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Marijuana Users have always created many misconceptions and misunderstandings about the Feminized Cannabis Plants, to the point that Feminized Seeds are considered as a lower race due to its easier nature of growth compared with the other seeds. On the other hand, some have regarded these plants as meek and weaker due to their imbalanced genetic structure because of the absence of male genes.

While others are right with what they think about the feminized seeds, the majority has been proven wrong in seeing the worth of the Feminized plants. These misconceptions may discourage the new growers who want to try these precious plants and stick to their traditional methods of growing the regular seeds in their homes.

Let’s take a closer look with these misjudged plants.

Debunking your Myths


They say: A male seed is bigger and has a better shape than the feminized seed

The truth says: You cannot identify the gene of Cannabis Plants by simply looking at the features of a seed!

As of now, there is no scientific way to tell that a Cannabis seed will bear a male or a female plant. You can righteously tell the gender of a specific strain if it reached at least 3 to 6 weeks from the time the seeds germinated and started to grow. 

Maybe this can be done in the future, but the Cannabis Industry is still clueless on whether the seeds you just bought from an Online Store will grow into Male plants or Feminized ones, neither it affects its size. Even the most experienced Marijuana growers cannot tell you beforehand that this big seed is a regular and the smaller seed is the feminized one. Chances are that this hypothetical guess may go wrong because of the lack of scientific evidence foreseeing the gender of a typical and ordinary seed.

You may differentiate the healthy seeds from the unhealthy ones with their physical traits, but apart from it, you may not predict its future by simply checking its shell and tiger marks.

They say: Feminized seeds grow well if you urinate on them

The truth says: Urinating on the seeds may harbor bacteria that can destroy your sensitive plants!

Despite the shortcomings of the modern sciences in predicting a Marijuana plant’s gender on its pre-embryotic stage, there are studies that show the power of our urine to make the seeds grow healthier and better than the seeds grown with water. Our urines have nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which are all needed by the plants around the world.

Nitrate is the form of Nitrogen that your plants need. This is the mineral which gives your plants the vibrant colors they grow in the future- from green, red, violet or other ecological colors through the chlorophyll production. Nitrate also helps your plant to develop strong and enduring foliage. However, its strong property can destroy your young plant and burn it in the long run, considering the sensitivity of what you have planted.

If your plant has been applied with human urine at least twice a week, chances are that it will flower well and capable of producing high potency that you are longing to experience for.

They say: Male Cannabis plants are rich in THC

The truth says: It’s the Feminized plants who are capable of producing that terpene!

Basically, the Male Cannabis plants are good for pollination and creation of seeds for reproduction. Aside from that, nothing good happens.

On the other hand, the Feminized plants are so rich in THC concentration because of their beautiful and fragrant flowers and buds. They are perfect for your consumption and best for pot sessions. 

Take note that it is so elusive for a male plant to produce a high potent THC, compared to the feminized ones. They can produce but weaker and lower contents.

The Feminized plants store the high concentration of THC in their buds and flowers. You can notice it with the resinous coating that thickens as the resin nears the flowers or buds, to protect these parts against external elements that can affect its growth.

How can you make its THC levels richer? Just treat it like your most favorite child! Here are some fast facts for Indoor Planting:


  • Your Space

Before you set your organic needs, you have to prepare your logistical concerns and how to resolve that major problem before you start planting your own strains. If you wish to continue on doing Indoor Cannabis Gardening, then you should have an ample room area for your strains to grow.

To be honest with you, you will be needing a spacious room to house all of your materials for making an indoor paradise for your plants. In case you are unfortunate to have this first requirement, you have to think of other ways to manage a sufficient space for your indoor plants to grow.

  • Your source of light

As we brace more for a global increase in the electricity bills, a modern grower must consider buying the lights with the lowest electric consumption and does not easily break off considering that they must be opened most of the times. Some may have stuck to the incandescent bulbs but the younger generations chose LED lights as the source of their light for their Marijuana seedlings.

Your LED Lights should match with that type of Cannabis Strain are you going to cultivate. Some strains grow in darker places or in regions where the sun does not shine for a long period. On the other hand, some strains prefer illuminated brightly like those wild sunflowers facing the sun every morning.

  • Your Ventilation

Just like us humans, your plants need to breathe out- this is where the ventilation steps in. You have to be reminded that the atmospheric condition inside your grow room will be controlled by the air and light. As you have already given a good source of light, you must now consider crafting a customized ventilation system for your plant.

