Does Weed Go Bad and What to Do About It

does weed go bad

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Cannabis is such a precious possession that many people consider a treasure, which is also why most pot lovers keep as many weeds as they can for all their high times. In such a case when too many cannabis is hiding just anywhere in your room, the chance of forgetting all of those spots may likely occur. The moment you remember your other bag of old buds, they might have already gone bad and no longer fresh.

Joyful as you may be when you found that bag of precious marijuana, a question pops in on your mind saying, “Does weed go bad? What do I do about it?” Of course, it’s going to be so heartbreaking if you think that throwing them away is your only choice.

Firstly, you must know how long weeds can really last before it expires, or if it really expires in time. Then, learning about how to store it properly, which affects its life span, too, may also be a nice topic to talk about.

How Long Does Weed Stay Fresh and Good 

Cannabis is such a miraculous creation from the heavens as it never becomes expired. Just that, from its original glory of being potent, tasty, and strongly sedating, it eventually becomes less in all that after a long period of being stocked.

In terms of being “bad” per se, if you mean having bad effects in your body and health, cannabis does not become that. It’s not like a poison that will damage anything inside you as well. But the big surprise you may experience is realizing that it has lost its best features. 

For a quicker and clearer guide on remembering how long your buds can still be kept fresh, here is a list showing the potency that they lose each year of being stored.

  • 1 year, 16% potency
  • 2 years, 26% potency
  • 3 years, 34% potency
  • 4 years, 41% potency

Basically, it all goes down to how you store them, whether you intended to keep it for a short time or a long time. Learn more about that when you read on.

How to Store Weeds Properly

Storing cannabis is truly an important factor for a longer-living potent weed. Doing it properly, too, entails following some simple but very effective measures to ensure a longer lifespan of cannabis. The major factors to look after are the type of container, light, temperature, oxygen, and humidity.

1. Have the right container

Never use plastic containers and bags, for they contain static friction that causes damage to weeds’ trichomes. Those are the important parts of cannabis for being the one to give away terpenes and cannabinoids. The better ones are those vacuum-sealed jars like a mason jar so you can limit the oxygen that passes through. The air causes the weeds to dry out too fast, while humidity causes the development of molds.

2. Watch out for any change in the humidity

The perfect humidity for storing cannabis is 59 to 63% only. Moisture might get trapped inside if it gets higher than that while lower than that shall cause the weed to dry out, too. For those who need more humidity inside the containers, you may have a humidor or some other humidity packs for better results. On the other hand, needing less humidity, you may provide your cannabis with the proper ventilation within its growing area.

3. Maintain the temperature in the room cool and dry

It’s been said before that weeds turn out as good as the container and manner of storing done to them. If you are able to achieve that perfect temperature at the moment, you begin keeping it. You should make sure to let it stay that way. It would be better also if you put the jars in dark areas of your home, such as your closet or cabinet. The ideal temperature inside is 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius.

How to Tell if it is Good or Already Bad? 

Now here’s another important thing to learn about. How would you know exactly if your pot is already expired or has been stored for quite a long time? That’s easy. Look for the observable signs that are on the list below to find out.

  • First and foremost, observe the weed’s smell. Usually, cannabis loses its strong aroma after a long period of being stored. Otherwise, some cannabis strains that contain a much stronger smell would still have it but extremely different from before.
  • Taste it and feel a harsh difference. It is no longer that soothing and relaxing, even after having ingested many weeds.
  • The physical appearance of the buds you have kept for too long will break easily, crumble, and may feel very spongy, too. Another sign of oldness could be if it’s too dry or moist.

IMPORTANT TIP: Never dare to consume that cannabis that has grown some mold in it. Old weeds cannot do you any harm, but those covered with mold can potentially do so.

How to Keep Other Cannabis Products Fresh for Longer

Marijuana has accumulated a lot of forms these days, which are all very delightful to try. Even with old cannabis, these products can be successfully achieved. Thus, if you desire to avoid them from getting old and keep them fresh and potent, learn about the appropriate ways to perform in every different kind of cannabis product, as described below.

1. Flower

Storing it at the right place and at the right temperature is what the flower of cannabis needs to stay fresh. Try to limit only the sunlight that it receives as well as the air. A humidity level of 55 to 65 percent must be maintained, too. A mason jar made of glass would be the best type of container. With a mason jar, it will be easy for you to limit the air and humidity inside.

2. Edibles such as Gummies

It has to be maintained in its original package without exposure to too much light and air. Doing this shall avoid your cannabis edibles from quickly melting or moistening.

3. Concentrates

Store them in a container specially made for dabs which material is made of silicone or glass. The lids must be tightly placed, and the jars properly stored in a cool and dry place.

4. Vape Pens

Avoid exposing the vape pens too so much direct sunlight. It is now safe from the harm brought about by humidity and air, too, because it is now placed in an airtight cartridge. Also, to have the oil ready for consumption, letting the pen stay upright is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Every drop of stems, leaves, and flowers of cannabis count for a totally delightful smoking experience. The same goes for old cannabis that you have left to be preserved in secret storage. Although they are no longer as potent as they are supposed to be, those weeds can still make your mouth water for sure. Thus, keeping this lesson in mind is vital so that throwing away any leftover cannabis will not be a choice for you whenever you find a bag in your closet, and also to be aware of the question’s does weed go bad. 

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