Top 15 Celebrities Who Claimed to be Hardcore Stoners

hardcore stoners

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Many celebrities are fans of marijuana use occasionally, but some stars are really hardcore stoners. A considerable number of celebrities are also being very vocal with their support in cannabis legalization. This is fascinating because there is still much debate worldwide, studies have proven that weed is actually safer compared to tobacco and alcohol.

Here is a list of the top hardcore celebrity stoners.

  • Bob Marley – Though he is no longer around, Bob Marley was the quintessential stoner. Weed was part of his essential needs because it was an indispensable part of his Rastafarian practice. Marley was even once heard to state that marijuana has the power to heal the nations. He has also written many songs about it, and he has been photographed countless times smoking the herb.
  • Snoop Dogg – Basically, weed equals Snoop Dogg. He is literally servicing as a cannabis poster boy, and he has appeared on the cover of High Times on three separate occasions. Recently, Snoop Dogg has partnered with Seth Rogen to create the website Merry Jane, which promotes all things about marijuana.
  • Susan Sarandon – Susan Sarandon is very vocal in promoting the legalization of cannabis. She also openly smoked weed in the movie, “Bill Durham.” Susan was quoted to say that she prefers that her teenage children get stoned instead of getting drunk. Susan also spoke to the New York Times this statement, “I am not a drinker; I’m more of a stoner.
  • Willie Nelson – Willie Nelson can be considered as the celebrity grandfather of marijuana. At 84, he is actually the oldest living cannabis stoner on this list. Nelson has not only sung about his life as a stoner, but he has also written many books dedicated to his love of cannabis. His most daring feat as a stoner was smoking on top of the White House during the 1970s.
  • Woody Harrelson – Another vocal proponent of the cannabis movement is Woody Harrelson. Most recently, he has appeared in the weed documentary “Hempsters: Plant the Seed.” Harrelson has also narrated an earlier documentary that is entitled “Go Further,” which promoted recreational cannabis use. In this film, he revealed how he uses cannabis in his personal life: smoking joints, wearing hemp clothing, and using other hemp products.
  • Cheech and Chong – This comedian duo is obsessed with weed and promoting its use. Most of their comedic material revolves around them being stoners. Both Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin are also politically active in pushing for cannabis legalization. They have toured and many many films together.
  • Megan Fox Though she is famous for her super-hot body, Megan Fox enjoys a regular toke on a joint, too. She has mentioned that she is not really a fan of drugs, but she enjoys smoking weed. Fox has also been a vocal supporter of cannabis decriminalization. She has also lamented the trouble other people have given for her love of smoking weed.
  • Seth Rogen – Seth Rogen has been a stoner for his entire life, and his acting career has actually revolved around jokes about weed. In fact, his film “Pineapple Express” has become the highest-grossing film about cannabis use since “Up In Smoke” was made in 1978. Also, as mentioned above, he recently started a website with Snoop Dogg called Merry Jane.
  • Miley Cyrus – So much has happened to Miley Cyrus since her Hannah Montana days and that includes being a vocal stoner. She began her adulthood by being high on her 18th birthday. After experiencing a hit of sativa, Kelly Osbourne has renamed her as Bob Miley. Miley Cyrus has toked publicly, even at awards ceremonies, and is a very vocal activist about cannabis legalization.
  • Jack Black – Jack Black is a comedian and musician that built his career by making use of his stoner personality. He is a very vocal cannabis activist that in fact his band Tenacious D appeared on the cover of High Times. They have also played a benefit gig for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
  • Rihanna – With Rihanna, actions speak louder than words. She may not be as vocal about her love for weed, but she uses clothes and other imagery to give away her life as a stoner. There are several photographs of her while smoking pot, and she had a cake created in the shape of a marijuana leaf to celebrate 4/20.
  • Louis Armstrong – As marijuana and jazz music have always been linked together, Louis Armstrong had many encounters with the authorities about smoking pot. In fact, he was the first celebrity arrested for cannabis use in 1931. He was also known for being an early cannabis activist. Louis Armstrong even wrote a letter to President Eisenhower to request the decriminalization of cannabis.
  • Barack Obama – You might know him as America’s sweetheart and the 44th POTUS, but Obama is no stranger to weed, either. In the biography, Barack Obama: The Story, the author David Maraniss has described Mr. President as a member of a crew of basketball-playing, weed-toking college boys called “The Choom Gang.” Choom is a Hawaiian term for smoking marijuana. 
  • Lady Gaga – This musician got her start by bumping around the clubs of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Though that doesn’t guarantee she inhaled pot back then, it seems probable. But, if you want evidence of her weed use, watch her documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two. There, she addresses her issues with fibromyalgia and expresses her love of weed. People tend to forget that celebrities who smoke marijuana may also use it for medical reasons.
  • Brad Pitt – In a 2016 article published in Vulture, it was stated that Brad and Angelina broke up because of his love of cannabis. Unfortunately, Angelina thought that was creating an unfavorable environment for their children. Brad also declares to have spent most of the late ’90s hiding out from the celebrity thing and smoking way too much dope. In 2012, he gave Obama a high five on his efforts to allow the legalization of cannabis.

Celebrities are people like us, too. They get tired. They get stressed. They want to unwind. If they choose cannabis for the relaxation, then let them be. As long as they are somewhere where consumption is legal and they are not hurting anyone, they are free to enjoy the highs that they experience.

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