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The cost of cannabis, cannabis products, and cannabis seeds are becoming more and more expensive. This is one of the reasons why most consumers decide to grow their supply instead of purchasing these online or from a local dispensary. 

Growing your supply is a good idea. You will never run out of weed and you will always have some to share around. If you live in a country where cannabis growing is legal such as Canada, then this will not be a problem at all. 

You can cultivate your supply provided you follow the number of plants you are allowed to grow. If you are in a place where it’s prohibited to grow cannabis you may think twice before growing your own plants. 

Regular cannabis explained

There several types of cannabis plants but the most common are regular or non-feminized or photoperiod and feminized cannabis seeds. These are cannabis seeds but with unique characteristics.  

Regular cannabis is also photoperiod plants. These plants have female and male chromosomes which is why you will never know if your seeds are male or female. Regular seeds will grow photoperiod plants that will bloom according to the light and darkness levels that the plant receives.  

When female regular plants receive less light and cold nights are felt, this stimulates the growth of flowers. However, a male plant releases pollen and this pollen fertilizes female plants which will grow regular seeds. 

Males pollinating female plants is the traditional way a cannabis plant creates new plants. Growers need a female plant to grow buds and then weed. This is why males are removed from the group to avoid pollinating females.  

You can tell if your plants are male or female when these have grown their preflowers. Females may grow white, wispy flowers between the areas of the stems and the branches. Meanwhile, male plants grow male parts that are similar to sacs between the stems and branches. These are filled with pollen which may be released when the sacs have finally matured. 

Feminized cannabis explained

Meanwhile, feminized cannabis is plants that have no male hormones. Feminized seeds will grow only female plants. There are no special techniques to grow feminized seeds because both need the same care as the plants grow and flower. 

Both plants will flower according to the amount of light that the plant receives. This plant will flower according to the type of strain.  

Regular seeds vs feminized seeds


The appearance of feminized and non-feminized seeds

Feminized and non-feminized seeds look the same. You won’t be able to tell which is which. But to ensure you are growing healthy plants, check the appearance of the seeds such as the color, shape, and size of the seeds. 

There are also marks on the seed’s surface such as dots, stripes, and streaks. These marks are unique for each seed. These marks are found on viable and mature seeds and this means that these are ready to sprout with very little effort. 

The seed color could be black, dark brown or brown. These colors mean that the seeds are viable and will germinate within a few days. 

Meanwhile, viable cannabis seeds have a shiny coat and special shape and size. The seeds must be firm and hard. To test this, hold the seeds in between your thumb and index finger and apply slight pressure. The seeds should not be very hard and not too soft.  

Feminized and non-feminized seeds germination

There are many ways to test the viability of seeds. This means that the seeds will germinate or not. One way is the float test to determine if feminized or non-feminized seeds are viable or not. 

Place some seeds in a glass filled with water and let the seeds remain in the water for an hour.  Afterward, check the seeds. Seeds that float are seeds that are empty because these don’t have viable insides and will never germinate. Discard these seeds. 

Meanwhile, seeds that sink have viable insides and you must keep these seeds because this will germinate. It will only take a few days for these seeds to sprout.

Also, consider the age of your seeds. The age of seeds affects the viability because older seeds will take more time to germinate. If old or mature seeds do germinate, it could also take time for the plant to flower and may even have stunted growth. Keep in mind that cannabis plants s growing from old seeds are usually weaker and therefore won‘t survive for a very long time.

Cannabis seeds that stored well retain their viability for years or even a decade. For feminized or regular seeds to germinate, use fresh seeds as much as possible. When it comes to the age of seeds, there are no differences between feminized seeds and regular seeds. 

Are your plants male or female?

In non-feminized and feminized cannabis seeds, the most obvious difference is the plants’ genders.  Seeds could be male or female for non-feminized seeds. Meanwhile, feminized seeds are all female which is why there’s no possibility to grow male plants. There is no problem with removing the male plants or accidentally pollinating females because you have all-female plants inside your growing area.  

Ease of growing of feminized and non-feminized plants

When it comes to the ease of growing, feminized cannabis seeds reduce the need to grow more plants and to compensate possible males that will grow. Therefore, you will grow only the number of plants you will need.  

When you grow feminized seeds, there is no need to spend money, time and most of all, effort. There’s no need to waste resources on male plants. You will also save time since you will only be growing a small number of plants. 

During the vegetative and flowering stages


There is no difference between feminized cannabis seeds and regular seeds when it comes to the stages of development of the cannabis plant. These seeds will germinate and the plants will flower depending on the strain’s genes and not according to the amount of light and darkness these receive. 