  • Your Water Supply

Your plants badly need hydration for the abundance of the nutrients inside their bodies. It is in water that your plants can absorb the important minerals for their growth and development until they reach the flowering stage and continue to live by keeping the plant’s quality at high despite its completed cycle.

Absorption is a chemical phase of molecules and atomic particles entering either liquid or solid materials. This process has been in effect since the foundation of life started on this planet. In the field of botany, this is where the plants gain their needed nutrition through their roots that take the important minerals which they can use for further growth and development.

  • Your Monitoring

When space is enough, the light is adequate, the air is enough and the temperature is right, you are now ready to go!

Allot at least two days or more to check the condition of your garden before putting the seeds in their launching pads. Check your electrical wiring for some improvements and other connections if they malfunction from time to time.

After all of these have been said and done, you have nothing to do but to keep an eye on your plant. Regularly check its lacking features, as well as the overflowing things that may drown your plant due to the excessive exposure with the said factors.

They say: Adding Juice can enrich the flavor and potency of Feminized Seeds

The truth says: Just simply don’t add any juice okay?!

Who the hell said this thing?! Are they nuts?

If you are tempted to do this thing, just please do not continue to pour that concentrated juice unto your seeds. It will definitely kill the seeds in an instant pace.

Your friends may tell you to add some flavored juice or drinks to increase the flavor of your plants but to be honest with you, the powdered juice has chemicals that can hamper the growth of your seeds and instead of growing, your seeds may wither due to intoxication which leads to death.

You have nothing to do with your growing plants aside from checking them from time to time, water them adequately without any flavors, and give them the light, space, and air that they need. Apart from this, nothing more should be used.

They say: Feminized Plants can’t create seeds

The Truth says: They can and they will!

Feminized plants can create their own seeds because they can simply live on their own. Think of this way, how will these feminized plants manage to exist from the 1980s up to the present, if they will not reproduce on their own?

Just like the chicken hens, our feminized plants are able to create seeds which may have the feminized genes due to its parent’s genes.

Take note that scientifically speaking, these seeds should not be considered as female seeds, but as feminized ones, as the seeds indirectly came from a process that eliminated the male traits of a plant, meaning, its very first parent strain has masculine properties that were eliminated on the latter, to give way for feminization of the said strain.

They say: Feminized Seeds are weaker

The truth says: Don’t be a sexist! These seeds are equal with the regular seeds!

Do not underestimate the abilities of a feminized plant. As it is written earlier, feminized plants create higher THC concentration than the regular seeds and can reproduce without the male plants.

Feminized Cannabis plants are known to be more resinous than the regular plants and this is due to their efforts in making their flowers and buds fragrant and aromatic. The resins covering the parts of each feminized plants produce the much-awaited chemical by medicinal and recreational users all over the world.

However, the growers of these plants are challenged to be more hands-on in taking good care of the plants due to the expected outputs that they impose with these strains.

They say: Feminized Seeds cost cheaper

The truth says: It is cheaper when bought in bulk orders

Unfortunately, a feminized seed costs more expensive than the regular seeds, and this is due to the absence of Masculine Seeds and the ability to produce higher THC levels than those of regular ones.

It has been an open secret to us that the Feminized plants are more productive than those of regular seeds, though they can be more sensitive in some ways. But the bottom line is that those feminized seeds are easier to be taken good care off- you don’t need to trim its parts just because of the male scare, it does not develop any inferiorities nor defects due to their struggle with the male genes, and it develops faster than those regular plants.

These traits have made the feminized seeds to cost a bit higher than the auto-flowering and regular seeds. However, the seeds cost lower when bought in bulk orders, which is ideal and recommended for those who have enough budgets.

They say: Feminized Plants need colder places to grow

The truth says: It depends on the strain

One of the common mistakes that the first growers of feminized plants commit is that they place these in colder areas. It may help, but the truth here is that it will solely depend on what are their strain and how does their mother strain react with such environment.

As you may notice, a Feminized Grape Ape may not grow outdoors in the regions of Canada and the Netherlands, due to the cold climate of these countries, forcing the plant to be dwarfed and compact in resisting against the cold or just simply die because of the frost.

At the end of the day, you basically have to do some research with your chosen seeds to avoid wastage and lesser productivity with these precious gifts. Feminized Seeds are enduring and flexible, but just like us humans, they too have limitations that must be followed and observed.

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