Can You Overdose on CBD

Overdose on CBD

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CBD or cannabidiol is a compound from marijuana plants. Its popularity increased due to the relief it can provide to an array of ailments. It works like a drug too, but some may think of ‘Can you overdose on CBD?’. Just like sleeping pills, some people would take them excessively as they desperately need to sleep. 

There are odds over things that are too much. Although you may find chocolate and ice cream too comforting, it’s not good to overindulge. Doses are also practiced in CBD, so you may only take what you need. It is also a non-intoxicating substance so 

CBD Oil and Dosing

CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant and made into oil. It is also formed into gummies, drops, applicators, sprays, soft gels, applicators, vaporizers, and more. You can just buy a bottle of CBD oil with a dropper for measuring the amount.

You have to shake the bottle first before using it to properly mix the oil. Pinch the dropper’s top, so the pipette is filled with oil. Then let the oil slide under your tongue and wait for 60 seconds before you swallow it to ensure maximum benefits. 

The small dose of CBD is around 1 to 20 mg. The high dose is over 50 mg. But the right dosage is based on the physical condition, the period of use, and weight of the user. Overdosing can be avoided when you adhere to the following explanations. 

If you want to experience therapeutic benefits, you should take at least 50 mg of CBD. If you’re looking for sedation, a dose of 100 mg will let it kick in your system. Studies have used 1,000 mg on the participants, but there are no side effects. A study conducted in 2011 discovered that 1,500 mg of CBD could easily be tolerated by humans.

The right dose of CBD depends on a person’s body as there’s individual uniqueness. You have to discover it yourself and start with a low dose. Take note of the dose and observe how your body reacts. Don’t be confident enough that you can just take any dose as it is non-intoxicating. Better find out first which dose works for you.

You can take the following numbers of weight and dose as a guide. It should only be applied to casual dosing, and it is not for medical applications.

Weight                  Low Dose   Medium Dose   High Dose          

25 lbs and below     5 mg             7 mg                 11 mg

26 – 45 lbs                7 mg             10 mg               14 mg

46 – 85 lbs               11 mg            14 mg              18 mg

86 – 150 lbs             14 mg           18 mg              21 mg

151 – 240 lbs           21 mg           27 mg             32 mg

241 and above        27 mg           35 mg             53 mg


Can You Overdose on CBD While Building Tolerance?

Both prescribed and non-prescription drugs become dangerous when there’s a build-up of tolerance. If you feel nothing on a certain dose that you take, you tend to have an increase. 

So you may also be worried about your intake of CBD. You may have a fear of building a tolerance. Based on the studies done regarding this topic, people won’t build a tolerance from CBD oil and related products. Those who have been taking CBD for a long time never experienced tolerance. 

The observance of using CBD only leads to knowing reverse tolerance. It means that you need a little of something to bring out its effects when you continuously take it. Users have attested to that as they only need a lower dose to gain relief as they have used it for a long time.

It happens as CBD indirectly sets off the cannabinoid receptors without sticking to them. This compound can increase the natural ability of the body to release its own endocannabinoids as time goes by. If the body naturally brings forth endocannabinoids, you would only need less CBD to feel the relief. So you are likely to say no to ‘can you overdose on CBD.

Furthermore, the National Cancer Institute released a statement with a similar perspective. CBD, like any other compounds found in marijuana, interacts with the cannabinoid receptor, which is not located in the brainstem. It doesn’t connect with the part of the brain that controls respiration and possible lethal overdose from Cannabis. 

The cannabinoid receptor can’t alter some key functions like breathing. It’s not like an opioid receptor that can disrupt breathing and blood circulation. Thus, it results in serious harm or even death.

This explanation does dismiss the possibility of overdosing with CBD. However, some consumers reported that they did feel building a tolerance to it. But you can go around some things like taking short breaks, changes in scheduled time, and taking it on the time that they need relief from any symptom can prevent building a tolerance. 

It’s recommended that you experiment to come up with the appropriate dose for you. As you can see, CBD and reverse tolerance are still in the early stage of study and research. There’s still a lot of things to discover. 

CBD Used for Treating Drug Addiction

In 2018, more than 68,000 Americans died of a drug overdose. It has risen to 84% from the previous decade. These circumstances occur due to illicit drug addiction and abuse. CBD is a safer way and more effective option to overcome cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Addiction is a behavior that changes someone’s ability to absorb information. People who have these disorders would require help from family, friends, mental, and health experts. Coping mechanisms and medication are required. 

Withdrawal symptoms can cause anxiety and cravings when you’re sober. CBD is not the exact cure for addiction, but it can minimize cravings and withdrawal symptoms that intensify drug abuse. 

How Can CBD Be Too Much?

So you can be at peace thinking that CBD can’t cause fatality. There’s no build-up of tolerance, so you can’t be tempted to just extravagantly take high doses. But, is it possible that CBD can be too much? So it’s recommended the right dose for you, and you can base it on the dosage that suits your weight.

There will be an instance that what you take is too much for your body mass. But you don’t have to worry as it’s not as bad as THC, which is the compound that makes you feel high. 

If you have excess CBD in your body, you can have diarrhea and lethargy. Although there’s a low chance of overdose on this substance, some side effects can occur like anxiety, depression, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, vomiting, nausea, psychosis, and changes in appetite. 

Each person has a different reaction to doses. You can find the given serving size on CBD bottles. You can start at a low dose and add more if it’s necessary.

Getting CBD from a Reliable Source

Even though there’s a zero case of CBD overdose, you still have to be conscious of where you’re getting your CBD oil or products. Check for a company that produces organic substances that avoids any exposure of chemicals and pesticides. Additives and unnecessary components are not necessary. Full-spectrum products assure you of getting all possible benefits. They can assure you to provide much-needed relief.


Upon reading this article, you now have the answer to ‘Can you overdose on CBD?’. It is very unlikely, but you still need to be sure that you’re getting the right thing and taking the proper dose so you won’t have too much of it. Don’t just pop up any amount of CBD products in your mouth. Find the right dose for your body. Make sure you get the full spectrum product.

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