Do Feminized Seeds Yield Less: What Marijuana Growers Need to Know

Do Fem Seeds Yield Less

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Veteran cannabis growers have long hailed the benefits of using feminized cannabis seeds in their garden. If you look at this type of seed, a lot of research and testimonial will tell you different reasons why growers are drawn into using this. For those who have not used feminized seeds in their garden, they might be wondering, do feminized seeds yield less?

If you’re one of the curious growers who want to invest in feminized seeds, stay tuned as we give you more information about these seeds. We’ll also let you in a few reasons why growers use this more on their cannabis gardens. 

The Definition of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

These are cannabis seeds that have been specially bred to eliminate the male chromosome. This is done so that the plant will only produce only female plants. Since most smokers are looking for cannabis buds that they can smoke, the number of people venturing out on the feminized cannabis seeds is increasing also.

The feminized cannabis plant produces a considerably more working substance such as THC and CBD in comparison with the male cannabis plant. The parent plant can be considered genetically modified but the feminized seeds that have been produced are completely natural as they are produced naturally through pollination.

The Advantages of Using Feminized Cannabis Seeds


  • Saves Growers Time and Effort

By growing only feminized cannabis seeds ensures the growers that there are only female plants in the cannabis garden this allowing for fast and simple cultivation of the cannabis plant. It helps in eliminating unnecessary work of pruning and maintaining male plants that ultimately have to be discarded in time.

  • Higher Yields

Feminized cannabis plants ensure that each and every plant is producing cannabis. This will give a grower a guarantee to have a higher yield. We hope this answers your question, do feminized seeds yield less?

Feminized cannabis seeds make sure that the available growing space is used in the most productive way possible by eliminating the growth of male cannabis plants.

  • Can be used for breeding new cannabis plants

Using feminized seeds is as good as regular seeds to make mother plants. It also offers uniformity in the products even when production is carried out on a large scale.

  • Free from Hermaphrodites

We have to warn you that not all feminized cannabis seeds are free from producing hermaphrodites. That’s why buying from reputable seed banks or breeders will ensure you a 100% guarantee from not having hermaphrodite plants.

  • Avoids Over Pruning in High-Stress Training

The disadvantage of pruning is that it might suddenly turn a female plant into a male. This risk can be completely avoided if a grower is using feminized seeds partnered with the lower stress training method

  • Growing for Personal Use

The feminized seeds are the best way to produce a personal crop into a bush. A home-grower can easily alternate cannabis on 2-3 months cycles and it will guarantee flowers out of every plant grown.

How to Make Your Own Feminized Cannabis Seeds


There are two methods that can help you in making female plants produce pollen:

  • Induce Feminized Pollen Chemically

Growers will often to this as the professional way to feminize seeds and are often used by reputable seed banks and breeders to create feminized seeds to be sold in public.  Colloidal silver and gibberellic acid used since they cause a female plant to produce male pollen sacs if bud sites are treated at the daily onset of the flowering.

  • Rhodelization

This is not really recommended but in essence, in the wild, some female cannabis plants will naturally start making male pollen sacs which can help in self-pollination. This happens if the cannabis plant is stressed or if the plant is not harvested in time and the buds start to die because of old age.

Here is the step-by-step guide that will help you in making your own feminized seeds at home using colloidal silver. 

  • Purchase your colloidal silver. Since this is sometimes used as a dietary supplement, you can purchase this in any stores that sell dietary supplements. It is considered safe and this is not a harmful chemical that you’re applying to your cannabis plants.

You should purchase a colloidal silver that is a solution of at least 30PPM (parts per million) of silver or higher.

  • You should wait for your cannabis plant to reach 5-6 weeks old before you initiate the flowering stage, that is if you’re using photoperiod plants. You should never use your colloidal silver on plants that are very young since they seem to have trouble going through the feminization process and their pollen may not be as fertile.
  • Once you see that your cannabis plant is matured enough to be feminized, you can spray the bud sites (nodes) of your known female plant daily during the first 3-4 weeks of the flowering stage. 

You should spray the bud sites thoroughly, drench them with colloidal silver every single day. And it’s important to know that you should keep spraying daily until the pollen sacs open up. If you stop spraying early, the plant will not produce much pollen.

  • Now it’s time for you to pollinate the plant but make sure that this plant is already 2-3 weeks into its flowering stage.
  • You can choose to treat a single bud site or all the bud sites on the entire plant. Untreated bud sites will develop into female buds as usual. If you’re planning to smoke these buds, keep in mind that you have to avoid letting them come into contact with colloidal silver since it is not safe to smoke.
  • You will notice that the pollen sacs are ready to be harvested if they are swollen and they begin to split open. You need to remove the pollen sacs from the plant and let them air dry for about a week and once dried, you can shake the sacs in a bag to collect the feminized pollen.
  • You can harvest the seeds in about 6 weeks. You will notice that the calyxes on the pollinated plant become swollen and showing seeds, this is a good sign that it’s time for you to collect them. 
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