Can You Use Regular Marijuana Seeds in AeroGarden: Tricks for First-time Growers

Use Regular Marijuana Seeds in AeroGarden

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As cannabis users boom in number throughout the globe, new ways of cultivation keep on appearing. One great option that many prefer nowadays is using hydroponics and in an AeroGarden. Many indoor growers have proven that an AeroGarden is very much capable of bringing a cannabis plant from seed to harvest. While there may be a few drawbacks, there is little doubt that AeroGarden growing is one of the easiest methods in producing your own hydroponics system. If you are thinking about can you use regular seeds in AeroGarden, keep on reading to find the answers to your questions.

What is an AeroGarden?

An AeroGarden is a tabletop hydroponics system that is manufactured in a smart, innovative way. They are very popular these days, so growers can easily spot them at big-box retailers or maybe even in your aunt’s kitchen. Most people use these hydroponics systems like herbs, salad greens, tomatoes, and peppers, but they can be used to grow everything – including cannabis.

Each AeroGarden is equipped with a reservoir, a pump, and a grow light. Most newer models are automated with functional programming the AeroGarden depending on which type of plant you choose to grow, as well as your preferred grow lights to turn on and off during pre-set times during the day. Additionally, every AeroGarden model comes with a seed pod kit. These kits consist of sphagnum peat grow sponges, plastic baskets to hold the media, plastic humidity domes, fertilizers, and seeds.

Basically, you just have to snap the seedpods into the lid inserts, pre-set the grow light to your preferred times and add water and nutrients. With the exception of routine maintenance and harvesting your personal crops, the pump will do the work from then on. Thus, AeroGardens are drip for people who just want a small and hassle-free grow system in their homes. They are also a great system for first-time hydroponic gardeners.

The Challenges of AeroGarden Cannabis Growing

Despite what the name sounds like, the AeroGarden does not mean aeroponics. It is more like a top-feed drip system because it dribbles the mixture of water and fertilizer onto the grow sponge to feed and hydrate the plant’s roots. Since drip systems are widely used in cannabis cultivation, it will surely be expected that this kind of hydroponics system will work just fine for cannabis plants. 

According to some detractors, cannabis can be successfully grown in an AeroGarden but it has many limitations. The grow lights are not that powerful enough to produce high-volume yields. Another drawback is that the maximum height limitation of the grow lights is usually 24 inches. This obviously limits how tall your plants can grow.

The AeroGarden’s pH Control

In an AeroGarden, the ideal level of pH lies between 5.5 and 6.5. This tends to be higher at the state of vegetation. At the stage of flowering, it tends to go at a lower level. Since the cannabis plants might be unable to absorb nutrients beyond the target zone leading to deficiencies, you should make sure that the pH is in the target zone. While the pH levels stay beyond control for longer periods, the plant leaves might be distorted while in new growth areas.

The Different Settings You Should Check

  1. Grow Light – Experts recommend going for a 20/4 light cycle for autoflowering seeds. Open the light at 6 AM and put them down at 2 AM. When the seed is feminized, opt for an 18/6 light cycle on the vegetative stage, a conversion for flowering is 12/12 lighting.
  2. Pump – Operation for 30 minutes is followed by a relapse of 1 hour. During flowering, experts suggest providing a supply of oxygen in the water. If you do not have an external pump, the pump is advised to set in reverse of what was advised, 60 minutes operation is followed by a 30-minute relapse.
  3. Nutrients – The nutrients for seed hygiene should be set for a period of seven days. At the end of every week, the built-in alarm system would inform about replacing the water and addition of nutrients.

Tips & Tricks in Growing Cannabis Seeds in an AeroGarden

  1. Adding a small amount of Cal-Mag solution to the water will help your plants grow better.
  2. You can use an external air pump with an air stone. Adding more bubbles to the root zone can help prevent root rot and gives the roots plenty of oxygen for faster and healthier growth.
  3. Install Mylar reflective materials to boost the light intensity and cover the holes on the lid that are not in use.
  4. Clones and seedlings do best when humidity is kept around 65 to 70 percent.  During the vegetative stage, drop humidity down to 40 to 50 percent and even reduce it more during the flowering stage.
  5. Use a fan to move the air throughout your grow room. This will stabilize the air temperature and humidity so plants remain healthy. If you prefer growing through a tent, consider adding an exhaust fan and boosting carbon dioxide levels.
  6. During the vegetative stage, transplant your plant to a larger hydro set-up and add higher output grow lights when you start seeing your plants become too tall under the light hood and you see the root mass becoming unmanageable inside the reservoir.
  7. If you plan to keep your plants in your AeroGarden for the whole grow, trim them back and maintain low-stress training until it is time for harvest. 
  8. Add some supplemental grow lights during the vegetative stage to increase the chances of developing buds. 

Final Thoughts

Growing cannabis seeds in an Aero Garden could be a great cultivation option, especially if you prefer growing indoors. You just have to remember to be careful in managing your plant’s growth and go for smaller-sized cannabis strains if you can. Can you use regular seeds in AeroGarden? You can, but experts recommend the use of autoflowers and feminized seeds to make the growing process much easier.

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