There is no difference in the two types of plants during the growing stage although the time for the plants to flower may change depending on the strain. The appearance will also vary according to the type of cannabis and the strain.

Indica plants are smaller and wider. These plants will not grow taller than 3 feet this is why these plants are more preferred for stealth growing. On the other hand, sativa cannabis plants grow taller and steadier. Up to 5 feet or more depending on the amount of light and the size of the growing area it has. 

Growing feminized and non-feminized plants

There is no difference as to how a regular and feminized cannabis plant is grown. When it comes to care and attention you should give your plants the same TLC techniques are used. Both strains need a good growing environment with the best climate that’s ideal for each strain. 

Whether you are cultivating feminized or non-feminized seeds, you must germinate these seeds before you grow them. Never leave your seeds for more than 24 hours in water. This can drown seeds, affect its germination time or kill the seeds. 

To germinate seeds with the glass of water technique, soak seeds in a glass of water but don’t soak for more than 24 hours. You may use the paper towel technique instead of soaking the seeds in water. 

The paper towel technique is using damp paper towels to germinate seeds. Put seeds in between damp towels and place these in between two large plates. Cover the plates and leave this for about five days. Simply wet the paper towel to prevent drying. After the timeframe, you will have newly sprouted cannabis seedlings ready for transplanting.

Purchasing feminized and non-feminized seeds

Cultivating your cannabis plants to harvest seeds eases the cost of purchasing seeds. When you have your seeds supply at home, you can give these away, sell them or take them to local seed banks. 

But despite the advantages of growing cannabis seeds, some people still want to buy feminized or non-feminized seeds. Before you purchase feminized or regular seeds, check the type of strain you want to grow. Because different strains have different growing necessities, the ideal growing environments, flowering stages, plant height and resistance to illness or molds and many more. 

Consider all these to care for your plants better and increase your yields. So, how do you compare non-feminized with feminized seeds? There is no comparison for most of the different features and characteristics only during the flowering period will these types of cannabis plants differ from one another.

And whatever type of cannabis you prefer to grow, you should always take care of your plants the most natural way. Grow in the best natural climate, soil, natural light, and water. By considering all these, you will give your plants a good chance to survive.

The best-feminized cannabis strains you should try growing


The following are the best-feminized cannabis strains to choose from. With the right growing environment or growing conditions, you will be able to cultivate healthy and strong cannabis plants. 


ICE is Indica Crystal Extreme and well-known in the market as a popular indica strain. This strain is so-called because of the appearance of its frosty buds with an aromatic smell and flavor. ICE can give you bountiful yields with lovely buds in just 8 weeks. 

ICE was created by the union of Northern Lights, Skunk, and Afghan strains. This has moderate yields but despite this, growing it will be worth it. Feminized ICE is popular among growers which is why you can find this kind of seeds from online or offline dispensaries.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights, the classic strain is also available in feminized form. Because of this, you won’t have to waste growing any precious plants. How Northern Lights came to be is still a mystery and experts believe that the strain we love today was the result of the hybridization of its 11 varieties.

You can check all seedbanks online and offline and you’ll find their own version of the strain. But no matter how many phenotypes of Northern Lights you’ll encounter, the same indica dominant strain will give you a terrible couch-locked effect.

Northern Lights is not for beginners. Consume this strain moderately to avoid very potent side effects.

Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic is the product of a California and Oregon strain. This strain is small, bushy and will only grow only a few meters. This is a good strain for growing stealthily and growing in small, tight places such as cabinets and tents. 

Blue Mystic should be topped or trimmed to enhance its yield. When grown in the right environment, Blue Mystic plants will be ready for harvest in just eight weeks. You will be surprised by the fruity smell but if you want a stony effect, harvest these at around 10 weeks.  

Special Kush

Special Kush was made by a popular seed bank from Canada. This is san indica strain for you if you are a beginner because this plant grows well in almost all environments. It loves to bask in the warm sun. It would grow well outdoors despite its small and compact size. 

Growers reveal that the only problem with growing Special Kush #1 is that these yield small and only tight buds. But the small yield may be overcome by topping or trimming. When Special Kush is smoked or consumed, this indica will give you a full-bodied effect and a stoned, hashy experience.

Bubble Kush

This is a sweet indica strain with a 19% THC. This is a relaxing strain, with a peaceful bliss as you sit and ponder what life is all about. Bubble Kush comes from combining the genes of Northern Lights, Skunk and Afghan. 

