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easiest strains to grow

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The satisfaction that you get from growing your supply of cannabis strain is superb and extraordinary. But not all enjoy the endless challenge provided by several advanced varieties available. Luckily, the difficulty of growing a strain doesn’t mean high quality. There are easiest strains to grow that can produce top-of-the-line buds. If you’re a novice grower or looking for an easy way, this guide is for you. Here are our ten easiest strains to grow, read on!

Things to Consider For Your Cannabis Growing

Soil quality, nutrition, grow lights, watering schedules, pest control, drying, curing, photoperiod strains, and hydroponics. At first sight, the cannabis farming world looks like a complicated and scary situation, and maybe too much discourages the aspiring breeders. However, it need not be complicated or intricate.

Cannabis is an herb plant. If you’re interested, then you can give the slightest and still produce a semi-decent harvest. Seasoned breeders and experts in the cannabis growing put up time and vast sums of money into complicated processes to reap the benefits of enormous and superior yields. Although if you just get started, there are a lot of things that you can perform to make it easier when you are targeting to have your first yield.

The lineage is the first thing into consideration. Choosing the perfect seeds to grow can give you a good advantage in the natural process of farming smooth strains. Nutrients, good lights, water, and potting soil are your other things needed for growing. And of course, patience!

The following are the ten easiest strains to grow.

1. Easy Skunk

Its name says it all. Easy Skunk inherited its Skunk features from its classic parent strains: Skunk 1, OG Kush, and Afghani. Also, she’s wonderfully easy to grow, delivering an Indica-rich high when the yield time comes. It has an intricate terpene profile that offers the flavor of Skunk, cheese, and citrus. Easy Skunk contains THC levels within 15% to 18%. It has a gentler and comforting buzz, which gives a calming body high.

Easy Skunk is a photoperiod cannabis strain that is perfect for first-time growers. It produces medium harvests, whether planted outdoors or indoors. Also, its Indica dominance makes sure she’s a convenient size.

 2. Mango Sapphire

The cannabis strain is also one of the easiest strains to grow. Mango Sapphire’s wide variety is predominantly Indica and derived from its parents OG Kush, Bubba Kush, and Afghani. It gives enormously influential buds packed with a 23% THC level. Even though her pure cropping nature is perfect for novices, beginners should still take her high carefully. Mango Sapphire’s effects are determined through its sense of calm, relaxation, and lethargy. It is best used in night time while enjoying movies and devouring good food. The high is with fragrances and fruit and sweetness flavors.

This strain can be both grown outdoors and indoors to remarkable effect. The plant in the indoors yields average harvests and stay at average heights. Whereas, outdoor plants create average crops, but it grows like a tree up to 3m, which means that a big room is needed for Mango Sapphire. The variety has a 7 to 8 weeks flowering period, with outdoor strains ready for yield in the last week of September.

3. Tropimango

This is among the most delicious easiest strains to grow available, pleasing Tropimango growers with strong notes of aromatic tropical fruits. Tropimango inherited its tempting flavors from its parent cannabis variety Somango that also contributes to its Indica-rich genomic structure. It features thick and solid colas with 18%THC content, which results in a happy and beautiful high. Also, the strain helps a consumer alleviate the pain and assist in achieving good night’s sleep.

This can be easily be planted outdoors and indoors. The indoor plants deliver vast amounts of around 550g/m², while the outdoor plants give you a whipping harvest of 1800g/plant. Tropimango has 8 to 9 weeks of average flowering time.

4. Qleaner

Qleaner is a predominantly Sativa strain that derived from the cross of Purple Urkle, Jack’s Cleaner, and Space Queen. This is an easy strain to grow that rewards its novice breeders with energetic and dynamic Sativa flowers that create a happy, elevating, and mental high. It has a 20% THC level, which means Qleaner can create quick-acting and lasting high experiences. Producing enjoyable sweet fruit aromas, it is the best option for outdoor activities like festivals and hiking, and also social occasions.

This easy-growing strain produces average harvests when planted outdoors or indoors. Qleaner keeps a controllable height during the whole growth period, making it a practical option for breeders with marginally restricted area. It has a vegetation period within eight weeks to 10 weeks, and for the outdoor plants, October is the harvest time.

5. Grandaddy Purple S1

This is another member of the easiest strains to grow, and Grandaddy Purple S1 is fine-looking and unique. It can set itself from the rest in any growing environment because it boasts purple colorings on its buds and leaves. It is a real Indica strain that delivers incredibly buzzing and body high. Each hit gives the palate spicy and fruity flavors. Average THC levels of Grandaddy Purple can produce smooth and cool smoke.

