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If you’re researching the difference between Haze vs. Kush, then you’re in the right place. You’ll learn more in this article; however, it’s essential to know the impact that plant lineages contribute with your cannabis experience. Cannabis strains do have a long, continuous, and celebrated prehistory.

Most of the well-known strains people are smoking today notice either Haze or Kush at the end of their titles, which means that they bank on one variety or another as a parental.

The satisfaction of smoking a specific strain extends well further its name yet, and every lineage of strains provides their fulfilling experience. Read on to learn more about Haze vs. Kush!

The Wide Gap within Haze vs. Kush

While two famous cannabis names are at the top, that does not mean they’re the same class of great. Although both are popular for their strength and perfect taste, the two kinds vary primarily in their aroma, look, and the effects of feeling high or stoned.

One primary method to distinguish Haze vs. Kush is that Haze is a predominantly Sativa variety, while Kush is an Indica-rich subgroup.

Cannabis strains with a gentle fragrance, brighter yellow-green look, and their excellent “cerebral high” are known as Sativa-rich strains, whereas those varieties that are darker, more vibrant type, sharp, richer fragrances, with a more sluggish “body high.”

The terms “Haze” and “Kush” are often misused in trying to make a lower quality strain more attractive, so identify your source, and admire every strain on its value.

Background History

Both cannabis strains rich history of the fantastic practice of marijuana farming and both convey the knowledge of many green fingers forward in crossbreed after crossbreed that brags their name.

“Haze” has risen to fame in Northern California during the same period. Haze’s long flowering period slackened its initial introduction, and bud was almost nonexistent in the 1980s. But then a few of the Haze seeds has worked its way to the Netherlands, right in the hands of Neville Schoenmakers, a cannabis seed banker who crisscross them to become the Sativa celebrity and well-loved they are today.

On the other hand, the “Kush” name is from the Hindu Kush Mountains, which expands through India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, where the bud developed as a local landrace plant. Although in 1970, it was introduced to the US, where it rapidly has grown popularity with breeders and users alike.

Savor the Greatness

Every time the smoker inhales and blows off, it offers the consumer a great experience as for the flavor of every cannabis strain. Both varieties brag unique characteristics. The Haze cannabis strains taste “livelier”; they’re claimed to possess earthy-sweet lemon profiles with almost a delicious and pungent taste. Kush cannabis strain provides a smooth and complex flavor, packed with undertones of citrus, grape, flowers, earth, and diesel.

Appearance Tells a Lot

Seeing these cannabis strains next to each other, you can see the distinction of Haze vs. kush as it cultivates and their buds.

Sativa-rich Haze grows high and thin. It can produce about 25′ (which is around 8m), which describes its reputation in outdoor growing. The leaves of Haze imitate their Sativa character, lean and stretched. The Indica-rich Kush, on the other hand, has more full leaves and strong by nature. The strain’s substantial size helps it cultivate quickly in the outdoors and indoors.

The Haze and Kush flower buds also vary sharply. Haze flowers are light green with numerous hairy deep orange pistils coating the exterior of the bud. Kush is radiantly colored, with deep purples and vibrant green.

The Nose Recognizes

Taking a massive puff of these cannabis strains also let the consumer tell which plant they’re going to use. Predominantly Sativa strains have crispier aromas to their flowers, while Indica-rich strains have a sweeter and sourer aroma.

Kush and Haze’s strains follow these extensive features, but their fragrances help separate Haze vs. Kush. The aroma of Haze is uniquely spicy and citrusy, which makes it earthy-sweet. It distinguishes itself from the rest. Kush has its own unique sweet, robust earthiness. However, it blows the nose hard with deep notes that vary with spice, pine, pepper, and incense.

Feel the Moment

When smoking these cannabis strains, the feelings dramatically differ. Sativa plants deliver a sensation that’s energizing and uplifting. Their mental highs put the consumers in an artistic, lively mood, but every feeling is unique. In contrast, Indica buds give consumers a potent body high and beneficial for those seeking respite from anxiety, insomnia, and body pain.

Both Kush and Haze are well-known for their buzz feeling overjoyed and “cheerful” in nature. However, Haze buzz is more active, while Kush makes you feel more sluggish. Hazes are among the heavy-hitting Sativas with intense mental and friendly head buzz associated with body brightness dues to its average CBD content level. Kushes are more substantial Indica strains, which provides significant body relaxation and pain alleviation.

Best Haze Cannabis Strains

There are numerous Haze varieties to be smoked and enjoyed, but the following are the most outstanding.

1. Amnesia Haze

A cross between original American Haze and Dutch strain is Amnesia Haze, and it offers an excellent cerebral high. Since it comes from a potent Sativa rich family, Amnesia Haze thrusts the limits of hallucinogenic toking with its 20% THC level. The strain is a medium in size plant that grows about 120cm and yields 600g/m².

2. Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze strain was produced when a Dutch breeder intersected Skunk Haze and the NL Haze. It contains higher levels of THC that results in mental high to every smoking session. This haze strain grows up to 70 to 80 cm, and possibly 200 cm with adequate light. It delivers yields to consumers around 500g/m². Super Silver Haze’s sweet taste makes Sativa aficionados always wanting more.

3. Liberty Haze

This is the result of crossing potent cannabis varieties Chemdawg 91 and G13. Liberty Haze delivers a dominant, elevating, social high. It is a small-sized plant with about 100cm, allowing it to make a fat, solid bud that always makes the breeder’s mouth salivate. The smoking experience that Liberty Haze offers is on another level as it gives the energy to handle everything that comes all smiles.

Best Kush Cannabis Strains

Below are the best three Kush varieties to be liked every day.

1. OG Kush

Crisscrossing Chemdawg, Pakistani Kush and Lemon Thai are OG Kush, an Indica-dominant strain that offers a delicate and pungent sensation for both mind and body. It contains high amounts of THC that are beneficial for relieving stress, insomnia, and anxiety. OG Kush is the ideal cannabis strain for both soul and body with sweet taste every blowing you make. This strain grows up 100 cm in height and delivers a yield of around 500 to 600g/m².

2. Power Kush

This Kush strain is the result of crossbreeding Afghani and Skunk and wobbles around between mind-body buzz. One way or another, eliminating the stress and being serene is why the Power Kush is very popular. Breeders can yield around 550g/m²in in this variety. Smoking Power Kush gives a body high for which every Indica lover is looking.

3. Purple Afghan Kush

This is an Indica-rich strain that came from crossing Purple Afghani and Black Domina. Purple Afghan Kush offers genuine sedation with every hit. It boasts striking purple colors that match its 70% Indica presence. The Purple Afghan Kush develops to around 200 cm and harvests 500g/m². Also, the strains effectively get rid of the stress with each hit.


Growing and smoking, either of the excellent cannabis strain is beneficial. Both have their potency, health benefits, and numerous repeat growers. Between the Haze vs. Kush, you certainly have your favorite strain, or perhaps you can enjoy both equally. If you are considering growing one of these classic cannabis strain, make sure to buy the best seeds from a trusted company to be worthy of investing.

To sum it up, Haze is a predominantly Sativa strain with energizing high that often out users in a creative mood. At the same time, Kush is an Indica-rich strain with a healthy body high perfect for relaxation.

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