When grown outdoors, this feminized strain can yields more at 450 grams per plant. If you want a  compact plant with good yields, Bubble Kush may be the right strain for you.   

Royal Cookies

A feminized indica strain that comes from a popular seed bank from Europe is the Royal Cookies strain. This strain stands out because of its aromatic and confectionary-like flavor comparable to warm, freshly-baked cookies.  

Royal Cookies comes with a naturally sweet flavor with 23% THC. It is ideal for relaxing and for dealing with stress and pain. Make sure to take this moderately to avoid powerful side effects like couchlock which is common in strains with high THC.

Speedy Chile

Fast-flowering very potent energizing effects, Speedy Chile is a feminized, autoflowering cannabis strain made by combining a Chile and a Green Poison strain. It is a strain that will keep you focused and energized. 

Your mind will be alert and ready for anything. This is why Speedy Chile is the ideal strain for the daytime smoker. You’ll get moderate yields when you use Speedy Chile. 

Fat Banana

Fat Banana is a unique name for a cannabis strain and despite a strain that’s going to make you laugh; the effects are completely different. It will give you a couch-locked experience that you will remember for a long time. 

Fat Banana was created by combining an OG Kush and Banana resulting in a strain with high yields and high 25% THC. If you are looking for an easy strain to grow for a beginner then this might be the one you need.

OG Kush

Another very popular indica-dominant strain is the OG Kush. This is an ancestral strain that may give rise to many strains in the US. It is also a potent strain with a very strong flavor. The associated dank flavor could be smelled for miles. These flavors may even linger in your mouth and in your head long after you have smoked the strain. 

OG Kush has a potent effect which is why you should take this moderately. Whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned smoker, OG Kush’s effects should never be overlooked. 

Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush was created by combining an OG Kush and a Pineapple strain. This strain has the potency of an OG Kush but has inherited from its Pineapple parent its sweet and pleasant smell as well as its taste. 

You will never forget the heady high that will linger in your head over and over again. This is a strain for relaxing something that you’ll like to do when you’re on vacation. And since you’ll be using a feminized strain, you don’t need to deal with growing more plants (female and male plants).

Strawberry Banana

This is another feminized indica which has made the top in every consumer’s list. It has a high 22% to 26% THC making it a perfect strain for pain and stress. It comes with a sweet taste and flavor making this a popular strain. 

But despite being an indica, Strawberry Banana grows tall. But its height may be trained to control its height. And the small height makes this a good stealth strain to grow indoors or in a growing tent. 

Dark Star

Dark Star is one of the most colorful strains with its purple-colored buds. These buds have 20% THC. It is a pure hybrid strain made by combining a Purple Kush and a Mazar I Sharrif strain. And this is not all beauty because these buds also grow dense and round with yields up to 500 grams per square meter growing space and more per plant when grown outdoors. Dark Star is also popular due to its pungent aroma that’s loved by indica fans.

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush is a North American strain with a lively genetic background. It has won three High Times Cannabis Cup awards for being the top indica. It grows taller than most indicas too so it may be best to grow this outdoors. 

This strain already has huge yields but this may still be improved by topping or trimming. It yields medium to heavy buds and is potent whether you’re using regular or feminized seeds. 

And just like other Kush varieties, expect that the Kosher Kush has very powerful effects which may be hard to tame if you’re a beginner. If you are new to cannabis or new to using Kush strains, always use this in moderation to prevent potential side effects. 

Sunset Sherbert

This feminized indica was created through the classic Girl Scout Cookies genetic line. It comes with a 20% THC, therefore, it is a good strain for recreational and therapeutic purposes. It grows bushy and may need topping and training.

Sunset Sherbet offers potent relaxation and an escape from stress, anxiety, and pain. But if you are new to this strain consume this moderately. Never overlook the power of this THC strain so you can prevent overpowering side effects.  

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is known as the most powerful indica created by mixing the genes off a Hindu Kush and a Purple Afghani strain. This strain is from California and comes with a high THC at 27%. It is very easy to grow for novice and inexperienced users.  

What users remember about Purple Kush is its slightly peppery taste and aroma. You can use Purple Kush for a variety of medical conditions including pain, anxiety, stress, and lack of appetite. 

And because this strain is one of the most potent indica with a kush lineage, moderation is important when using it especially when you are new to cannabis.

Lithium OG

Lithium OG is a lovely feminized indica with dense buds with a perfect compact structure. It should be pruned and topped to give you good yields. This is the best way to grow rock-hard flowers with delicious resin ideal for creating concentrates.