It features a petite height, making it easy to grow in little area and ideal for clandestine cultivation.  Both its outdoor and indoor harvests are amazing.

6. Cookies Kush

This is an intense, Indica-rich cannabis strain that brags a dark lime green visual. Cookies Kush buds are thick, lean, and pillar-like, with higher amounts of THC that will please even seasoned smokers. This prize-winning strain is the product of hybridizing parent varieties OG Kush and the Girl Scout Cookies. The effects descended from Cookies Kush is potent, cheerful, and tired, and is increased by traces of mint, earth, and herbs.

The Cookies Kush indoor harvests are about 650g/m², and also large outdoor yields. Both its outdoor and indoor plants peaked at heights within 50 to 100cm, making them subtle and easy to maintain.

7. AllKush

As among the easiest strains to grow out there, AllKush is an award winner strain that derives from a family comprising of Dutch and Kush lineages. This is an Indica-rich variety that relaxes the body and kindles the mind, providing comfortable, chatty, friendly, and potent effects. Its aroma is distinctive, characterized by undertones of sweetness, earthiness, and muskiness. AllKush contains high THC levels, so it is recommended that you don’t pack the bowl excessively.

When AllKush is grown indoors, it produces a reputable 450g/m² and keeps a short physique during its whole growing cycle. Its outdoor plants yield 600g/plant and can grow up to 2.5m. It has a maturing period of 8 to 9 weeks.

8. TNT Kush

This cannabis strain is a 100% pure Indica produced to create a stoning, body high with medical benefits. TNT Kush has 22% THC levels, which assures immediate and extensive high experiences. It shows remarkable flavors of cherry, cypress, chocolate, and almond, an intense, humid mixture appreciated by connoisseurs and beginners alike.

It is an excellent strain for novices as TNT Kush is both dynamic and simple to grow but still provides excellent harvests. Its indoor plants can yield about 550g/m², and its outdoor plants generate an enormous 1kg per plant. This substantial variety of yield is mainly based on the number of plants allowed to expand generously. TNT Kush indoor plants can grow up to 100cm, while the outdoor counterparts go off to 3m.

9. Royal Cheese

This is a fast flowering strain ideal for impatient growers. Royal Cheese rewards its cultivators with healthy buds in no time, after six weeks of the maturing. This Indica-rich strain is the product of crossing photoperiod Cheese with a Cheese Auto-flowering, which allows for a much faster-growing cycle than some other Cheese strains. It boasts 17% of THC level and contains average amounts of CBD. Cheese lovers can quickly identify its strong and unique smell, with traces of spice and putrid cheese. Royal Cheese’s high is very comforting and mood-boosting.

This can be nurtured with easiness in both outdoor and indoor environments. Indoor plants can produce harvests around 500g/m² and peak at 100cm while the outdoor plants yield 600g/plant and blast up to 2m.

10. Big Bang

Last but not least, on the easiest strains to grow, Big Bang is an Indica rich product of Northern Lights, Skunk, and El Niño. It contains high levels of THC of 20%. This results in a high that’s relaxing, trippy, and sedative. It gives the tastes buds a different flavor of berries, sweetness, spices, and sour. Big Bang offers something new innovative and stirring to the table of the natural flowering strains.

Cannabis keeps a small height both outdoors and indoors, but its yields are where its name originates. It delivers harvests that Big Bang branches twist. With maturing nine weeks, the outdoor plants are prepared for harvest in the last week of September. Grow your seeds and start your cultivating journey in a big way.

The Bottom Line

If you a cannabis fan, there are several things more worthwhile than gardening your plant. There are a plethora of advanced cannabis strains that are very difficult to manage even to the most seasoned and talented breeders. If you belong in the “novice” class, then we suggest trying to cultivate one of the ten easiest strains to grow shared above. 

But consider the all other cannabis breeders out there, some will grow strains in soil, some will plant in hydroponics, some will be expert at cuttings, and others will use a cannabis strain that needs low maintenance.

Keep in mind that cannabis strains vary when it comes to its potency, flavor, and color. Regardless if you find the right cannabis strain, there are still external factors that you to review. You should also consider the heat of your growing room, the moisture of the environment, and the number of nutrients needed.

Therefore, we rounded up the ten easiest strains to grow that can suit every cannabis grower according to the aspects that all that counts to you. We hope you will love reading this article over and over, just as we loved listing it.

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