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cannabis tincture recipe

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Believe it or not, when you are fascinated by how cannabis affects your body, you will be looking for a lot of things, forms, and methods to improve your marijuana consumption. Given if you are a cannabis expert user or new in the cannabis world, if you are searching for means to stop your smoking habit especially with a stick of cannabis or a joint, sometimes, it is very hard for you to look for alternatives and can lead you to frustration and despair. 

In this article, we will provide you with some helpful cannabis tincture recipe. We will also give you some helpful information about the process, which should be enough for you to successfully make your cannabis tincture. 

Cannabis tincture has been regarded to be very easy and simple to use. There won’t be any other ways or techniques to utilize it as all you have to do is to directly apply the product per instructions. No extraction process, nor consuming methods. 

Before we even go to the recipe part, let us have an overview of cannabis tinctures. 

Cannabis Tincture at a Glance

Cannabis tinctures are increasing their demands in the world of ganja, nowadays. A famous form of marijuana that can be used for cannabis consumption instead of direct smoking. It is regarded to be safer than smoking as it does no damage to the lungs and throat as soon as the smoke is inhaled. It is also an easier form to use than trying some DIY edibles as dosage particularities and potency can be sometimes tricky. 

With the developing world of marijuana and the diversity of how it is seen as beneficial, there are a lot of online stores that offer various products which include great THC or CBD composition. Also, with the popularity of home cultivation, cannabis aficionados, and the curious will be able to make their tincture that can be utilized for medicinal purposes, which are non-intoxicating. 

Just like the usual cannabis, tinctures can offer appealing results and sophisticated high pass THC can give, and all other various cannabinoid effects. Given that tinctures are very potent and extremely strong, do you have any idea of what it is? 

The Real Definition of Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis tincture by definition is an extracted form of marijuana that has been produced with infused alcohol. Typically, you can see cannabis tinctures that are filed in a bottle with a dropper to guarantee its precision in usage. 

When it comes to consumption, there are several ways to count in. Tinctures can be taken literally by dropping some in the mouth. Others use it by mixing it with liquids like juices, and other foods as an alternative to sugar. 

Sometimes, time is pretty important that extracting cannabis can be very difficult as it consumes your entire schedule. That is why others prefer or use cannabis tinctures as their alternative in case they do not have much more time to do such extraction process and tinctures can be simply utilized by mixing it to the food. An on the go form. Far simpler for many users especially those who use marijuana for their medication. This is the reason why a lot of users prefer tinctures. But, there’s a lot more to it. 

What are the other things?

When we opt for other forms of cannabis to use, there’s no doubt that there are things we look for. Being said that tinctures get on high demand right now, it is for certain due to its benefits to its consumers. 

Aside from saving you a lot of time for extraction and other processes, it does also save a lot of effort. Why? Because tinctures are ready and set-available to use at any given time. The next thing is its dosage control. Most of the time, we tend to mismanage the dosage and make us too high than expected. The main reason why tinctures help in regulating the effect is due to its dropper. Moreover, its effects can be quickly felt by the body. 

The Infusion

The fact that it is an alcohol-infused form, have you ever wondered how long will it take for a tincture to be brewed for consumption based on manufacturer’s guidelines? 

Normally, cannabis tincture can be as good as perfect after several weeks of infusion. The entire process includes a gradual and even mixture of marijuana and alcohol solution. With the extent of time it requires, the effectiveness of its extracted cannabinoid, especially the THC, will get evenly mixed and shred from tiny particles through perfection. 

But in this article, time is important. That is why the recipe will only take you an hour or two for you to complete. 

Cannabis Tincture Recipe

Few details you need to know: 

  • Time of preparation takes up to 30 minutes
  • Cooking time takes up to 30 minutes
  • Good for one (1) serving 

Things you need: 

  • An ounce of decarbed cannabis
  • Two (2) cups of Liquor or high proof alcohol
  • Three (3) Plastic container
  • Coffee filter
  • Strainer
  • Rice cooker
  • Glass jar

The process: 

  1. Prepare the plastic container and place decarbed cannabis. 
  2. Grind or pulverize the decarbed cannabis material using a clean stick.
  3. While crushing the decarbed cannabis material, add a cup of high proof alcohol until the plant material has submerged. 
  4. Mix it for three to five minutes. 
  5. Blend it thoroughly until the composition of decarbed cannabis is totally in a solvent form. 
  6. Use the strainer and transfer the solvent to another container. 
  7. Do the same process again while adding the last cup of high proof alcohol. This will take three to five minutes as well. 
  8. Use the strainer again and transfer the solvent to the first container. 
  9. Then, instead of a strainer, use the coffee filter to transfer the solvent again but to the new container. 
  10. Now, transfer the solvent to the pot of rice cooker and boil it nicely using the rice cooker. Make sure that the entire room is well ventilated to prevent fire as the solvent includes flammable substances. 
  11. Wait for the solvent to decrease half of its amount through heating. 
  12. Once the solvent is a cup size in amount, you can turn the rice cooker off and transfer it to the glass jar and let it cool down for at least 24 hours. 


Cannabis tincture may be very difficult to do, but less you know, there is a pretty simple recipe you can follow that will be able to help you execute it perfectly. As tincture can be able to save your time when it comes to its simpler and easier usage, the recipe above can guarantee your effortless and time-saving preparation. 

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