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Cannabis Cancer Warrior’s

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Cancer is a serious disease that has no official cure until now. A lot of studies conducted, it has shown that the use of cannabis to cancer patients has a positive outcome in combating symptoms and side effects of chemotherapy. Cannabis is an all-natural and organic treatment for the different symptoms of cancer, and side effects of systemic treatments.

Seeking help from a medical practitioner who is knowledgeable about the use of cannabis in treating cancer may give you the best results. Each patient that has different kinds of cancer may take differently when exposed to CBD that is why it is important to consult your doctor so that they could give you the proper dosage. In this article, we will talk about why cannabis is considered a best friend to cancer patients and will give you the top strains that are helpful in treating its symptoms.

This is a hybrid strain that got its genetics from Cannatonic strain which is considered as one of the strains that contain a high level of CBD that is why this strain has an incredible amount of CBD that ranges between 15-25%. It can help cancer patients to relieve pain from its negative side effects.

Aside from treating the pain associated with the link of the systemic treatment with cancer, it also assists in treating the pain caused by some complications of the illness. The high gives a numbing sensation throughout the body to ensure that even the slightest pain won’t be felt.

  • Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis Strain

This is an Indica strain from its parents Big Bud and Purple Urkle. It brings a relaxing and calming effect that will take you to sleep, especially for patients who are having a hard time sleeping.  This strain has the ability to give an uplifting vibe so that the patient will have a more positive aura.

This strain is great for cancer patients who lack appetite because it makes the patient hungry resolving the issue of patients who loses too much weight. Since it has a relatively high amount of CBD, it helps aid in some gastrointestinal disorders, PTSD, and arthritis. This strain will help you stay focus and remain sociable.

This is an Indica dominant strain that got its genetics from its parents Afghani and Thai. This strain is helpful for cancer patients even though it has a relatively high amount of THC which is at 16-21% than CBD because of its nausea relief after chemotherapy or radiation treatment. This strain also helps the patient have a calming feeling after the side effects of cancer treatment.

This strain provides a soothing feeling all over the body. Even though it has a relative amount of THC, CBD negates it making it a perfect smoke whatever time of the day is. The effects of some pharmaceutical drugs can also be offered by taking this strain and sometimes it can supersede the healing properties of that medicine you can see in the market because of its naturality.

  • Chocolope Cannabis Strain

This strain came from the combination of Cannalope Haze and Chocolate Thai which is both Sativa strain. It has the capability to awaken even those who are experiencing extreme fatigue. The contribution of this strain in helping cancer patients is to take away the fatigue feeling that those cancer patients are feeling to feel energized and comfortable.

The high that this strain gives is mellow that totally provides the user body and cerebral high that gives off a natural pain killer that will make you feel relaxed. This strain is perfect for smoking especially in the daytime because of the mood and energy booster that it can give. It works well to treat different kinds of inflammation, migraine, and depression.

  • Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain

This strain has a relatively high CBD content of 20% that gained its popularity in the medicinal field. It has the ability to treat all types of chronic pain associated with pain and inflammation. When cancer patients use this strain, they will not only find relief from the pain that they are experiencing but they will also feel calmness and serenity.

This strain is known as the most popular strain because of its CBD level that attracts companies to use it as a food supplement. The users will not feel any cerebral effects. This strain is usually made into CBD oil that can be used externally to treat different kinds of pain such as muscle spasm, fibromyalgia, migraines, and arthritis.

How Cannabis Acts on Cancer


  • Cannabis as an Anti-proliferative 

CBD has the ability to stop cancer cells from reproducing. There are different theories that prove that CBD slows down tumor growth.

  • Cannabis as Anti-angiogenic

The formation of blood vessels that can supply oxygen and nutrients to help keep the tumor survive is called angiogenesis. In treating cancer, this is one of the most targeted processes in cancer therapy. CBD binds well with angiogenesis inhibitors that starve tumors so that they can no longer regenerate.

  • Cannabis as Anti-Metastatic

Metastatic occurs when the cancer cells have spread out throughout the different parts of the body. This happens when the cancer cells broke down and enter the lymphatic system. When metastatic occurs, it means that cancer is in an advanced stage or stage 4. CBD prevents these cancer cells from spreading through its anti-tumor effects.

  • Cannabis as Apoptotic

Apoptosis or cell death usually occurs when the cancer cell is exposed to certain stimuli. When the cancer patient consumed CBD, it may help kill the unhealthy cells in that it can no longer harm healthy cells.

Final Thoughts

Even though there is already evidence about the positive effects of cannabis on cancer patients, there are still ongoing studies to ensure the adequacy of information in treating the most serious illnesses in the world. The role of cannabis to cancer is considered as one of the greatest contributions of cannabis in the medicinal field. 

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