This strain is not just a recreational strain but also a medicinal strain as well. It may be used to control pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Lithium OG can give you relief from these conditions minus any powerful side effects.   

Money Maker

As the name suggests, Money Maker is extremely productive and comes with mint-colored light-green buds with good yields. Money Maker is an indica with resin-soaked buds ideal for perfect for creating different and other cannabis products for therapeutic and recreational use.

Money Maker is for cash crop growers. You’ll get more than what you ask for when you grow this strain. 

Critical Kush

Critical Kush is a feminized indica made by mixing a Critical Kush with an OG Kush. This has dank buds that grow fast. Some phenotypes will grow taller compared to the average indica but will provide you with high yields of up to 650 grams per square meter. 

It comes with a perfume and kush flavor that you won’t forget for a long time. If you need a potent strain that grows quickly and will give you more yields then Critical Kush is your strain.  

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an indica with a mysterious effect. This was created by combining the genes of an OG Kush and a Bubba from New Orleans. This is a popular strain in the US and during its early years in the market, it was a clone-only strain. 

But now there are Bubba Kush seeds in the market online and offline seed banks to cater to the increased demands of customers. Bubba Kush is a dank strain that has compact and light buds. You can train your plants to give you improved yields with topping or trimming.

Grand Daddy Purp

Grand Daddy Purp is a feminized indica introduced in 2004. This strain is a cross between a Big Bud and a Purple Urkle which are two very powerful strains with potent effects. This grows high yields making it a good strain to cultivate. 

It has a purple color seen throughout its body and this is where it got its name. Grand Daddy Purp is a good strain for beginners because this is mold resistant and is very hardy. You can grow this even in warm and humid climates because it is a heat resistant plant. 

Grand Daddy Purp gives you very strong effects. It also comes with a dank and strong flavor which warns against its potent effects. Those who have used this strain before swear that its impressive effects are not for the fainthearted therefore you must take it in moderation. 

How to make your own feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis is one of the most popular marijuana seeds in most local and online seedbanks because of their unique features. Feminized cannabis plants are all female and with this kind of cannabis, there’s no need to deal with male plants anymore. 

You have all-female plants, you can grow only the number of plants you can grow. There’s no need to waste resources on male plants that you will only discard later.

You won’t be able to distinguish the female from male cannabis seeds with regular seeds. Experts say that there is a huge chance that you’ll get 50% males and 50% females in a batch of regular seeds. This is who you need to compensate and grow more plants in case of more males. 

But why buy feminized cannabis seeds when you can grow your own? 

Why grow feminized cannabis seeds?

Whether you’re buying from a local or an online seed bank feminized seeds could be very expensive. Also, most local and online seedbanks take advantage of the demand for feminized seeds and increase their prices. This is why more and more consumers decide to grow their own supply.

How to grow your own feminized seeds?

When growing feminized cannabis plants all starts with healthy regular plants. And to grow regular plants, you need regular seeds. Female regular plants will bear feminized seeds using a time-tested process.

When you already have regular seeds, germinate the seeds by placing these in peat pellets. Wait until your seedlings begin to grow roots and new leaves. The complex roots and new leaves usually stick out from the peat pellets. 

You may now transfer your newly sprouted plants in soil. For this, you need the ideal soil or growing medium and a container or pot with holes at the bottom to drain excess water. 

The ideal soil for growing cannabis is the sandy clayey soil. This is a soil that can absorb more water and nutrients and will also drain excess nutrients and water. Sandy clayey soil has good aerating properties due to the fact that the soil is loose and thus allows oxygen to move to the roots. Oxygen is needed for root health and will improve the absorption of nutrients in the roots.  

To transfer your fully-developed cannabis plants, dig a hole in the middle of the soil at about 3 to 4 inches deep. This should be deep enough to hold the seedlings inside the peat pellets. Place a pellet in and cover the hole with more soil. 

When you’re done transplanting, water your plants until you see water runoff from the holes at the sides of the container or pot.  

You must care for your plants until these are at their mature size. Once your plants are about to flower or are ready to do so, use a 12/12 light/dark schedule to start flowering. Your regular plants will flower in just a matter of days as long as you use a strict 12/12 light/dark schedule. Once you see pre-flowers, find out the gender of your plants. You may now grow feminized cannabis seeds. 

What you’ll need

  • Female and male regular cannabis plants
  • A bottle of colloidal silver
  • A small paintbrush
  • A small plastic container



Determine the gender of your plants

As soon as your plants are ready to flower, it won’t be long when these reveal their genders. You can tell that you have female plants when you spot small, wispy flowers near the junctions between the stems and the branches. These structures are called pistils and these are where the seeds will grow once these are fertilized by the male regular plants. 

