know and decide which type of strain to use. Some strains need special needs and extra care, while some can manage on their own. It is promptly up to you to determine which values the greatest. But if you are planning for the best yield of your life, here are the ten of the highest yielding marijuana strains in the world.

Ten Highest Yielding Marijuana Strains

Check this list of the ten highest yielding marijuana strain and plan your next growing season. These will surely give you the best yield you’ve been dreaming out. Known and advises by expert growers, you can never go wrong with these. 

  1. Super Skunk

The Super Skunk marijuana strain is an example of the highest yielding marijuana strains. It is a hybrid plant with Skunk 1 and Afghani combined, and it leans mostly into Indica. It is pumped up with the Skunk’s stench still clinging vigorously. This strain will grow abundantly even with any type of growing set up; by the outdoor or indoor method and even hydroponics.  

This plant will absorb and require a lot of heat and light, as well as good nutrients to support the great harvest you will get in the end. With this strain, you can get as much as two kilos of yield for outdoor planting and a seven hundred gram per square meter in an indoor setting. It has a stinky taste and odor. This is a good strain and a must-try.

  1. Super Silver Haze

Known as the King of Sativa, the Super Silver Haze gained recognition from winning the High time Cannabis Cups three times consecutively. The Sativa-dominant marijuana strain is a hybrid, with the genetic combination of Northern Lights 5, Skunk 1, and Original Haze. When cultivating this type of strain, you need to recognize that is a delicate strain particularly when it comes to nutrient and growth. It can grow as big as you want it too but don’t overfeed it. 

This may not be a nice strain to try if you are a beginner. Since this strain can grow as tall as it could, doing the SCROG method will help you control it, and maximize its potential yield. Once cultivated right, you can get as much as two kilos of harvest per plant regardless of the growing set-up whether outdoors or indoors. It has a spicy yet citrusy skunky taste. The sweet taste will give you the energy you want.

  1. Northern Lights X Big Bud

Northern lights x Big buds strains are another example of the highest yielding marijuana strains available. This is not surprising since the two marijuana, Northern lights, and Big bus, strains are considered as abundant yielding strains. Though this is an Indica-dominant hybrid, it can grow like Sativa and has a fast flowering growth like an Indica. The strain works well when grown indoors. Physically, the plant will have thick stems and good-looking green leaves. When planting outdoors, better do it when the climate gets dry, so preferably summer. No need to worry since they are resistant to a dry and hot climate. Consider topping the grown plant to get as many colas as you can. It is easy to grow and it grows fast. This strain also has a very strong smell that resembles the skunky taste of grapefruit. For a whole lot of better yield consider pruning and giving low-stress training.  

  1. Big Bud

The Big Bud alone is considered one of the highest yielding marijuana strains in town. They will grow well, but won’t grow too big. The most growth is seen during the flowering stage. They best thrive in a warm climate, especially when grown outdoors. This strain is widely acclaimed since the 1980s and still holds its place after long years. While their buds mature, they can’t get too big and too heavy, so you must make some support for them. They have a sweet and hash flavor, but they are subtle. When taking this strain, you may feel drowsy and have red eyes.

  1. Power Plant

The power plant is part of the classic and timeless marijuana strain which continues to bring top-quality yields. This strain works well in warm areas and grown in an indoor setting. It can reach a minimum of three feet and a maximum of five. It grows fast and in a couple of months, you will get a nice cut of yields. It has this spicy taste, combined with a sweet orange which is best to consume any time of the day.

  1. Master Kush x Sunk

The Master Kush x Sunk strains are likewise the highest yielding marijuana strains available. It strives well indoors or outdoors grows. The plant reacts well, even when you feed it heavily. Since this can grow well, there is a need for the branches to get supported or they might snap because of the heavy buds they produce. You can get as many as six hundred grams per square meter. This strain is known for having a sweet-smelling bud but will give you a high potency for a good trip.

  1. Chocolope

The Chocolope marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant strain and has a high level of THC contents which can reach up to nineteen percent. The same goes for its CBD compounds. They can grow as tall as they could, but they are still great for growing indoors. The taste would include a woody and earthy flavor, with a touch of coffee. That is why this strain while giving your brain the kick that stimulates high brain activity and creativity. This strain is mostly used for migraines and some psychological disorders.

  1. Amnesia Haze

When looking for the highest yielding marijuana strains you can grow all around the year, no matter what month you choose, get the Amnesia Haze. It’s a good medium-sized plant that will give a great day of yield. It’s a Sativa-dominant plant with an impressive amount of THC content which is as high as twenty-one percent. This is likewise the best strain to choose especially for beginner growers since it’s manageable and easy to grow. Though mostly has a medium size, this strain can furthermore reach taller heights, but may not be as tall as other monstrous strains. This is a good strain for any recreational user since the hit comes as quickly as ten minutes. 

  1. Gold Leaf

If you want the highest yielding marijuana strains plus a good amount of THC content, then the Gold Leaf is one of the best selections. This strain is likewise one of the staple choices of every grower since this offers a lot of excellent points. The strain is an Indica-dominant marijuana plant. Like the Amnesia Haze, it has an impressive amount of THC content at twenty-one percent. This strain has high CBD content for medical use as well. Stress, anxiety, and insomnia are some of the cases you can treat with the Gold Leaf marijuana strain. Once you take this, you are in a euphoric journey. Because of the high THC content, you will get a swift but relaxed high.

  1. Sour Diesel

The Sour Diesel strain is the same as the Gold Lead strain when it comes to physical attributes. Both marijuana strains can grow since they can grow as tall as seventy-one inches so, it’s assured to give the highest yield possible. However, Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant plant and has an eighteen percent THC content which falls short of three percent from the Gold Leaf strain. The CBD content also is at a medium level. The name reveals how the strain taste. It has a lime smell with the taste of fuel. Unlike other Sativa-dominant plants, this strain won’t get you paranoia but will provide energy for you to be outgoing and sociable enough.


These different highest yielding marijuana strains will surely give you the amount of yield you aspire to get in your next harvest. Still, whatever you choose, the strain you use is only half of the equation. The other half is how you take good care of your plant. Getting high yield means taking good care of your marijuana plant. Mastering the basic techniques will help you in keeping the plant healthy and strong for the best yield.  That’s the only way to harvest as much as you can. 

These different highest yielding marijuana strains differ, so you must know how to take care of their needs. Their demands will be different; thus, you must keep up with it. Research well and ask questions if needed. Let yourself learn the right way of growing them. So, have a fun time choosing between the highest yielding marijuana strains, and good luck for your next planting season.

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