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If you like utilizing and smoking weed, the chemical compositions of it will be passed through your body down to the deepest part of your bloodstream, and it will bring you a series of effects. Series of effects that may come to hit the idea, a negative thought at some point or barely a question that says, “does weed make you hallucinate?”

The first hint may always be that euphoric feeling where it knocks your mind the happy potions. Sometimes, it will start with a hazy feeling within your facial expressions. As such, it would solely depend on what weed you are exactly using.

Does weed make you hallucinate: True or False?

A wide range of various colors may kiss your visual sense as one of the principal effects caused by smoking weed. Furthermore, it delivers you the ability to like the food more as your nausea and appetite loss will be taken care of.

In addition, it has the medical properties that will curb depression, stress, chronic fatigue, muscle cramps, and more. But here’s the real thing despite its benefits; thus, does weed make you hallucinate? Now, let’s find out if the question is true or not.

However, let us define first what does hallucination means.

  • Hallucination is the game where your own brain played you for.
  • The sentiment of believing you are drawn into a situation that no one can resort that it is real.
  • These are some kind of sensory experiences that you are in, but only your mind knows as your mind only built those situations.

Next step, let us now find out if weed does really infuse you the hallucinating feeling.

  • If you consumed weed that has super high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) amount, then you will experience hallucinations.
  • The tetrahydrocannabinol from the weed deteriorates the activity of your caudate nucleus inside your brain, and then this will infuse you with the hallucinating feeling.
  • If your body can take all the chemical elements of any type of weed, with high THC or not, you will likely experience hallucinations.
  • Any type of weed that has an exact or more than the value of 20 percent will infuse you the hallucinating experience and feeling.
  • When you utilize edible weeds rather than directly smoking on it, with high THC content, you may encounter hallucination but not on the first onset as the chemical elements will still travel to your digestive system first before any other parts.
  • If you utilize weeds out from pure satisfaction and not minding about the amounts being taken, then you will experience hallucination.
  • For instance, if you are a seasoned weed consumer or user, you may likely avoid hallucination as your body already adopts the different chemicals of weed that causes hallucination.
  • If you are a novice user, hallucination may always come as you are not acquainted enough with the chemical compositions. Additionally, if such hallucination will occur, it won’t last long as its life depends on the activity of you inhaling the active compounds from the weed.
  • If the weed that you are using has more content in CBD (cannabidiol), then you won’t get to experience hallucinations.
  • The same amount within the THC and CBD levels rarely infuses hallucination, but if it does, it is a reaction of your body not geared enough on new chemicals.
  • Over excessive use of weeds with high THC contents will infuse hallucinations. Over excessive use of weeds but low THC content will only rear the normal adverse reactions like dry mouth and dry eyes.

The Two Types of Hallucinations that Several Weeds can infuse

Auditory Hallucinations

  • This type of hallucination can be determined when you started to hear something, although the heard sound is not there.
  • Buzzing, hissing, and whistling are those fundamental examples of auditory hallucinations.
  • Auditory hallucinations are often present when you overdose yourself on weed that has high content on THC. At some point, when your body doesn’t have the tolerance level of any weed, this may likewise prompt hallucinations.

Visual Hallucinations

  • You feel like seeing something in which no other people can see as it is the work of your mind. Consequently, your imagination will come to life, but you are the only person who can see it.
  • As soon as you may notice some lights, geometric shapes, lifelike images, or colors, these are some of the examples when you experience visual hallucinations.
  • Whenever the dosage given to you is not suitable enough for how your body reacts to the elements, then this is the starting point of hallucinations. Therefore, you need to use weed in a decent manner, or more likely, be a responsible user.

Solutions in Avoiding Hallucinations caused by Weeds

As selected weeds may infuse you the hallucinating feeling, well, here are some of the ways or solutions that will help you avoid experiencing hallucinations.

  • Use weeds that have more content on the Indica side rather than the Sativa side. Weeds that have Sativa will tone down the uneasy feeling, which is then the opposite when you consume weeds that have high Indica content.
  • Do not use or avoid weeds that have high THC content. It’s best to use weeds that have more CBD content as the relaxing feeling will always be the top priority.
  • Do not randomly take weeds out of just wanting to use it. When you use it for medications, make sure that you go to your physician once you wanted to change your levels of dosage.
  • Make sure that your body can handle the impact of the weed you are using.
  • Do not always fall on the line of just wanting to consume weed because you just randomly like it.


No such single case or thing can entirely conclude that weed can make you hallucinate at all. There are sorts of weed, and this means that there are different types of chemical compositions per weed does. As such, does weed make you hallucinate at all? One weed may infuse the hallucinating feeling, but the other types can’t. Therefore, this is a battle between weeds with their underlying chemical compositions.

Weeds that have high content on THC will always be the number one type of weed that gives you the hallucinating feeling. Henceforth, never conclude such thing that the entire weed will infuse hallucinations because this will never be always true. Your resilience level will also matter as your body is the number one reactor on how good or bad the effects of weed gives you. You must never forget the idea that only yourself can declare if a weed can make you hallucinate regarding your ways of using it.

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