On the other hand, male plants will develop male structures like balls or sacs. These structures are also found near the junctions between the stems and branches. As these mature, these will rupture and pollen will be released to pollinate female plants. You can now tell if you have male plants or female plants. 

Separate the male regular plants from female regular plants

You need an unfertilized female cannabis plant to be fertilized using feminized pollen to get feminized seeds. For this, discard the male plants as soon as you spot them. Don’t let your female plants be fertilized by males because we don’t want regular seeds, only female seeds.

The best way to prevent pollination is by destroying male plants. But you don’t really need to destroy male plants. The stems and leaves can be used to make tea, cannabis butter and to make edibles. Male cannabis plants also contain considerable amounts of THC or CBD but this is not as potent as the cannabis flowers. 

Use colloidal silver on your female plants

Now that you have all female plants, you may now use colloidal silver to stimulate the development of male parts. Colloidal silver is a formula that combines silver and water. Apply this using a brush along the junctions of the stems and branches of female plants daily. This will soon grow small balls or sacs just like what you see in male plants.

Female plants will soon have sacs and balls and these will mature and rupture just like male plants. When the sacs crack, the feminized pollen will be released. Collect every bit of pollen because you need these to pollinate your female plants.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Harvest feminized pollen

Remove the bud or only the pollen from the bud and place these inside the container. Be careful when doing this because you need to harvest as much pollen as you can. Cover the container tightly and label it so you’ll remember the type of strain, the date the pollen was harvested and so on. 

If you will use the pollen later, place it inside the deepest and darkest section of your refrigerator or freezer. 

Apply feminized pollen on female flowers

Using a small paintbrush, apply a generous amount of the feminized pollen to the pistils of the female plants. Use other female plants and not the ones where you harvested pollen from. Be sure to apply this daily until your flowers grow seeds. The seeds that you will get will be feminized.

Harvesting feminized seeds

In just a few days, your seeds will be ready for harvesting. You must collect the seeds and store these in dry and secure containers. Place a label on the container with the date when the seeds were harvested, the strain and any other important information about the strain. Always keep your seeds in a safe and dry place if you are not going to use these later. 

Storing feminized cannabis seeds

If you have more seeds than what you can use keep these away safely. And in storing your seeds consider a container that will keep these for a very long time. First of fall, to do this, you must use a good storage container. 

The ideal container to keep cannabis seeds in mason jars. These jars are used by many growers and breeders. These are durable, easy to use, will last for a long time to keep your seeds viable for many years. 

Mason jars are available in different sizes and you’ll find one that will fit the number of seeds which you wish to keep. Select authentic mason jars with covers and rubber seals. This will effectively keep seeds fresh and viable even when you keep these for a longer time. 

Still, there are some other ways to keep seeds and to preserve their viability. You may also use regular glass jars to keep seeds or basic plastic Tupperware containers to store seeds. Some breeders caution against placing seeds inside plastic containers because some containers may reek of chemicals found in plastics. 

These chemicals may affect the smell, aroma and the taste of plants. Therefore you may think twice about using plastic containers. 

You may store your seeds in plastic bags but use a vacuum tool to remove the air from inside the plastic. Wrap this in newspaper and store this inside the freezer. You may also keep your seeds long term by placing these in the deepest and darkest part of your freezer. From this section, there is very little change in temperature and humidity.

Time will come when you need to use your frozen seeds and the first thing is to thaw your seeds.  Thaw frozen seeds by removing these from the freezer and placing in the refrigerator first. Wait till the ice or frost has been removed. Once the seeds are softer or the frost has melted, take the seeds out of the fridge and place on the kitchen counter to fully thaw out.

After an hour or so, your seeds will now be ready to germinate. Never place frozen seeds in the microwave to thaw. This may affect the viability of the seeds and its germination. Never use an oven, oven toaster or microwave to defrost your seeds. Doing so could also affect the viability of seeds. 

When feminized cannabis seeds are stored well, these could keep its viability for many years. Do you know that you can preserve cannabis seeds up to 10 years or more? However, fresh seeds are still better or will grow better than mature or old seeds. Therefore, if possible, use only fresh seeds when germinating new plants.

When you use frozen seeds, take time to inspect your seeds before you use them. Some seeds can become damage after being frozen for a long time. Be mindful of cracks, scratches, and openings that may result from prolonged storage.  You can’t defrost a container of seeds and take only two or for germination. As much as possible, use the whole lot.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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