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Growing marijuana indoors is one of the most expensive ways of growing marijuana. They require equipment needed as an alternative to the natural environment of grow setup for outdoor-grown marijuana such as the sunlight, rainwater, temperature, and humidity. These factors are required in order to successfully grow marijuana. With that in mind, one of the troubles for indoor-grown marijuana is the odor. 

The odor is one of the toughest things to controls when it comes to growing marijuana indoors. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep the smell within the grow room that it leaks, bothers the neighbors, and constitutes the causes of health problems. There is only one answer to these serious issues, the use of carbon filters. In this post, we will help you understand what carbon filters are, why do you need them, and how it is used. 

What are Carbon Filters?

A carbon filter or carbon air filter is among the new technology equipment that is used in improving the quality of air through purification and filtering. This air purifying equipment includes filter technologies such as ionizers, ozone, activated carbon, and carbon. They work hand in hand under different processes to improve the quality of air by removing the airborne contaminants found in indoor air. 

Unlike other filter equipment, carbon filters use powdered or granular carbon that is treated to make them highly porous. This is what allows the carbon filters’ surface area to widen, which makes it more perfect for capturing pollutants. Apart from filtering the air, grow rooms also require good ventilation with improved air quality. With these requirements, it can sometimes be hard to maintain the grow room to be free from toxic contaminants and odors coming from the fertilizers, soil, and even the plants. 

The activated carbon filters are usually placed adjacent to the indoor area in order to filter the distributed air to the grow room. This is the easiest way on how to maintain the airflow, air quality, as well as odor prevention. The odor of the marijuana plants puts the household at not only risk but also the neighboring households. With the use of a carbon filter, these situations are prevented, and it also makes the whole growing subject more discrete. 

Why do you Need to Use Carbon Filters?

Carbon filters are very popular in delivering odor reduction and control within a grow room, or a grow tent. This is the one that you often find attached to a duct fan. Before the air is circulated within the space, it is required to pass through the filter first for air purification freeing the air from air particles that cause allergens, odor, and even spores. Here are two primary reasons why you should use a carbon filter for indoor marijuana growing regardless if it is a tent or a room. 

Purifies the Indoor Air

Air purification is highly essential for the growth of the marijuana plant. This helps in keeping the health of the plant maintained. Most of the time, the infestation of molds and mildews are often caused by contamination or poor air quality, in which this is what we’re trying to avoid. It would be best to install a carbon filter because it is way cheaper than putting all the growing expenses to waste due to poor maintenance causing the infestation. 

Reduces Health Risks

When the air is not filtered within a grow room, the odor is pretty strong that it can do cause upper and lower respiratory tract infections. More than just that, it puts the health of the whole household at risk. The odor is too strong that it can cause migraines or headaches and even constitute to breathing difficulties. Consider installing a carbon filter as a preventive measure from health risks. Besides, the carbon filter is cheaper than hospital bills. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Makes the Marijuana Growth Discrete

Carbon filters are perfect for neighborhoods that prohibit growing marijuana within the vicinity of their homes. Most of the factors why they are prohibited is not just about being a recreational drug, but the process of growing sure does have numerous disadvantages when seen in a lively neighborhood. This is why you have to know how to use a carbon filter for weed too. 

4 Ways on How to Use Carbon Filter for Weed Growth

The Fan and the Filter are Inside the Grow Room

With the fan and the filter inside the grow room or tent, this is perfect for spacious that have enough space to cover both. Plus, when they are both inside, the possibility of being infested with rodents outside are reduced to a minimum. 

The Filter is Inside, and The Fan is Outside the Grow Room

When the filter is inside, and the fan outside the grow room, it is usually done with medium-sized grow rooms without enough space to cover both. Fans usually come big and cover a wide space that can be used for the marijuana plants instead. 

The Fan is Inside, and The Filter is Outside the Grow Room

When the fan is inside, and the filter is outside, it is usually found in vertically-spacious rooms. The fan serves as a vacuum that sucks the air and filters them to release improved and conditioned air. 

Both the Fan and the Filter are Outside

When both the fan and the filter are outside, it only means that the space in the grow room is very limited for the marijuana plants and cannot cater to the equipment. This is actually okay, too, but it would be best to have them covered from rainwater and direct sunlight. 


In conclusion, a carbon filter for weed sure does play an integral part in their growth. Consider the fan and the filter as the lungs of a person. When a person inhales poor quality of air, they constitute to difficulty in breathing and respiratory health risks. If you want to invest in an indoor marijuana growing room, a carbon filter is one of the required must-haves, and you must know how to use carbon filter for weed for amazing growing results.

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